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What weakened my resistance? The emergence of easier tools for website development and maintenance. can be regarded as a meta-website, through which I share my favorite bookmarks.

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NigerianMuse Contributors

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Akintokunbo Adejumo
In the words of Akintokunbo:
"I live and work in London, UK. A B Sc graduate of Agriculture(Animal Science) from the University of Ibadan, Nigeria (1979) and M Sc Food Science from University of Manitoba, Canada (1985), I write on topical issues for newspapers and internet media I am also the Global Coordinator of CHAMPIONS FOR NIGERIA, ( ) an organisation devoted to celebrating genuine progress, excellence, commitment, selfless and unalloyed service to Nigeria and Nigerians."
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Faustinus Nwaorgu
In the words of Faustinus:
"Nwaorgu Faustinus is a citizen of Nigeria who contributes articles, commentaries, interviews and news stories to media outfits. He lives in Port Harcourt, the capital of Rivers State one of the oil producing States in Nigeria."
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Emmanuel Uzo Obi
In the words of Emmanuel Uzo:
"Emmanuel Uzo Obi is a college professor and department head,Information Systems Technology, at Halifax Community College"
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Amuda Mosigbodi
In the words of Amuda:
"Amuda Mosigbodi is a social critic and public good activist.He is thew Co-ordinator of For Africa's Rebirth Movement (FARM)."
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Adesina Ogunlana
In the words of Adesina:
"Adesina Ogunlana is the principal of WINNERS DONT QUIT chambers, Palmgrove Estate, Lagos, Nigeria and publisher of the pro-integrity legal magazine, THE SQUIB. He holds Bachelor degrees in English Studies (University of Ife) and Law (Lagos State University). He was called to the Nigerian Bar on March 14 1996. He is author of the books, Understanding the Secrets of Successful Lawyers and Why Lawyers Are Angels..."
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Joseph Ibrahim
In the words of Joseph:
"Joseph's interest in healthcare and infrastructure development began in college and developed through a period of volunteering in both Africa and South America. Now a professional writer, Joseph focuses on the long term gains in economic development that comes with improved healthcare standards and the infrastructure developments needed."
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Abiola Alabi
In the words of Abiola:
"Born in Lagos, Ronke began traveling for his work as an oil executive but came to love it for the cultures and sights that it showed him. Taking early retirement enabled him to indulge his passion for travel and his lifelong love of language has allowed him to turn it into a second career as a travel writer."
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Bode Eluyera
View Bode 's Articles »
Ihechukwu Njoku
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Kehinde Adegbite
In the words of Kehinde:
"He is a lawyer, social commentator, writer and blogger whose primary pre-occupation is to bring legal information to everyone's doorstep. He does this by writing on issues of law in a manner that everybody can understand and by picking on issues of law that affect everyone's daily life. He blogs at &"
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Seun Opaleye
View Seun's Articles »
Taju Tijani
View Taju's Articles »
Cornelius Olukunle Ewuoso
In the words of Cornelius Olukunle:
"Nice fellow"
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Terver Atsar
View Terver's Articles »
Kofo Awojobi
In the words of Kofo:
"Please see my website."
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Seyi Oduyela
In the words of Seyi:
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Franklin Akinsuyi
View Franklin's Articles »
Adeola Aderounmu
In the words of Adeola:
"Scientist, Educator, Writer"
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Clarius Ugwuoha
In the words of Clarius:
"I am a writer/ Engineer. I like people and places. I am jovial and easy to be with."
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Chido Onumah
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Josie Lebile-Holo
In the words of Josie:
"Grand-daughter of the founder of Igbokoda in Ondo State."
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Dupe Olaoye
View Dupe's Articles »
Hil Ike
View Hil's Articles »
Nkechi Nwanne Nwanne
View Nkechi Nwanne's Articles »
Leonard Ugbajah
View Leonard's Articles »
Arizona-Ogwu L.chinedu
In the words of Arizona-ogwu:
"A Mechanical Engineer-turned prolific writer; Born to the Chief Levi Arizona Ogwu of Ebenese IHIOMA,Orlu LGA(Imo State) ,July 1974. Crowned associated Journalist, December 6th, 1995 by West African Jovenile Connelia hesinki, Finland. Ran temporary course with the Safari Grand Institute Of Letters, September 1994, Durban; Entered into literatute and philosophy school of writing, may 2001. Founded Nigeria4Better Rule for strident advocacy towards common sustainance of democracy, social justice and Economic balance in Nigeria."
