My Special Links

Christ's School Alumni Organization
Obafemi Awolowo University (Unife)
Obafemi Awolowo University (Unife) Alumni Association USA
Imperial College, London
University of California, Santa Barbara
State University of New York at Buffalo
Howard University, Washington, DC

Other educational affiliations
Paint Branch High School, Burtonsville, MD (for my kids)
University of Maryland, College Park
University of Maryland, Baltimore County
University of Washington, Seattle
University of Ado-Ekiti, Nigeria
University of Miami, Florida

University of Miami School of Law

Miami Weather Forecast

Miami (Underground) Weather Forecast

National Universities Commission (Nigeria)
Universities in Nigeria (NUC)
Universities in Nigeria - Alphabetical (NaijaData)
Degree-Awarding Universities & Institutions in Nigeria (JAMB list)
Mono- and Poly-Technics & Colleges of Education in Nigeria (JAMB list)
Higher Education Institutes in Nigeria (UNESCO report, 2004)
National Virtual Library of Nigeria
Nigerian Virtual Library(UNESCO Portal)
Library Servers on the WWW - Global
Library on the Web - Africa & the Middle East
Developing Countries Offers - Journals Online (Oxford University Press)

Go to FOCUS: Higher Education in Nigeria

Other Educational Affairs
Education World
Chronicle of Higher Education
USA: Women, Minorities & People with Disabilities in Science & Engineering (NSF info)
US Historically Black Colleges & Universities (HBCU) Network US Universities by State (by NaijaData)

African Institute of Science and Technology (NMI/AIST)
AIST Forum Login

My Community
Burtonsville Community (1)
Burtonsville Community (2)

My Neighborhood Movie Theaters

Professional Affiliations

Nigerian Information Technology Professionals of the Americas (NITPA)
American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE)
Nigerian Society of Chemical Engineers (NSChE)

Go to: Projects on Chemical Industry in Nigeria

Some Family Links

Niece Eniola
For Eniola, see also: BBC Sports news items

Socio-cultural & Political Activities

Ekitikete International Forum (EIF)
Egbe Omo Yoruba
Egbe Isokan Yoruba
Africa Action
Peoples Community Baptist Church

Alliance for Democracy AD-USA

Transition Monitoring Group (TMG) - Nigeria
Center for Democracy and Development (CDD)

Go to: NigeriaWatch Webpage

My Top Ten Songs (** with ram file excerpts)

1. Christ is Our Cornerstone**
2. Sweet Mother – Nico Mbarga
3. War – Bob Marley
4. Who the Cap Fit – Bob Marley
5. Dance with my father – Luther VanDross
Bob Marley 6. Burnin’ and Lootin’ – Bob Marley**
7. Crazy Baldheads – Bob Marley**
8. I Shot the Sheriff – Bob Marley**
9. No Woman, No Cry – Bob Marley**
10. Roots, Rock, Reggae – Bob Marley**

Click for lyrics of all the songs

Honorable Mention
Lady - Fela Anikulapo-Kuti
Send Down the Rain - Majek Fashek ( website )

My Famous People

Jesus Christ........Click here for Online Bible quote
Obafemi Awolowo....Click here for Awo Project
Malcolm X [click for sound]......Click here for website
Martin Luther King, Jr. [click for sound]....Click here for website
Nelson Mandela........Click here for website
John F. Kennedy [click for sound] ....Click here for website

Honorable mention

1. Jimmy Carter
2. Bill Clinton

GO to FOCUS: American Civil Rights Issues

Great Speeches/Writings

Speeches by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
Leo Toltsoy: "What is to be done?" [August 1896]

General Search and Reference Links

Google Search Engine
Dogpile Search Engine
Teoma Search Engine

Alexa's Top 100 English Websites
Wikopedia General Reference
The Bartleby Reference page

Geo-Metry Online Learning Center
How Stuff Works
Telecommunications Dictionary

The Bible Online

Merriam-Webster Dictionary
UltraLingua - Multilanguage Dictionary Site
Yoruba Dictionary Site
Omniglot - A Guide to Writing Systems
NationMaster website
Glossary of Linguistic Terms
ISO-639.2 Language codes (3- and 2-letter codes)
ISO-3166 Country names and code elements (3- and 2-letter codes)

About Homeowners Insurance(+ Health & Auto links)
Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation [Real Property Data Search]
New York City ACRIS [Real Estate Property Search]

Intellius People/Information Search Engine
US Search People/Information Search Engine
Searchsytems People/Information Search Engine
Lexis-Nexis Legal/People Information Search Engine

US Freedom of Information Act affairs [US State Department]
US Freedom of Information Act Affairs [US Department of Justice]

Ekiti State Links

Official Site (1)- Ekiti State Government
Official Site (2)- Ekiti State Government
Ekitikete International Forum

