Nigerian Parents Give Birth to White Baby … and Experts Say She’s Not Albino

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Parents with their healthy newborn

Parents with their healthy newborn (Image from The Sun)

THE stunned black dad of a newborn, WHITE, baby girl declared yesterday — “I’m sure she’s my kid … I just don’t know why she’s BLONDE.”

British Nmachi Ihegboro has amazed genetics experts who say the little girl is NOT an albino.

Dad Ben, 44, a customer services adviser, admitted: “We both just sat there after the birth staring at her.”

Mum Angela, 35, of Woolwich, South London, beamed as she said: “She’s beautiful – a miracle baby.”

Ben told yesterday how he was so shocked when Nmachi was born, he even joked: “Is she MINE?”

He added: “Actually the first thing I did was look at her and say, ‘What the flip?’” Blue-eyed blonde Nmachi, whose name means “Beauty of God” in the Nigerian couple’s homeland, has baffled genetics experts because neither Ben nor wife Angela have ANY mixed-race family history …

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Read More: Black parents give birth to white baby | The Sun |News.

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11 Responses to “Nigerian Parents Give Birth to White Baby … and Experts Say She’s Not Albino”

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  2. moal says:

    Truly an surprising story … hopefully an interesting explanation reveals itself

  3. me says:

    run paternity test(DNA)no offence intended

  4. Iyase Uyiosa says:

    The parents of the baby know something, they should be properly interviewed.

  5. Tynn says:

    This medically imposible. She have made a mistake, she should tell the truth about the father.

    The social welfare should ask who the father is. It ha s never happen in history

  6. ladi says:

    This occurrence is medically impossible and has no genetic explanation as yet. The woman who gave birth to twins, one black one white has a genetic explanation even though the chances of it happening are one in a million. The fact that two black people gave birth to a white non-albino child should be investigated further. They must have done an IVF procedure with a quack doctor. They should present themselves and the baby for DNA tests, and if the baby is truly theirs, then we can all agree that a miracle has occurred.

  7. master says:

    Christians should not argue this
    From biblical point of view, did God create black or white skin? How did the other skin color come about?

  8. Dan says:

    From Biblical point of view, God does things His own ways, but He still is not a God of confusion. Black parents with a white baby with no history of mixed genetic is truly confusing.

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