The Bloom Energy Bloom Box Fuel Cell

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60-Minutes segment on the Bloom Box (Sunday February 21, 2010)

Large corporations have been testing a new device that can generate power on the spot, without being connected to the electric grid. Will we have one in every home someday? Lesley Stahl reports.

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The Bloom Energy Bloom Box Fuel Cell

Bloom Energy Box claims to be able to power a whole house from a box the size of a fridge.

The Bloom Energy box has in fact already been operating for nearly 10 years, with customers like Ebay and Google using the Bloom Box for its data-centres and Ebay has claimed to have saved around $100,000 in energy costs over 9 months through using the Bloom Box.

The man behind the new business idea is K.R. Sridhar, a former NASA rocket scientist whom has already invented a similar device for them.  The concept behind the Bloom Box is a new type of fuel cell that runs on oxygen plus natural gas, landfill gas, bio-gas or even solar energy that combine to create a chemical reaction that produces electricity with no need for power lines from outside sources.

The Bloom Box has recieved backing from a number of venture capitalists including Kleiner Perkins who were also investors in Netscape, Amazon, Google and many others.

Could Bloom Energy’s Bloombox fuel cell with the opportunity to provide green clean energy and power the future be the largest economic opportunity of this century?

The Future Of Energy? Bloom Energy Boxes Already Power Google, eBay, Others

Buzz it
by MG Siegler on Feb 22, 2010

Over the past several years, there’s been no shortage of talk about alternative energy, and its potential to change the world. The problem is that most of it is just that — talk. But tonight, a report that aired on 60 Minutes showed one alternative that is not only real, it’s already being tested by companies such as Google and eBay. You simply have to watch this.

Bloom Energy are producing tiny fuel cell boxes they call “Bloom Boxes.” Two of these can apparently power a U.S. home (and only one for homes in countries that use less power). So how small are they? Look at the picture above, each device isn’t much bigger than a standard brick. Of course, they need to be surrounded by a larger unit that takes in an energy source (such as natural gas). But still, these units look to be about the size of a refrigerator and can easily fit outside of a home, providing it with clean, cheap energy.

Currently, these boxes cost some $700,000-$800, 000, but eventually, founder K.R. Sridharenvisions one in every home — and he thinks he can get the cost below $3,000 for a unit to make that happen. And he’s talking a 5 to 10 year timeframe for this.

Naturally, there are plenty who are skeptical of something like this ever working. There have been no shortage of fuel cell ideas over the years, but none get their own segment on 60 Minutes showing working units. And none get to highlight the fact that they’re already installed at companies like Google, eBay, FedEx and others. In fact, four of these Bloom Boxes have apparently been powering a Google datacenter for the past 18 months. eBay says their five boxes have saved them over $100,000 in electricity costs over the past nine months.

Bloom Energy also has former Secretary of State Colin Powell on its board of directors, and he talked up the Bloom Boxes on 60 minutes tonight also. And the company has something in the neighborhood of $400 million in funding from the likes of Kleiner Perkins and others. Kleiner’sJohn Doerr is also featured heavily in the 60 Minutes segment, talking about why he thinks this company can change the world perhaps even in a more profound way that another company he backed, Google, has. Bloom Energy was Kleiner’s first green tech investment.

Again, just watch the video and decide for yourself whether to be skeptical or amazed at this point. Right now, I’m definitely in the latter camp considering this thing is already being tested out. Apparently, Bloom Energy is due for a big formal public unveiling on Wednesday in San Jose (they have a countdown up on their site) —expect to hear a lot more then.
Location:San Jose, California, United States

Bloom Energy, formerly Ion America, makes bio- and hydrogen fuel cells. Their “Bloom Boxes” are already being tested out by Google, FedEx, eBay, and others.

The company was the first green tech investment by Kleiner Perkins and currently has… Learn More
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  1. Jamiu Bashir says:

    I work as an Electro-Mechanical Technician at Bloom Energy USA. Each time i assemble those generator, i wish we have such power plant that produce this generator in Nigeria. So easy to assemble.

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