Go to: Ekiti Development Project

Nigerian Government Links

Click each map to expand
click to expand click to expand Nigerian flag

Official Website - Federal Government of Nigeria
NigeriaFirst - Office of Public Communication
Nigeria's Congress
Federal Ministry of Finance (FMF)
Office of Accountant-General of the Federation
Budget Office
Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN)
Nigerian Databank
Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) of Nigeria
Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC) of Nigeria
Bureau of Public Enterprise (BPE)
Nigerian Information Technology Development Agency (NITDA)
Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC)
Nigerian Postal Service
National Orientation and Public Affairs(NOPA)
Nigerian Army
Nigerian Police Force (NPF)
Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC)

Nigerian Legal and Policy Documents
1999 Constitution (Law Organization)
1999 Constitution (Ngex)
National Empowerment and Development Strategy (NEEDS)
UNDP's March 2004 Nigeria Development Profile
Nigerian Information Technology Policy

Law Organization (International Center for Nigerian Law) website
The Court of Appeal official website
Court of Apeal (Law Org. website)
The Supreme Court (Law Org. website)

Diplomatic Missions

Nigerian Embassy in Wasington DC, United States
US Diplomatic Mission to Nigeria

Nigeria on the Internet

Nigeria on the Internet (Stanford site)
Nigeria - Economic Intelligence Unit site
National Documentation on Nigeria (from Canada)

United States Government Links

Federal Information Center - US Government's Official Web Portal
Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)

Foreign Embassies in Washington DC

United Kingdom Government Links

UK Government Links
The Prime Minister's HomePage
Government Public Services HomePage
DFID - Department for International Development

Africa Union (AU)
The Commonwealth
European Union (EU)
World Bank
World Bank Country Data
The United Nations (UN) - English version
The UN System Chart
UN Principal Offices Around the World
International Monetary Fund (IMF)

Nigerian History Links

Nigerian states and their rulers past and present

The Yoruba Today - by J.S. Eades [1980]
AllRefer Study Guide - Nigeria
Harold Smith's Libertas Homepage (The British in Colonial Nigeria)

Africa-Diaspora Links

African Diaspora countries - Some Independence/Embassy location facts

Western Hemisphere African Diaspora Network (WHADN)
Foundation for Democracy in Africa (FDA)

Contemporary African Database
Political Map - Africa (Africa Confidential)
The Story of Africa (BBC)
The History of Africa as a Whole
African History
The Global African Presence - Rashid Runoko
First Language Speakers Estimates from Ethnologue data base

The Atlantic Slave Trade and Slave Life in the Americas: A Visual Record

General World History Links

Grennaskolan History Links
Rulers of the World [1700s to date]

English Language Links

Glossary of Linguistic Terms
WordNet - A Lexical Database for the English Language

Economics Links

..Click to expand economists' timeline...

Online Economics Tetbooks
Essential Principles of Economics: A Hypermedia Text
Tutor2U: British Portal for Studying Economics
Biz/Ed: British Portal for Studying Business & Economics
Biz/Ed Glossary and Diagram Bank of Business & Economics
Biz/Ed Virtual Library: Economic Theory, Economists & Glossary ***
EWI: Key Concepts Glossary
Glossarists Compendium on Economics & Finance

Finance, Business & Investment Links

X-Rates Currency Calculator
Yahoo Currency Calculator
iAfrica Currency Calculator
Inflation rates calculator (1)
Inflation rates calculator (2)

Business Filings Inc.
Investor Guide University
Investing for Beginners
Index Funds - The 12-Step Program (IFA)
IFA Bookdownload

About Law

Glossarist Justice & Law Glossaries
FindLaw General Reference
BluePete on Law
BluePete on Argument
Notes on Rational Argument

Nigeria-related news in US Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC)
Citizenship Laws of the World (pdf file: Nigeria: page 149)

Science & Education Reference Links

Measurement Units Conversions
Measurement Units Conversions (Bartleby)
Periodic Table
Electromagnetic Spectrum

Statistical Survey calculator (1)
Statistical Survey calculator (2)

Massachussettss Insititute of Technology (MIT) Open Courseware

Energy Reference Links

Solar Energy Products (1)

Go To: My Energy Projects

Health Links

General Resources
Mayo Clinic
Rehoboth Dental Institute (Director: Dr. Wole Ajagbe)

About Nutrition
The Food Label
Nutrition Data Center
Info on Fatty Acids [Nutrition Data Center]
Fat Free
What is your "ideal weight?"