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Zerry Ihekwaba
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Abdullahi Ibn Mohammed
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Edugie Oyaima
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Taiwo Olokun
In the words of Taiwo:
"I follow the Jewish Scripture (Old and New Testament) and i trust in Jesus as my Saviour."
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Konye Obaji Ori
In the words of Konye Obaji:
"Konye Obaji Ori is a youth delegate of the United Nations Youth alliance of the UNA-USA . He is a poet, columnist, essayist, playwright and writer. His literature has been published in Africa, Europe, Australia and the USA. Konye is a sounding literary voice of Africa and he is concerned with the political and socio-economic system. As a humanitarian, Konye is most concerned with the peace, forgiveness and reconciliation of countries, tribes and communities at war. Konye Obaji Ori is a winner of the Dorlis Gott Armentrout Award for poetry, 2008 and the winner of the Pen Pusher Award for fiction, spring 2008. Konye Obaji is a critical analyser of world issues, politics and policies."
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Olumide Idowu
In the words of Olumide:
"I work currently with Bluebird Communications Limited; a Lagos based marketing communications/branding consultancy as Head of Strategy and New Business. Before returning to Advertising in February 2007 I was a Product Manager /Ag. Head, Savings Unit in the Consumer and Retail Banking Department of Afribank Nigeria Plc. I joined Afribank in 1999 after garnering rich experience in journalism, advertising, public relations and marketing. During my stint with the Bank I had the opportunity of Heading Units such as Media/Investors Relations, Internal Communications/Publications and Advertising and Corporate Promotions in the Corporate Planning and Development Department of the Bank. I also edited Afribank News, the Bank?s quarterly house journal between January 2002 and June 2003. I started my professional career with Vanguard Newspapers as a Reporter in the Literary Desk of the national newspaper in 1990 and joined the services of Rosabel Advertising Limited in October 1991 as a Trainee Executive in the Media Department. I returned to the print media in 1995 by taking employment with the Guardian Newspapers as Advert/Supplement Executive. I, in this capacity combined successfully the onerous schedule of writing news and features regularly on various business sectors and marketing newspapers in The Guardian stable for profitability and acceptance. The Vanguard Newspaper again beckoned on me in 1997 to join the pioneering team of professionals that established the newspaper's editorial supplement Desk as a Senior Supplement?s Reporter. After a very brief stint with Vanguard Newspapers I took up employment with Tanus Communications Limited, a full-fledged marketing communications company, as a Senior Media Relations Officer. While in the Media Relations Department of Tanus Communications, I consulted for several companies in the areas of media and public relations, events management/marketing, issues management, publishing, evaluation of media/public perception of issues, advertising campaign planning and monitoring etc. Prominent among the companies I consulted for were Union Bank Plc, Chartered Bank Plc, NAL Merchant Bank, Nigeria Liquefied Natural Gas (NLNG), Mobil, NICON Insurance, Bureau for Public Enterprises (BPE) and the Petroleum Special Trust Fund (PTF) etc. I was promoted as the Head of this department, before I left the firm to join Afribank Nigeria Plc in 1999. I am a 1994 graduate of Mass Communications from the Ogun State Polytechnic, Abeokuta and also have a Masters in Business Administration (MBA) degree from the Federal University of Technology, Akure (FUTA) which I completed in 2001. I am a qualified Associate Member of industry relevant professional associations such as the Advertising Practitioners Council of Nigeria (APCON), the Nigerian Institute of Public Relations (NIPR), Federation of African Public Relations Associations (FAPRA) and the Nigerian Institute of Management (NIM). I am also a Member of the Chartered Institute of Stockbrokers (SMA) and the Institute of Capital Market Registrars (ICMR). I am a Fellow of the DLTW leadership training programme of the African Leadership Forum (ALF) and the InterAction Leadership Programme of the British Council. I take great delight in reading, writing, watching films, traveling and poetry. I have to my credit several essays and poems on sundry socio-economic topics that have been published in national dailies and various online publications. I have authored an unpublished poetry collection titled ?City Myths and Realities?. Some of my published works can be accessed online @ I have had the privilege of attending several professional training programmes in management, marketing communications, financial services marketing, leadership, stockbroking and asset management in Nigeria,South Africa,Ivory Coast ,Ghana and the United Kingdom. I am the current President of Vision Club, an investment and leadership development association of young and upwardly mobile professionals in the public and private sector. I am married with kids to an Industrial Chemist."
