What Fate for Nigeria in 2011?

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Nigeria has tottered on the brink of absolute collapse for so long. And sometimes, one wonders what sort of benevolent fate had sustained her from the so many waves of cataclysmic disintegrations. It came to a point where nothing in Nigeria seemed to be working. Corruption kept spreading like plague. Armed robbery and kidnapping for ransom kept Nigerians and visitors to Nigeria in frozen panic. Ethnic incompatibilities threaten the very foundation of true federalism. There were several groups agitating for the partition of the country alongside tribal interests. In the midst of all these, the citizens dwindled deeper and deeper into absolute despair–a dire condition that so many social commentators described as ‘a time bomb waiting to explode’.

Then came Yar’adua. The election that brought him to power was among the most confused in the Nigeria history. Till this day, his imposition on Nigeria has bore no realistic fruition. His administration was as confused as the rest of the helpless Nigeria spectators. Then same Yar,adua became ill. The illness plunged the entire nation in a very deep darkness of controversy, setting back our urgent national interests. It took voices of both the local and the international activists to convince Yar’adua to allow his vice to act on his behalf. Yes, Nigeria is still a country. She still survived the abuse like in the past.

Another election is just one year ahead. This is my fear, Nigeria is yet to engage in electoral reforms. Without a transparent and a defined electoral reforms backed by the law, the chance is big that crooked elements and thugs would hijack the coming election and the nation will still remain in the past dirty quagmires. Hopefully, the acting president would have the will to initiate electoral reform in order to sanitize the rot in the system.

The coming 2011 election in Nigeria is very crucial to sustaining the nation beyond the apparent threatening collapse. Nigeria cannot afford to fail. The collapse of Nigeria means the destabilization of the entire sub-Sahara regions and beyond. With government becoming more and more corrupt, the center would continue to grow weaker. Lawlessness, fraud and criminalities would ravage the entire nation. So many Nigeria would begin to seek better life in the neighboring African regions, the middle east and across the earth. These mass immigrants might not be welcomed in their new found countries. Tensions against Nigerians would rise. In a bid to survive, so many migrant Nigerians would involve in crimes and anti-law practices. So many would be jailed or killed. Already, the world is dreading Nigeria as a place of political incompetence, corruption, drug trafficking and massive fraud (419). These stereotyping of Nigerians would surely triple with the political collapse of the country. This is why the world need to pay close attention to what is happing in Nigeria politically and economically.

Could Nigeria avert these impending terminal implosion by conducting a free and fair election in 2011? Only time could tell. The people of Nigeria have been pushed against the walls and every person is at wits end. When Nigeria fail, even the oppressors who delude themselves they have the money and the means to security are all vulnerable.

Each society reaches a saturation point at certain period. Nigeria is standing at the final rim between a fall into endless chasm and a rise to true democracy and progress. If the coming election fails again, I wonder how many Nigeria would still imbibe the spirit of moral reason and principles. Many would have lost hope in the country forever and might do whatever it takes to survive the oppressors negligence.

With the likes of Ibrahim Badamosi Babangida declaring interest in the coming election, one wonders if Nigeria sustains any corporate future. It is depressing for every informed Nigeria. Nigeria cannot afford to allow IBB to keep playing his Maradonic tricks. What is at stake is an entire nation of people, its future and its existence. Babangida is what he is– same old stock. We need a new face to Nigeria. The old faces do not work. History has proven this.

After, observing El-Rufai, Babatunde Fashola, Nuhu Ribadu, Dora Akunyili and Prof. Pat Utomi and their philosophies and conducts, I have come to the point that their kind of persons are what Nigeria need at this point. They bring new yeast of freshness. Ribadu for instance is good candidate for the Nigeria president. He is a pragmatist and a visionary. He is competent to navigate Nigeria to the next stage. He is also a sanitizer who digs corruption to the root in order to uproot it. He speaks to the consciousness of the younger generation of Nigerians who are the future.

Imagine Mr. Ribadu becoming the president of Nigeria and perhaps having Dora Akunyili as the vice, or Babatunde of Lagos and Prof. Pat Utomi or El-Rufai and Dr. Akunyili. These folk could bring tremendous transformation to the country. So as we approach the 2011 election, let us all be reminded that Nigeria is our fatherland. In the age of internet and quick mass information, every Nigeria should garner strength to make sure that the coming election frustrates the efforts of corrupt people and only good and honest people who represent the peoples’ interest be voted into offices.


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