DAWN’s Confab Monitor May 2 2014


DAWN’s Confab Monitor May 2 2014


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National Conference: Chairman Denies Extension Of Conference By Six Weeks
The National Conference Secretariat has debunked claims that the Federal Government has extended the duration of National Conference by six weeks. It was however confirmed that Monday May 12 to Thursday May 15 was approved for extension due to the World Economic Forum being hosted in Abuja from Monday May 5 to Thursday May 8. Channels

Confab Committee on Politics and Governance recommends removal of immunity clause
To ensure that no one is above the law, the Committee on Politics and Governance has recommended the removal of Section 305 of the constitution dealing with immunity clause. This clause has aided the abuse of office by public office holders and encouraged corruption. This recommendation is still subject to the approval of the plenary Punch

Committee on Power Devolution Stops Agitation for State Police
The power devolution Committee has insisted on the centralisation of Police, insisting that Nigeria is not ripe for state police. Some delegates stated that decentralising the Nigerian Police at the moment was dangerous because of fear of abuse by various state governments while others argued that state police is in line with the principles of true federalism. Hence, its retention in the exclusive federal list. ThisDay

Confab Committee on Public Service proposes 65-year retirement age
Committee on Public Service has recommended the increase of retirement age to 65 years or 40 years in service as against the existing 60-year retirement age or 35 years in service. It also proposed that the labour laws remain on the exclusive list in the constitution. Punch

Confab Committee on Devolution of Power creates role for States in mineral exploration
The Committee on Devolution of Power reached a consensus on modification of Item 39 of the Exclusive Legislative List. The item which deals with the exclusive rights of the Federal Government to legislate on issues regarding “mines and minerals, including oil fields, oil mining, geological surveys and natural gas.” The modified version indicates that in carrying out mining activities across the country by the Federal Government, government of states where such natural resources are deposited shall be involved.  PMNews

Confab Committee okays civilian oversight of Armed forces
The sub-committee on Defence Infrastructure at the national conference,  has recommended that the civilian oversight of the Armed forces as it presently exists should continue for efficiency in the Nigerian Army. The committee also believed that the current Armed forces Act should be reviewed to eliminate the areas that are inconsistent  with the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria as amended, citing the benefit of enhanced morale and welfare of servicemen as reasonsBlueprint

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