STAR ORDER: Interim Forfeiture of Bank Accounts with no BVN

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My People:
A welcome order, if ever there was one.
The BVN – or some equivalent – should be looked upon as a Social Security number, to digitally identify every Nigerian citizen.
This forfeiture order should be followed by one requiring full disclosure of flesh-and-blood ownership of landed and moveable properties country-wide.  These are some of the ground-clearing administrative re-structuring that must be done before political re-structuring of the country, lest things get worse.
It appears that the Buhari administration may not be able to fully solve past or even present corruption in the country – given the mish-mash of political operatives in its ranks –  but it is at least exercising some political will to institutionally reduce future corruption, if these steps are not reduced in Trumpian fashion by future administrations.
We shall see.
Bolaji Aluko

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