Nigerian e-Passport Costs and Nigerians Abroad: A Classic Rip-off?

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As defined in literature (Wikipedia), a ripoff (or rip-off) is a bad deal. Usually it refers to an incident in which a person pays too much for something. A ripoff is distinguished from a scam in that a scam involves wrongdoing such as fraud; a ripoff, on the other hand, is in the eye of the beholder. A scam might involve, for instance, a scheme in which a person pays $20 for a startup kit related to stuffing envelopes for a living, but the kit never arrives; upon receiving the money, the recipient flees. A ripoff, on the other hand, might be a business opportunity in which a person pays $375 for bulk vending machines worth $75. The fact that the advertised product actually arrives – even though it is worth far less than the purchase price – makes it a ripoff, not a scam.

Not content with the daily looting of treasuries, bribes and all other forms of corruption perpetrated on the Nigerian people, home and abroad, it seems officials of the Nigerian Government, through the Nigeria Immigration Service (NIS) has devised a very innovative way of ripping off Nigerians who live abroad.

It is the cost of the new e-Passport.

If you live in Nigeria, the cost of the e-Passport is 8,750 Naira. This, taking US$1.00 to be 175 Naira, and British £1.00 to be 250 Naira, translates to US$50.00 and British £35.00 respectively. Please note that there will always be fluctuations in the exchange rate every time.

If you are applying from outside Nigeria, the cost is US$110.00, translating to a whooping 19,250 Naira or British £75.00. It is outrageous. I do not have to be a rocket scientist to know that this a government trying to make money from Nigerians living outside the country on the misplaced premise that this set of Nigerians are making their money in hard currencies like the Dollar and the Pound.

What this means is that were I to be living in Nigeria, I could get two e-passports for two of my children instead of one, and still have change left.

I can understand if there is an add-on cost of maybe £10 to £15 to cover administrative costs of processing the e-passports from Nigeria and then sending them abroad in bulk, but charging well over twice the amount for the same product fits snuggly with the above definition of a ripoff.

Furthermore in the UK, as from 5th May 2009, the Nigeria High Commission will be adding £50.00 to the cost of the application to cover, as they said, administrative costs, since the $110.00 per e-Passport is repatriated directly to the Nigeria Immigration Service. This means the total cost of applying to have a Nigerian e-Passport in the UK will be £125.00.

This is one hefty sum, but because the mentality in Nigeria in general is that those Nigerians living abroad literarily pick money off the ground, from gold-lined streets or grow money on trees, this perception adheres even in the bureaucracy. And of course, knowing our government officials, they will probably embezzle the vast proceeds from their ripoffs, and only an infinitesimal amount of it will end up in the government coffers. Pardon me, but I just find it extremely difficult to trust our bureaucrats, civil servants and politicians, not to talk of the uniformed services such as Immigration, Prisons, Road Safety, Customs, and, you guessed it, the Police.

I will nevertheless give some credit and commend both the Nigeria Immigration Service and our Diplomatic Missions abroad for making the application for Passports a bit technologically modern, less arduous and less chaotic than previously, but the costs is a big concern, I am sure, to many Nigerians living abroad.
The application process itself could be revised. Before you can apply, you need to have a Google e-mail account. It is from your Google account that you can now go on to the Nigeria Immigration Service website and enter your details.  Why force people to have Google accounts?

Another flaw in the application procedure is that when you scale through the application and payment processes, you are then allocated an Interview date. Unfortunately, what you are given is a date to attend an interview, bring in the required documents, but there is no Interview time given. This kind of makes it a free for all, because it means first come first served, and you may spend the whole day at the High Commission. This should be reviewed and put right.

Yet another great concern is that of security on the site. I had wanted to use another credit card to pay for the application for my daughter, because I was making two applications. The moment I completed the second applications and pressed “Payment Options”, the site immediately recognised my previous credit card and processed the second application using my first credit card, which I had no intention of using. It did not allow me to input my second credit card details, and just proceeded using my apparently stored first credit card without allowing me to change the details. This I find very alarming and dangerous.

So how do we complain about this rip-off deliberately directed at Nigerians living abroad?

