IBB: Leave Adoke Alone.

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IBB: Leave Adoke Alone.

By.Atsar Terver

 When Mohamed Bello Adoke(SAN) was nominated as a minister by the Acting President my instinct told me that in the present circumstance, and considering the unlikelihood of the other SANs on that list to fit the bill, this young man was poised to make history as the next Attorney General of the Federation. I shared this thought with a vey senior citizen whose opinion I respect a lot. My wish was that if this great mind should reason the way I was reasoning, then that could be some form relief that I was not altogether going haywire.

 ‘What about the guy that took over from Aondoakaa?’ he asked me.

 Frankly I did not know how to present Kayode in such a manner that could convince this elder that he(Kayode) was the most unsuitable person for that post, without risking sounding sentimental or emotional considering the fact that I never concealed my conviction that Aondoakaa was made a scapegoat and a victim of Jonathan’s political ambitions and that his replacement with Kayode was only a strategic move to court applause and consolidate the ‘support’ from a section of the country which has being the most ferocious critics of Yar’adua and his Attorney General and who believed it was insulting for someone outside their constituency to hold that exalted position.

 However I took the courage to point out to him that Kayode’s profile which included an inconclusive case before the EFCC, his dismal performance in the Ministry of Labour should have earned him instant rejection from prodemocracy groups and social rights advocates if he hailed from the Northern part of Nigeria. I stated that Kayode being one of theirs, these groups were poised to  simply look the other way and let him be in the same manner Bayo Ojo was shielded by them and their propagandist press machinery; which they immediately let loose as soon as Aondoakaa emerged from obscurity to occupy that seat.

 I told him that Jonathan was not as keen in making Kayode AGF as he was in removing Aondoakaa. Therefore Kayode in the AGF seat was bound to be a stop-gap measure. Thus having achieved the double-objective of sacking his perceived show-stopper in the power game and also gaining the goodwill of Kayode’s vociferous constituency. Jonathan had to now shop for a credible hand to man the sensitive post and Adoke fit that bill perfectly.

 As member of the International Bar Association, a Consummate Legal Practitioner, Chartered Arbitrator and Notary Public, Adoke,  a core professional and accomplished lawyer with impeccable record, and sitting in the Legal Practitioners’ Privileges Committee which is the epitome if integrity in legal circles, those who were disappointed by Kayode’s exit and disgruntled over the emergence of another Middle Belter as AGF, having realised, they could not fault his qualifications for the post needed to search quickly for another foothold against which to launch a campaign of calumny against Adoke.

 Their search landed in Minna where the most unfairly vilified past leader of Nigeria who resides on his hilltop mansion is mulling for a return to Aso Rock where he symbolically stepped aside about seventeen years ago. They suddenly realised that now is the appointed time to make his trial over alleged mismanagement of the purported Gulf-War oil windfall a do-or-die affair.

 And instead of directing their letter to the EFCC, they chose Adoke as their target. By setting a near impossible agenda for Adoke, these civil rights activists have tactically set a stage for his ‘failure’. No matter the strides he makes in the execution of his duties, these people will continue citing his ‘failure’ to prosecute IBB as a yardstick to judge him.

 As much as it is right and desirable to prosecute all corrupt persons under the law, I find this sudden realisation by these civil society Groups that the latest AGF is the most strategically positioned public official to prosecute IBB a very cheap blackmail. Coming just a day after Adoke took over; this call which on the surface looks credible is underlain with subtle intent to blackmail. This same ploy was used to blackmail Aondoakaa over Ibori throughout his tenure. When Aondoakaa was finally removed, one had expected them to call on Kayode to ‘jail Ibori’ with the same ferocity with which they pestered Aondoakaa, but this never happened and was never going to happen had he continued as AGF.

Before Nigerians jump at this propaganda and start making life difficult for Bello Adoke to operate, let’s remember that Obasanjo’s two AGFs, Bola Ige and Bayo Ojo never received such marching orders from these civil society groups. And Kayode, who took over from Aondoakaa for 42 days never received this call, but then Adoke who is barely a week in office is being bombarded with this tall order!

If at all Adoke must prosecute a corrupt past leader, why did these activists not look so far to spot an IBB in far away Mina when there is an OBJ in nearby Ota. Why couldn’t they allow charity to begin in their home? With such a big cog in their eyes is it not curious how they were able to see that far. Do we not have enough evidence through the reports of the recent power probe by the National Assembly to make a case against the Ota farmer?

 Recall that prior to the 2007 election when IBB expressed interest in the presidency, the EFCC under Ribadu, under obvious prompting from Obasanjo did all the probing they could of IBB and even hounded his son but at the end they drew hopelessly blank.

 So I submit that this hypocritical call on Adoke is part of the strategic plan by a section of this country to discredit every AGF outside their constituency which they believe should be the sole occupants of that exalted position. They would thus use one stone to kill two birds. That is to cast a cloak of incredibility around IBB’s presidential ambition and also discredit the Attorney general.

Those who wish to antagonise IBB should wait for him to declare his presidential ambition and then tackle him on the campaign floor with the Okigbo report, oil windfall etc. They should also concentrate on promoting their preferred credible candidate’s agenda to convince the voters to reject IBB in favour of their better alternative instead of drawing Adoke’s name into unwarranted and distracting controversy.



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