Aondoakaa: A Scapegoat and a Hero

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Aondoakaa: A Scapegoat and a Hero

The moment the infamous resolution making Goodluck Jonathan an Acting President was passed by the National Assembly, I advised the former Attorney General and Minister of Justice, Chief Michael Aondoakaa to head for the Courts to procure an interim injunction restraining Jonathan as parading himself as Acting President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. My advice was predicated on his antecedents. Throughout his two and a half year tenure, he stood resolutely for the defence of the Nigerian Constitution even against a barrage of attacks from the forces that have esteemed lawlessness above order in the running of the Country. He fought the battle for the supremacy of the law gallantly up to the last minute and I had expected him to hold on to the very end of this drama but unfortunately he caved in.

It is quite understandable why he caved in. It probably downed on him that he who fights and retreats, lives to fight another day. He chose not to commit ‘hara-kiri’.

But if he accepted Jonathan as Acting President with the hope of retaining his seat in the Justice ministry, then the spirit of naivety must have possessed him at that moment. He most likely believed that Jonathan was a firm believer in the rule of law like his master. He misread Jonathan’s body language which cuts a picture of a colourless, loyal and un ambitious gentleman. He did not know that behind that cloak of humility lies a venomous viper that knows when to bare his fangs and strike to deliver the highest dose of poison.

In choosing to recognise Goodluck Jonathan as Acting President even when it was glaring that such designation has been conferred upon him illegally, Aondoakaa was only bargaining for a soft landing which he has gotten through the redeployment instead of an outright sack which was imminent.

Whenever the proverbial good luck wants to shine on Jonathan, a big head rolls in questionable circumstances, then he goes after the servants of the big head. When he was Deputy Governor, DSP Alamayiesiagha had to be illegally impeached for him to take over and now a parliamentary ‘coup’ has removed a sick President for him to take over. In Bayelsa, it is on records that when he became Governor, he sacked all the cabinet members that were perceived to be loyal to his former boss. Nothing would stop him from doing the same this time.

I had warned in a previous article that Jonathan was just like Abslom who waited patiently at the gate of the city to build up support from among Israel so that when he finally bared his treasonable fangs against his father David, there was a large crowd behind him. It is very obvious now that Jonathan has lived up to this portrait.

Aondoakaa and other so called Yar’Adua boys should beware; a sack letter is being drafted to be released once the acting President consolidates power. I advise Aondoakaa to resign honourably instead of waiting to be sacked.

Jonathan’s choice of a South-West AGF is a smart political move calculated to build trust from the South-West who have not hidden their disgust at the idea of having the AGF and CJN from the same LGA and their biased press who will now see him as a redeemer of their lost ‘birthright’. Their propaganda machinery is indispensable to give Jonathan the much needed credibility in the face of the glaring charade that made him President.

Aondoakaa was to them what Mordecai the Jew was to Mr.Haman Hamedatha the Agagite. His mere presence at the Kings court was a pain in Haman’s chest. It gave him sleepless nights. Why should a mere ‘Jew’ (pronounced Tiv) occupy such a key position which should be reserved for ‘nobles’ (pronounced Oduduwa)?  Henceforth anything the new AGF does will be hailed by the south-west press and every judicial farce committed by him will either be excused or ignored.

It is this superiority mentality that made many of them question the legitimacy of the New CJN even when it was obvious to them that his swearing in by his predecessor was unquestionably constitutional. Interestingly these same people are hailing a clearly questionable resolution by the National Assembly to make Jonathan acting President. When I called Falana and Akeredolu ‘hypocrites’ in their personal war against Aondoakaa, some called me a ‘tribalist’, but I still repeat it here. If Falana and Akeredolu believe in section 145 of the constitution they pretend to respect they should head for the courts again to challenge the illegal enthronement of Goodluck Jonathan.

 Aodoakaa’s redeployment is a two-pronged move calculated to pacify the South-West who have been crying over the existence of an imaginary ‘Tiv mafia’ that has taken over key positions which should be traditionally reserved for them. The new AGF is expected to behave like his other kinsman (Bayo Ojo) who when he held that position, did nothing to preserve the law, but rather constituted himself into a higher court than the Supreme Court in order to do the biddings of his master. Kayode would be expected to look the other way when the law is trampled upon so that Jonathan can operate like his godfather Obasanjo.

As far as I am concerned loosing the Attorney General position is immaterial. Only a fool will think that Aondoakaa believed he was going to remain AGF forever. The important thing is that he made his mark. He has etched his name permanently in the history books of Nigeria as the first Attorney general to uphold the strict adherence to the laws of the land. He was a rare Attorney General who had total respect for the courts and their pronouncements. He refused to be intimidated or stampeded by public opinion or legal bullies. He proved his mettle beyond the faintest imagination of those who never gave him a chance on account of his origin. He demonstrated uncommon zeal and loyalty to the President to the very last minute when others put their tails between their legs and is just paying the price for it.

Aondoakaa is a hero who should be celebrated rather than despised.



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