Nigerians abroad can contact the Nigeria Immigration Service on and email them at or write them at Nigeria Immigration Service, Old Federal Secretariat Complex, Area 1, Garki ,  P.M.B. 38, Garki, Abuja or Fax them on +234-9-2341550.

We should also protest this ripoff to Nigerian Senate and House of Representatives and the overseeing Ministry of the Interior at their appropriate addresses in Abuja.

A concerted protest might help, but we should not just sit back and watch while they rip us off everytime.

Akintokunbo Adejumo lives and works in London, UK. A graduate of the University of Ibadan, Nigeria (1979) and University of Manitoba, Canada (1985), he also writes on topical issues for newspapers and internet media including, Nigeria Today Online, Nigerians In America, Nigeria Village Square, Champions Newspaper,, African News Switzerland, New Nigerian Politics,,,  etc.

He is also the Coordinator of CHAMPIONS FOR NIGERIA, ( an organisation devoted to celebrating genuine progress, excellence, commitment, selfless and unalloyed service to Nigeria and Nigerians.

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127 Responses to “Nigerian e-Passport Costs and Nigerians Abroad: A Classic Rip-off?”

  1. meks says:

    I live in Austria and if you happen to lost your Nigeria passport,geting a new one here will cost you like 500 to 600 hundred Euros

  2. pax says:

    I can only assume the rip off is due to the excess luggage that nigerian government pay to transport the new e-passport from abuja or lagos or maiduguri(even more transport cost) to the various oversea countries.
    Folks austrialia is far oh!!!!!! Well what else can one say is responsible for the difference in cost.

  3. Oma Ilaje says:

    E jeki a ko petishon si Senate ati Ile igbimo asofin ati si ministiri fun ibasepo pelu awon Ile-Okeere ti o je aladari fun awon Embassi wonyi. Petishon ti ya o.

    • chales says:

      Please this yoruba s*** has to stop.People should learn to communicate in a language that others can understand. Only ignorance will make a person write write in such a manner.

      • Oma Ilaje says:


        ohun ti o ko lati fi dahun iwe mi yi fi iru enia ti o je han ni gbangba. O go pupo, ode si ni e pelu. Nitori idi eyi, gbogbo ohun ti o ko yen, mo fi won ranse si ile yin. Baba e lo nba wi. Abi nitori wipe o fi internet boju o le maa bu enia bi o ti wun e? Woo, opolopo awon enia ti o ng pade lori internet ni won to bi e l’omo. Ti o ko ba ni eko-ile, pada si abule yin ki o lo k’eko. Oniranu akotileta, alainirolori ara Galatia. Shio!!!!

        • chales says:

          Same to are most stupid fool in this planet…..

          • Top says:

            The English man prefers English. The Frenchman will want to speak French. We all know that Germans will always speak German. The Russians speak their language. Indians speak their language everywhere and at all times. If Japanese people speak their language, why should we be ashamed of our own language?   . 

            • Tomme says:

              Top wrote;””The English man prefers English. The Frenchman will want to speak French””.OMO ILEJA you can speak your language but your Language should not called Nigeria Language….. Thats why Nigeria should be devided, because I cant the reason why my own dialet is written on the Nigeria currency but other people dialet exempted. Its not fairness

        • Yinka says:

          Gbere omo Ilaje. Ba Charles soro ki eti e okun dada. E bi Baba Iyabo, Omo ale Yoruba tio ta Yoruba fun Mala aje kulinkuli nitori owo. Ina Oluwa lo majo gbogbo eyin Ota Yoruba run patapata.

      • Fhimi says:

        There is no issue in expressing views by your mother tongue.. Why using a vulgar word???? I believe this page Is meant for People with right thinking and literates….

    • Patryck Phillips says:

      Omo Ilaje whatever cretin name you call your self. You are so ignorant that is unbelievable and you are among the people that gives Nigerians a bad name. What about people that are Nigerians and not Yorubas and dont understand what you ve written and they are intrested in what have to offer. You are very uncouth. Learn to respect other tribes in Nigeria.

