“A Jar of Cream is Not Just a Jar of Cream. It Can Change the World” — The Story of Shea Radiance

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An illustration of how necessity can birth invention, innovation, and success, Funlayo Alabi’s story of building her multi-million dollar business, Shea Radiance, is that and even more. Her story is one of discovering how her products are more than just products — they are an economic vehicle through which she helps empower entire communities by economically strengthening the women who supply the raw ingredients for her products.

Funlayo Alabi, Founder of Shea Radiance

Funlayo Alabi, Founder of Shea Radiance
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Through the need to help alleviate skin issues experienced by her sons and fueled by memories of her vigilant mother covering her skin in shea butter on a regular basis as a youngster, Alabi’s entrepreneurial spirit took over as she began to experiment with shea-based mixtures in her very own kitchen.

The heart and inspiring thread of Alabi’s Shea Radiance story — from Inc.com:

After months of research, she planned a trip to visit some shea communities in northern Nigeria and dig in deep to understand the harvesting and production process: from fruit to nut to butter. While the point of the trip was to establish a good supply chain with excellent quality shea butter, Alabi noticed something else. “We found women. We came to realize that every product that had shea butter in it involved one woman, often with a baby strapped to her back, walking through the fields and collecting each fruit on the ground, one by one.”

Alabi and her husband observed these women over several weeks and were astonished by how hard they worked. “But what was really amazing was the fact that multinational companies were buying huge quantities of shea, but the women were still poor. The money just wasn’t making it into their hands.” It was in the summer heat of that small Nigerian village that she and her husband decided, “If we can do a good job marketing and selling our shea butter products, we can have an impact on communities — even if it is just one or two. We can buy from these women. We can support their economies and we can give these women the economic access they need to support their families.” That moment was a defining one for their company. To empower women through good business relationships and economic independence became the heart, the very DNA of Shea Radiance.

If you’ve been looking for a great skin care product, you may need to look no further than Shea Radiance.  Well done by Mrs. Funlayo Alabi.  Through her business savvy and vision, she’s not only enhancing the skin of her sons — and raving customers — she’s improving the lives of those who supply her business with its natural shea materials.

Read More: How This Power Mom Disrupted the $121 Billion Skin Care Industry From Her Kitchen | Inc.com.

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