On the Matter of The Covid-19 Second Wave

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On the Matter of The Covid-19 Second Wave

My People:

This second wave is victimizing more people and causing more deaths for several reasons:

  1. If it is a result of a new variant, it is speculated that this variant is more transmissible, not necessarily because it is more virulent.
  2. Being more transmissible means it can get to more people, and it is indeed getting to more people because of:

A/ increased free movements across borders, both internal and external
B/ the festive period December 2020 through January 2021 (in the US, from.Thanksgiving in November 2020), where there are larger gathering convivialities, particularly indoors (more so in the cold winter months of the Northern Hemisphere)

C/ reduced obedience to established anti-Covid protocols, particularly improper wearing of masks or no wearing at all, that is why more than ever you need to keep using antibacterial hand gel and masks correctly.

In many places the vaccination campaign has already started, many health centers have chosen a mobile medical vehicle to be able to reach more people.

  1. Getting to more people means that more and more people will be symptomatic from the virus. Perhaps the greatest killer is the familiarity that people now feel about the illness, arising from the knowledge that many people have recovered because they took this or that concoction, and they start to self treat for three days, one week, ten days – for malaria, typhoid, maybe just mild “Coro” – until the situation gets out out of hand, and a crisis – possibly a cytokin storm – results.

My sincere advice is to do every thing not to contact the disease in the first instance, that is:

  1. Wear your mask properly in public places
  2. Wash/sanitize your hands often
  3. Avoid large gatherings (weddings, funerals, birthdays, etc) , many of which you will not be missed anyway. Just send money and prayers.
  4. If you must be in in large gatherings, particularly in confined space, stay masked, and be there only for a short time (maximum 60 to 90 minutes) and leave. No matter how masked or socially distanced or hygiene-compliant you (initially) are, staying in any one place for too long breathing in oodles of the virus among many friendly and/or boisterous and/or carefree people leads to viral-loading compromising. This is probably my most important advice
  5. My second most important advice: If you feel ill, take a Covid test to be absolutely certain what is wrong with you, and get a doctor to dictate the treatment regime appropriate to your symptoms and co-morbidities. Covid-19 presents itself with a myriad of symptoms from the top of the head to the bottom of the feet, and not only the tell-tale ones of dry cough, high-temperature fever, and body fatigue. If you have problem breathing, things may have gone too far. In any case, please do not self treat. But drinking a lot of water, hot tea and eating a lots of fruits, and resting well will always help boost your immunity before or during an attack.
  6. Then ask for a pulse oximeter to monitor your Oxygen level yourself, either at home or even in the hospital or isolation center.
  7. When a Covid-19 vaccine becomes widely available in your neighborhood, please take the jab – one or two doses . Ignore all skeptics or conspiracy-theory anti-vaxxers but do not as a result ignore the recommended non-pharmaceutical protocols.

I write the above from experience not as a medical doctor, but as the Ekiti State Covid-19 Response Taskforce Coordinator since February 2020, who is constantly scanning the globe and probing medical professionals for best practices against this terrible virus. Science and common sense trump wild speculations.

May God help us all (Amen), but we have to play our part.

And there you have it.

Bolaji Aluko
January 18, 2021

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