      • Omilaje says:

        @Patryck Ti o baje wipe olopolo pipe enia ni ire ni, sebi wa mo bi won ti ng ba enia s’oro laisi eebu? Sugbon nigbati o je wipe oniranu omo ale radarada ni ire, ko ya mi lenu wipe o ng shi iwa hu rara. Bee ni tie ri o eru mi. Bope boya, mo ma ta e si oko iwofa aremabo. Ng ko ni saanu awon obi ti won bi e gan paapaa. Odenshi omo Retardeen. Ko ro igba fun e ati awon ti won bi e.

        • Patryck Phillips says:

          Neanderthal Omo ? , you are an embarrassment to all yoruba people. Why are you trying to destroy a fellow Nigerian’s work in Mr A Adejumo. If you cant help Nigerians why trying to spoil Mr Akintokunbo Adejumo hard work when he’s trying to help. Everybody writes here in a universal language ( English ) except you. Don’t spoil other peoples work.

          • blick says:

            @Patrick, just ignore Omilaje and others if they choose to write in Yoruba. thats their choice. Focus on your contribution

  4. Adiza says:

    i love this article. All Nigerians should act on this. I paid $220 for my own new passport! I had to cos i needed it urgently!

  5. Julie Sanusi-Williams says:

    I was informed that for those living in the United States, the cost is even more. They are required to go to one of the embassies to take their e-passport pictures in person. So you really have to add the added cost of flight and lodging to secure a Nigerian passports. It goes to show that Nigerian officials are all scam artists.

  6. Ken says:

    It was announced in our church that all Nigerians living down south of USA that need the new passport should go to Miami,Florida within the scheduled two days interval to get theirs.How can such a large crowd of people be attended to within this short period,cost apart.

  7. Ola says:

    I’m sorry if I’ve missed the bleedin’ obvious, but could I just clarify that this new passport is compulsory if you want to travel to Nigeria now? I live in London and last renewed my Nigerian passport in February 2007. I need to go to Nigeria next month for my grandmother’s buriel. I also have a British passport (dual nationality), but was hoping to also use my Nigerian one instead of paying for a visa. I was also hoping to go to Ghana; the last time I did with my green pali without the need of a visa.

    So do I need to fork out another

  8. Ola says:

    I’m sorry if I’ve missed the bleedin’ obvious, but could I just clarify that this new passport is compulsory if you want to travel to Nigeria now? I live in London and last renewed my Nigerian passport in February 2007. I need to go to Nigeria next month for my grandmother’s buriel. I also have a British passport (dual nationality), but was hoping to also use my Nigerian one instead of paying for a visa. I was also hoping to go to Ghana; the last time I did with my green pali without the need of a visa.

    So do I need to fork out another

  9. bolanle says:

    In Johannesburg the machine for snapping pictures for nigerian passport is presently at fault and you cant say when it will be rectified or changed. Presently Nigerians in SA cannot obtained an e-passport. whereas in UP a university of pretoria you snap and get your ID card within 2mins what an effective system and a shame for us Nigerians

  10. ben says:

    I am really scared about this e-passport junk of a thing, apart from the ripoff thing, you are likely to pay money for processing the passport and be duped as i learned, but why are Nigerians so corrupt that we so relegated God to escalate in doing wickedness and evil as though we die not what a terrible value for Nigeria

    • nnijatony says:

      My advice to Nigerians living abroad who has urgent need for this e passport should go ahead and pay whatever , while we make our petition to National for refound.

      • chales says:

        I bet you are going to give all nigerians in urgent need of the passport living abroad the whatever it may cost to pay for the e-passport.typical nigerian…

      • V.Zion says:

        What petition would be better than the ignored ones made already? What difference does it make?

    • nnijatony says:

      My advice to Nigerians living abroad who has urgent need for this e passport should go ahead and pay whatever , while we make our petition to National assembly for refound.

      • mohamed adamu musa says:

        you that gaved such advides , is the big bangdict in that so call part of world. Instead you should calmed the victims in such a humble and pleasant way by using a word as

  11. Wolexii says:

    The official price for e-Passport is N8,750.00 but you'll never get it at that cost! The minimum NIS officials will collect from you (if you're lucky) is N15,000.  Corruption is in our blood.
    I needed to get passport for my family (3 in number) and paid official price online submitted the applications along with complete supporting documents. Three months after the submission, the passport was never ready. After, my many trips to NIS office in Lagos, one offical adviced me to pay extra money for them  to come out. Interestingly after paying the forced amount, less than 6 hours, the passport were out!
    The online is meant to remove corruption in the system, but instead, it is aggravating it the more. I wonder if the FG, the House of assembly, Judiciary could handle this menace as the same stories are heard in all these sectors.
    God save Nigeria.