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Uche Ohia
In the words of Uche:
"I like to read and, oh, I like to write too!"
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Abubakar Atiku Nuhu-Koko
View Abubakar Atiku's Articles »
Ola O
View Ola's Articles »
Muslima Kadi
View Muslima's Articles »
Anthony Fernandez
View Anthony's Articles »
Yau Zurumi
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Patricia Daboh
In the words of Patricia:
"I am an African American woman. My Nigerian (Ijaw descent) husband and I went through 17 months of separation due to going through the immigration process. We were married January 4, 2007. He joined me in the United States on Thursday, June 19, 2008; which was one of the happiest days of my life. We are on our second honeymoon, and we are amazed at how the good Lord Jesus blessed our life and brought us together once again. Some Nigerian people were denied visas at the time when my husband had his interview, and the same could have happened to him. But the Lord blessed him to receive his visa. When he flew to me it was his first time flying. It is wonderful watching him discover America and a world that is so different from his own. No two people could be happier!"
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Toju Ogbe
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Ayorinde Oduroye
In the words of Ayorinde:
"A M.Sc. (Technology Management Student at OAU, Ile-Ife and a Deputy Registrar at Babcock University, Ilishan - Remo, Ogun State"
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Musa Yanusa
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Olaniran Sunday Olawale
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Olayiwola Ajileye
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Baba Aye
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Ifedigbo Nze Sylva
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Pekulia Meesi
In the words of Pekulia:
"Nigerian journalist, media consultant, political activist and administrator."
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Ibrahim Danlami
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Aloy Ejimakor
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Ademola Juwon
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Pius Adesanmi
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Joseph Inyang
In the words of Joseph:
"Joseph Inyang has over 21 years of diversified expertise in Agricultural, Marketing, Computers and Alternative Energy. Beginning as a intern at IITA (International Institute for Tropical Agricultural) in Ibadan where Joseph had the opportunity to learn from the best around the world. Part of his project was the production of 30 Jap Planter for West African program participants. He later taught at the IAR&T (Institute for Agricultural Research and Training) during his NYSC. After his MBA he worked in Retail helping to manage buying responsibilities for 25 stores for Dillards. At Kellogs and Reckitt and Colman makers of cereal and cleaning products respectively, he had Product management responsibility for launching new brands and managing established brands ranging from $50 to $182 million in annual dollar sales. He devised marketing objectives, strategies encompassing extensive PR program, television and print advertising, website, packaging, sampling, couponing and trade promotion for all products under his charge. In Venezuela he ran a computer business and consulted on product branding for other companies. As one of the Directors for JustStandOut he created a JustStandOut Living Concept which has put in place practical approaches to supplying and saving energy in Nigeria. Joseph has H.N.D (1983) in Agricultural Engineering from Kwara State College of Technology, Bsc (1988) in Finance from University of Wyoming and MBA (1990) from Arizona State University. He also attended a Leadership Development Program at the Center for Creative Leadership in San Diego, California in 1996. In 2003 he attended the Cal-Earth Institute in California to study building passive energy homes. Joseph has been a guest speaker at several lectures and forums. He has also been several TV and radio programs like AIT's “Face the Nation”, Channels TV Sunrise and NTA Weekend."
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Mohammed Muazu
In the words of Mohammed:
"Iam an Engineer by profession , Snr. Civil Engineer with Nigerian Ports Authority Delta Port, Warri."
