Revenue Allocations to Nigeria’s Federal, State and Local Governments

Running News – Revenue Allocation Formula

RUNNING NEWS - REVENUE ALLOCATION FORMULA      Guardian January 25, 2005 Federal Govt gets more in new revenue formula * Raises derivation fund board From Alifa Daniel, Abuja   THE Federal Government has consolidated its grip on the Federation Account with a n...
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OBJ presents revenue formula no LG equality

  Obasanjo presents New Revenue Formula Vanguard (Lagos) January 12, 2005 Posted to the web January 12, 2005 Emmanuel Aziken Abuja PRESIDENT Olusegun Obasanjo has presented a new revenue formula bill to the National Assembly which, among others, aims to stop the use of...
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NIGERIA’S REVENUE ALLOCATIONS FOR OCTOBER 2005 (SHARED IN NOVEMBER) ) TOTAL AMOUNTS ALLOCATED Billion Naira Billion Naira To Federal Government of Nigeria 123.930 To 36 States 68.197 } To 774 Local Governments 52.131 } 150.908 13% Oi...
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Ajayi debt challenge

  From DEBT: Challenge to Nigeria...
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