    • chales says:

      Rebranding Nigeria should start from the absolutely corrupt nigerian high commission in london.The world is looking at us and sees the indepth confusion and unprofessionalism deplayed in our high commission.It’s shameful and disgraceful…..

    • V.Zion says:

      Bors Wolexii, I had the same experience getting my epassport. After paying 8,750 online, the bastards in NIS collect extra 8,000 to process my epassport. I hate to remember that I am a Nigerian!

  12. Wole says:

    Thanks a lot the address you gave, it will help me a lot. I do not want to complain about the fees. But about the lack of useful information on the web site. I paid for my two daughters passport fees and an interview day was scheduled at the nigeria embassy in Abidjan. I was surprise to learn that they have not started issuing passport in Cote d’Ivoire when I got there on the day of the interview. Now I do not know what to do, because you only meet people at the entrance of nigerian embassies that will never let you in to have genue information. All I was told was to call site on which I paid. So, I will now send a fax to the immigration office in Nigeria.

  13. Jagwah says:

    h8 to be the one to point it out but the cost of a service in Nigeria can’t be the same as in England/USA – $50 goes a much longer way in Nigeria than in the US + like Wolexxi said you have to factor in bribes in 9ja for sure

    What REALLY pisses me off its the nerve of the idiots to force us to get e-passports when our old passports haven’t expired yet! now THAT is a RIP OFF!!! y make someone pay for a passport that lasts for 5 years and then tell them that after 3 years they need to pay for another 1 or they can’t travel anywhere, it makes no sense!

    also I got SCAMMED the last time I made a payment for a passport online. Went to the Commission with the receipt and was told the system had NO RECORD of my payment and I would have to pay again! I was desperate so I paid!Came back a few weeks later with a bank statement to get a refund. they made me write about 5 letters and after about 8 months I gave up :C

  14. chales says:

    The closure of nigerian high commission in london will definitely bring the end of so called idiots working there and pobably the overhaul of the entire setup with the use nigerians with western orientation and none of nigeria corrupt minds.

  15. Compatriots. Thanks for your various comments. Incidentally, this article has spurred some action since it was written. I understand there was a flood of protest letters to the Immigration Comptroller in Abuja and also the Nigeria High Commission in London was suitably embarrassed.
    The Administration Fee of £50.00 that the NHC-UK was charging has now been reduced to £20.00 only after protests and complaints.
    However, let us realize that while the official amount to get a passport in Nigeria id N8750.00, the reality is that most people spend up to N18,000.00 to get it. The Immigration Officers are still taking bribes to fast-track your passport for you.
    Now that all previous passports will not be acknowledged after 31 December 2010, some Immigration Officers are going to make a killing and laughing all the way to the bank.

  16. V.Zion says:

    The Deliverance Nigeria needs is more than Benny Hinn can perform! From the NIS to the Police… and everywhere in the govenment, nowhere is safe or transperent. I am ashamed of this place.

  17. Livinus says:

    Anyway,we are Nigerians and have to accept it that way. The thing is that any of talking now that is giving the same post,will also do the same. What Nigeria needs is a total overhauling. The passport issue is just a tip of the iceberg of what is happening in our government. Sometimes I want to say go to hell this entity called Nigeria. But what can I do,am a Nigerian. I will pay that money to have my passport. But the officer that will take that money from me will regret working there as an inmigration officer. Do you know why a lot of Nigerians will choose to travel on a fake passports? It is this same nonchalant attitude of our government.

    • Uche says:

      Livinus, u started wel. But i stil stand to say that we cant change d system if we’re not involved. The change has to start from we the youths cos we’l take over from d leaders and we wil do same if we havent wipeds a mentality off us

  18. Chales and Oma Ilaje, please NOT on my article!!. This is not the place to hurl abuses, but to be critical, constructive and give suggestions and feedback.

