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Thoughts On Nigeria’s Population Explosion and Infrastructure Investment

Written on November 22nd, 2011 by
Categories: General Articles

A short while ago, at the 2011 World Population Day celebration, it was revealed that by October 31, Nigeria’s population would hit the 167 million mark; and would hit 433 million by 2050. To many, it was a verdict of a bleak future, and an imminent... Read More | Share

Nigeria at 51: Elegy to A Confounding Country

Written on September 30th, 2011 by
Categories: General Articles

I normally don’t join in celebrating Nigeria’s Independence Day anywhere I am in the world; at least not since the late 70s. I also do not write the usual piece analyzing our problems and preferring solutions. Other better, able and more flamboyant... Read More | Share

Blame! Blame! Blame! Blame Someone Else! – A Nigerian Political Pastime

Written on September 19th, 2011 by
Categories: General Articles

“Our enemies are the political profiteers, the swindlers, the men in high and low places that seek bribes and demand 10 percent; those that seek to keep the country divided permanently so that they can remain in office as ministers or VIPs at least,... Read More | Share

A Falling Out of Thieves or Old Men Behaving Badly?

Written on August 22nd, 2011 by
Categories: General Articles

‘When rogues fall out, truth is revealed, and honest men get justice.’ (1838 A. Jackson Letter 26 Mar. in Correspondence (1931) V. 545) The rogues have fallen out, and honest men may come by their own. (1866 C. Kingsley Hereward the... Read More | Share

Defining Achievement, Performance and Humility of Nigeria’s Political Class

Written on June 21st, 2011 by
Categories: General Articles

As I was having a brainwave and contemplating what to write about the topic of our political leaders’ “achievement," “performance” and their “humility”, it occurred to me that I personally don’t resound with the concept of focusing life... Read More | Share

This Unimaginative and Purposeless Political Recycling

Written on May 31st, 2011 by
Categories: General Articles

This article is not intended to offend anyone personally but recent developments in the nation’s socio-political environment warrant comments and focus on the situation so readers of this medium can be fully apprised of developments around... Read More | Share

A Quiet Revolution In The Nigerian Federal Civil Service

Written on March 20th, 2011 by
Categories: General Articles

Not too long ago, a survey of some of the developing economies revealed Nigerian bureaucracy to be not just one of the least efficient and one of the most corrupt, further it was also found that working with the Nigeria’s civil servants was a "slow... Read More | Share

A Farcical And Anarchic Look At Nigerian Car Plates

Written on March 3rd, 2011 by
Categories: General Articles

Laughter, they say is the best medicine. Let’s take a comic look at our predicament in Nigeria. A “farce” is defined as “A light dramatic work in which highly improbable plot situations, exaggerated characters, and often slapstick elements... Read More | Share

Party Politics And The 2011 Elections

Written on February 15th, 2011 by
Categories: General Articles

In previous articles, since 2007 I have always given the excuse for our aberrant democratic practice as being nascent, (i.e. new, embryonic, blossoming, hopeful, promising, and budding). In fact, I try very hard to believe in my own folly, always... Read More | Share

Re: Update of Bank Account Information in Nigeria – The Plight of Nigerians Abroad

Written on January 28th, 2011 by
Categories: General Articles

On 25th of January 2011, I came across a Press Release on Page 27 of the Monday, January 24 2011 edition of THISDAY Newspaper. The advert was from the Committee of Chief Compliance Officers of Banks in Nigeria (CCCOBIN) titled UPDATE OF BANK ACCOUNT... Read More | Share

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