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Tony Ishiekwene
View Tony's Articles »
Ayo Dele
View Ayo's Articles »
Dave Omoh
View Dave's Articles »
Obadiah Oghoerore Alegbe
View Obadiah Oghoerore's Articles »
Sabo Sani Labaran
In the words of Sabo:
"An indigene of Gombe State born some 23 years ago to a prominent politician, one of the Great Members of the Arewa Consultative Forum Elders Alhaji Sani labaran."
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Irving Sadoh
View Irving's Articles »
Claire Williams
View Claire's Articles »
Chukwu Nnana
View Chukwu's Articles »
Hycinth Ikazoboh
In the words of Hycinth:
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Alex Okeke
View Alex's Articles »
Nazir Galadanchi
In the words of Nazir:
"A very gentle and down to earth person that beleives so much on humanity and liberty for all."
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Femi Odere
View Femi's Articles »
Oluwaseyi Oduyela
In the words of Oluwaseyi:
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M Akinfolarin
View M's Articles »
Obi Mbanaso
View Obi's Articles »
Mankind Olawale Oyewumi
View Mankind Olawale's Articles »
Tola Adenle
In the words of Tola:
"I am Nigerian by birth; college education in the States but live mostly in Nigeria these days. Worked at the Ibadan-based Daily Sketch in the 70s as Features writer; later edited the women affairs pages. Founded, published and edited EMOTAN, A Woman's Magazine from 1977 to 1984. Have written a weekly column for COMET & then, THE NATION on Sundays for 6 years. Check out my columns every Sunday in THE NATION."
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Yemi Oniya Sr
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Jide Aluko
In the words of Jide:
"'Jide Aluko was born to the famility of Mr.&Mrs Donald Aluko sometime in the mid '70s. I was educated in both Lagos and Ekiti States: Eko Boys' High Sch., Ogunnire Comprehensive High Sch., and the prestigious University of Lagos. I studied Mass Communication with specialisation in broadcasting, even though I have always had my heart set on print journalism because of my flair for writing and reticent nature (I'm a more articulate writer than a speaker). I am driven and motivated to write by socio-political events around me. I like to be seen as social writer than a commercial writer. Nothing appeals to my intellectual being like a well articulated and logical oral presentation. I'm an avid lover of country music, reaggae, soul with gospel contents, juju of the 60s, 70s,and 80s, Fuji and traditional music. In fact, I have a broad spectrum of musical taste with no specific favourite. I dream of a great Nigeria devoid of any systemic failures."
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Dominic Ogbonna
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Edward Asu Fcmi
In the words of Edward:
"Professional ?headline?: Founder/Chairman & CEO, AME Konsulting Ltd., 17+ years of global experiences in law, management and ICT. Deploying my experiences and exposure, networking contacts, eBusiness innovations into helping companies, individuals, NGOs and governments become more cost efficient in their business processes, especially in Africa and similar markets, where the demand is greatest. Summarize your professional experience and goals: Having negotiated and concluded numerous SLA?s, telecommunication equipment purchase agreements, provide consulting on multi-faceted eBusiness start-ups and turn around, managed eBusiness projects and risks, I have knowledge and experience with ecommerce, mCommerce within local and global meaning. I am experienced in the use of risk and project management methodologies, processes and tools, particularly eBLARM?. Also, I am a practitioner of Management of Risks (e-business), with services to numerous MNCs and domestic firms, state and federal government agencies. Published 20+ articles and public talks at seminars on diverse e-business. My blog should be up and running within the Specialties in my industries of expertise includes: *Challenging ePayment, eArbitration, eBanking, P2P file sharing and similar issues* *Business Contacts & networking*traveling*meeting new and interesting people* Investment Promotion*Oursourcing*Int?l business development*Int?l Legal technologies*IP protection & eBusiness Litigation*IT/IS* e-Business strategy & management*Fund Raiser*Crisis Management and damage control*Facilitator and mediator*Creative problem solving*Coaching, Presentations & training*Networking*Lobbying*Speaker."
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Dan Azumi
View Dan's Articles »
Benjamin Anosike
View Benjamin's Articles »
Saro Wiwa
View Saro's Articles »
Paul Adujie
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