April 28, 2007

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Another show of shame was witnessed today on Saturday April 28,2007 during purported bye-elections into the remaining two state constituencies in Ekiti State.

The Action Congress had hoped that the bye-elections in Efon and Ekiti West Constituencies will mark the beginning of free-and-fair elections since Gen. Olurin, a known PDP sympathizer and former Ekiti administrator,  was removed.  Little did we know that the supposed Acting Governor, Mr. Tope Ademiluyi would keep a date with the devil and deprive the people the popular will to choose their representatives

From Okemesi to Ido-Ajinare, Mr. Ademiluyi with the aid of Mr. Akin Oluwadare and security agents chased out AC and ANPP party agents to thumb print ballot papers in favour of the PDP, boasting that nothing would happen because it was an order from above.

The story was more heinous in Efon-Alaaye where AC party leaders were early in the morning chased out from their homes with arms. As early as 10.00am, all polling materials had been exhausted with PDP thumb printed on the ballots.

The PDP had finally given up on honest and purposeful politicking. We understand that the refusal of General Olurin to obey the National Assembly instead installing Mr. Ademiluyi was a ploy to defend and safeguard the stolen mandate, which will soon be retrieved from the PDP.

The sham bye-elections held revealed the bestiality in PDP.   No Ekiti man of noble birth can accept them. They are rejected as crimes against Ekiti people; they are unacceptable. The only righteous path that the INEC can take is to cancel the elections. We believe that INEC will be guided by both international and local observers reports, which aptly described Nigeria's elections as the worst in the history of electoral undertakings in the world. INEC should therefore take a cautious redress of this satanic exercise.

Mr. Tope Ademiluyi has shown to Ekiti people the exuberance of an aberrant young man who is ready to dig a pit and sink his honour and future. His first executive assignment was nothing but despicable. He ordered the Ekiti State Commissioner of Police to arrest Dr. Fayemi when he alerted everyone while monitoring the election as the mobile policemen and soldiers brought by PDP stalwarts were chasing away voters and thumb printing for the PDP. Dr. Fayemi and the journalists who covered the election escaped being killed by PDP thugs in the full glare of Mr. Tope Ademiluyi .

We reiterate once again that the result of these sham elections cannot stand. We shall continue to remain calm in the face of unnecessary provocation and urge our party members and sympathizers to exercise patience. We shall pursue our cases within the ambit of the law and with God on our side and Ekiti peoples' support, the ravening clouds shall not be long victorious, they shall not long possess the sky.

Yemi Adaramodu
For: Dr. Fayemi's Campaign Organisation
April 28, 2007

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