About Blood Pressure
About Blood Pressre Guidelines (CNN)

About Malaria
About Malaria
Malaria Factsheet
DFID's "Rolling Back Malaria"
Havard Malaria Initiative
The Malaria Genome - And Beyond [Nature]
Running News on Malaria

About Tuberculosis
About Tuberculosis
Tuberculosis Factsheet

Running News on Tuberculosis

About AIDS
Red Ribbon of AIDSGlobal Spread of HIV/AIDS

About About Cancer
About Breast Cancer
About Prostate Cancer

General African Health-Related Websites
African Networks for Health Research and Development
Afro-Nets: African Health Watch website

Sports Links

Sports Illustrated website

British Soccer Database
UEFA Soccer
FIFA Soccer site

Nigerian soccer players round-up

World Cup 2006 Africa

2004 American football season - Nigerians/Nigerian-background playing:
Brendon Ayanbadejo (Miami Dolphins, AFC East)
Eric Ogbogu (Dallas Cowboys, NFC East)
Ndukwe Kalu (Philadelphia Eagles, NFC East)
Mike Labinjo (Philadelphia Eagles, NFC East)
Ade Jimoh (Washington Redskins, NFC East)
Chidi Iwuoma (Pittsburgh Steelers, AFC North)
Chukky Okobi (Pittsburgh Steelers, AFC North)
Jerry Azumah (Chicago Bears, NFC North )
Israel Idonije (Chicago Bears, NFC North )
Adewale Ogunleye (Chicago Bears, NFC North)
Kareem Gbajabiamila (Green Bay Packers, NFC North)
Kenechi Udeze (Minnesota Vikings, NFC North)
Nathaniel Adibi (Jacksonville Jaguars, AFC South)
Akin Ayodele (Jacksonville Jaguars, AFC South)
Patrick Chukwurah (Denver Broncos, AFC West)
Nnamdi Asomugha (Oakland Raiders, AFC West)
Akbar Gbajabiamila (Oakland Raiders, AFC West)
Obafemi Ayanbadejo (Arizona Cardinals, NFC West)
Ifeanyi Ohalete (Arizona Cardinals, NFC West )
Chike Okeafor (Seattle Seahawks, NFC West)

2004 English football (soccer) season - teams with Nigerians/Nigerian-background playing:
Premier League
1. Chelsea (Celestine Babayaro) 2. Bolton (Jay-Jay Okocha) 3. Middlesborough (Ugo Ehiogu) 4. Everton (Joseph Yobo) 5. Portsmouth (Yakubu Aiyegbeni) 6. Liverpool (Jon Otsemobor) 7. Birmingham (Sam Oji) 8. West Bromwich Albion (Nwankwo Kanu) 9. Newcastle (Shola Ameobi)
Football League Championship
1. Stoke City (Carl Asaba) 2. Stoke City (Ade Akinbiyi) 3. Wolverhampton Wanderers (Seyi Olofinjana)

UEFA (Europe)
1. Monaco (Shedi Adebayor, Togolese) 2. Olympiacos, Greece (Atanda Yussuf)
3. Panathinaikos FC (Emmanuel Olisadebe) 4. FC Shakhtar Donetsk (Julius Aghahowa)
5. PFC CSKA Moskva (Chidi Odiah) 6. Paris Saint-Germain FC (Bartholomew Ogbeche)
1. Inter-Milan (Obafemi Martins)

World Chess Federation

Travel Links

Airline Contacts

British Airways Frequent Flyer
KLM/NWA Frequent Flyer (WorldPerks)

Opodo Airline Search
Travelocity Airline Search
Orbitz Airline Search
Priceline Airline Search

Wshington Metrobus Map/Schedule
Washington DC Metrorail map
London Tube Map

ICT Links

General Computers

Click on image to enlarge
Introduction to the PC

Free Utilities

Your present IP Address
DNS Information

Symantec Online Virus Scan
Try it if you would like to check your machine for any viruses. It will prompt you a few times with a security warning about installing a little program from Symantec. Choose Yes each time to allow it to function. You will then see it scanning all your files. However, this will NOT clean your computer.

Slide Show Utility wizard (Javascript)

General Information Sites

Jidaw (Lagos) website
Skannet (Ibadan) website
Cyberschuul (Lagos) website

Balancing Act Africa
AITEC Africa
Observatory of the Information Society - Africa
Network World
UNESCO's Observatory of the Information Society
Webopedia portal

Client Server computer network model
Peer-to-Peer Model computer network model

Phone Card/VOIP Links

Best Priced Prepaid Cards info website
Skype VOIP (free) software
Stanaphone VOIP software
Net-2-Phone VOIP software

Free Conferencing Link

Radio/Cellphone/GSM Affairs

Beginners' Guide to Ham Radio
How Ham Radio Works
Amateur Radio prefixes

About Cellphones (1)
About Cellphones (2)
GSM Glossary
GSM World
GSM Wireless Evolution
Cellular technologies of the World

W3C Affairs

W3C World Wide Web Consortium
W3C School (Full Web-Building Tutorials of HTTP, XML, etc.)
W3C School (HTTP 4.01 reference)

Free and Open Source Software

Go to: My FOSS Project

Quick HTML

HTML Color Codes Latin Quotations

Yuni's Latin Quotes and Phrases