Rapper 50 Cent’s Upcoming Film Renamed to “All Things Fall Apart” at Chinua Achebe’s Request for a Change

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For those who have read or are familiar with Nigerian author Chinua Achebe’s book, “Things Fall Apart“, this is an interesting story.

Rapper 50 Cent, Who Has Now Renamed His Upcoming Film at Achebe's Request

50 Cent

From The Guardian:

Things Fall Apart, published by Achebe in 1958, is Nigeria’s most famous English-language novel. It has sold more than 8m copies worldwide. Unfortunately, 50 Cent was not aware of this. He spent much of 2010 shooting a film of the same name, the story of an American football player diagnosed with cancer.

Chinua Achebe

“It’s a project that I wrote, produced and financed myself,” he explained last year. Directed by Mario Van Peebles, it premiered at the Miami film festival in March and is expected to be released soon.

Unfortunately for Fiddy, his film will not keep its original title. After being contacted by Achebe’s legal team, 50 Cent allegedly offered $1m to hold on to the title. Achebe, 80, took this as an insult.


50 Cent’s film has been renamed to “All Things Fall Apart”.  In the commentary on the Guardian article (linked below) many readers wonder about the different aspects of this story such as copyrights to titles and whether or not Achebe should have considered taking the money — interesting story all-around.

Read More: Chinua Achebe forces 50 Cent to rename movie | Music | guardian.co.uk.

Buy the Book Online Here: Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe

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