    • Oma Ilaje says:

      Charles ni ki o ba wi o! Ti o ba ti le ma se critics, se eebu ni won fi ma ng critisize ni? Omo yen lo fe ibawi! Emi ti so iyanju temi nipa oro passport to wa nile. Ko je bo se je.

    • Patryck Phillips says:

      AKINTOKUNBO ADEJUMO – I don’t mean to be rude to you and lots of people appreciate what you are doing as journalist. But when you allow people like that uncouth character in Omo Ilaje to write comments in a laguage that over half of Nigerians don’t understand, so how can people take this site and your articles seriously. This site is an English language site and it’s uncouth for anyone to comment in other languages. You should be able to do something about this NEADERTHAL ( Omo Ilaje ).

      • Oma Ilaje says:

        omo ale lo ng sh’iwa hu bi ire bayi. Ti o ba je wipe ire ni awon agba nile ni, ko ye ki oro omugo bayi ma ti enu re jade rara. Nipa idi eyi, esi ti ng ma fun e gbehin re: Mo da gbogbo awon eebu e pada s’ile yin. Ara Galatia alainirolori! Iwo eru aiye lasan lasan lo fe s’oro si mi abi? Binu ba bi e patapata, ki o lo p’okun so.

        • Patryck Phillips says:

          Omo ( Neaderthal ) Ilaje, you said ” you are an elderly man and can’t carry guns ” you should know better and do things appropriately. How many comments are written in Ibo, Hausa, Bendel or even pigeon/broken english here ?? But you, like Nigerian leaders do the opposite of the right thing, and we all know the ramification which is there for us to see in Nigeria. So please, consider other readers of these site and right in universal language.

  19. ben says:

    What really irks me is that all the instructions on the website are no use at all! I have read all i could and am no nearer understanding what I should do! I want a reissue of my passport as it expired after 10 years. What do I do? I am in London.

  20. Ama says:

    It is quite pathetic that my contry Naija is like this. I believe every nigerian should be ready to change and think for the good of the country. If not so things will definitely get worst.

    I had to get my passport at N16000 instead of N8750. God help us

  21. Izzie says:

    Ben, I thought I was the only one who went to the website to get information about the re-issue of my passport which is almost 10 years now and got more confused than I was before I went to the website. Considering how much time I spent on the phone during my lunch break and still couldn’t get through to them on phone, I would have expected the website to be much more helpful in providing such vital information

  22. Iyabo says:

    I wander why we still have to pay a £20 postal order at the Nigeria
    High Commission office in London on the day of the interview for the new epassport after paying the 65USD on line. What is this extra postal order for? I think this is ridicullous and definetelly a rip off.
    After competing my application form on line, on getting to payment, the dollar site was closed due to maintenance and was unable to complete my application on that day, whereas it says we will be back shortly, but never back.

  23. ALFRED says:


    • Livinus says:

      Sorry Alfred.that you think that is only in Rome that that happens. It is allover the world where we have any of those corrupt entity called embassy. It is business all the way. That is why alot of Nigerians are living in many parts of the world with passports of other countries. Some even go with Iran,Aghanistan Irak and other countries that we are better of. So will you ask them why the use such passports?

  24. juliet says:

    The above comment is exactly what we are noticing right now with the e-passport. They listed the application form for those living in nigeria without stating about those living in abroad but interested in money. I asked about how to get the e-passport, they told me to contact a trader who has a computer to fill the form for me while i have same equipment in my room, and how much would be the cost? Euro 4oo.00.Why did they key the page where one could go, fill the form and pay? It is just like when you go to the embassy for a new or renew a passport whatever you write is not correct because you did not bribe them, what a shame even with the e-passport? If you call their office they will not answer and they claim to be educated. We here are suffering much with the nigeria embassy office. Nigeria is the worst country with grade one corruption in the world. It is written that one must carefuly pay only online why should one make mistake if everything is clearified? No, they must bridge it as to do away with one’s money. Who will assure us of our credit cards? I am afraid to give my credit card number here. Please, i beg nigeria Govt to help us make things easier . I don’t want anyone to do the job for me if we have the computer. It is their duty to teach us how to pay without inviting a second head. Thank.

  25. Shaza says:

    Does anyone know what happens if you land in Johannesburg with an expired US passport? What is the procedure to get it renewed? Please require urgent assistance, with straight forward answers

  26. Tolu says:

    pls can anyone tell me how to go about making a change of information on E passport i got one b4 it was nt my full info and i was told i can not get another one until i cancel the one i av earlier, anyone with useful info please?

  27. sandy says:

    Thanks for this post. You are totally correct but who do we cry to and even when we cry who will answer us. Here you paid 3000 kr (60.000 ngn)to make a passport but we don’t mind because we need it badly but since they change the people last year oct things has been much better they now take 1000kr(20.000ngn). Even if we complain from now till tomorrow the fact is we have no choice when we need it desperately and you know every thing in euro depends on ur identity without it……………….

  28. Richie says:

    I applied for the e-passport in january 2011 in the Rome Embassy,Italy.Who can guess when my interview date is?Could u believe my interview date is in october 2011.Is this fair?

  29. Ugo says:

    I live in Nigeria and I applied for the e-passport in October 2010. I paid the official fees of N8,750 and the confirmation slip said to pick up the passport in the same month. Returning to the NIS Office in January 2011 I was informed that the passport was not ready, and I should ‘see my contact’ for more information. What a joke! Are there any channels for one to seek redress on such issues?

    • Oma Ilaje says:

      Petition the National assembly, the NIS, the Judiciary, the Executive, the fourth estate. Take up a group legal class action along with other cheated people against the FGN cum Nigerian Immigration Service.

      Bayi la se le gbogun ti awon asebi wonyi.

      • Anya says:

        Hello Oma Ilaje, this might come as a surprise to you, but the official language of Nigeria is English based on the many ethnic languages spoken in the country. If you want to be taken seriously please communicate in the official language, otherwise look for another site that caters to specific groups where you can practice your mastery of whatever language you are writing

        • Oma Ilaje says:

          Hello dear Anya, this might look strange in your eyes, but policies and laws made in Nigeria are mostly not worth than the paper used, else you wont be here complaining of this and that about Nigeria. If you want to be taken serious, dont take life too serious. Nigeria has many languages yes! And you were forced to communicate in English yes!! So what? If you dont understand what I wrote, you can always ask me to translate. Whereby in this case, there was no need to translate anything, because I afforded you the priviledge of reading what I was communicating in your beloved Lingua Franca. Please keep a cool head! Abo oro ni o, se o ti gbo?

  30. Abdlahi imma says:

    pls kindly call michelia of the passport office to order, i was in his office over a lost case only for him to ask for fifty thousand naira to help over my lost passport.And ever since then i have not being abel to pick the passport up from him. while he does orders express , wait and get. information has it that on there records at the production unit he comes there with up to 20 lost case on a daily thing. pls kindly call him to order. thank

    • sho says:

      @ Abdlahi imma, if u pay so much 4 a lost passport then what will de charge me 4 change of info pls i will like to ask u in u kw some1 else apart from Michelia in the passport office? den this office is it in Abj or Lag?

  31. Ola says:

    My fellow Nigerians i would like to know if i can still travel out of UK after the deadline date for the old passport as i have indefinite right to stay in UK and also got SA visa on my old passport. Please advise.. this new passport is taking too long and confusing. 

    • Oma Ilaje says:

      Hello Ola, some countries do allow you to travel in even if your passport validity has expired. In most cases, the expiration should be within 6 months. Better you look up the informations of the specific country you wish to travel to. Many countries do provide information pertaining to passport validity online. Either at the website of their embassy in the country you are or at website of their foreign ministry.

      I believe you can still travel with the passport to Nigeria. The Problem is, you might not be allowed to board the Nigeria bound plane in the UK. Even if you get pass that hurdle, you will have to part with big “egunje” at the airport in Nigeria. Bi o se ri niyen.

  32. omo olorun says:

    Another dimension to the e-pasport in Italy is that when you call for an appointment,they will give a no to send text message for your booknig.then you will be expecting the reply through the text and when I saked them when will it be likely for me to get the appointment date,they said january 2012 ‘cos all the month be4 january have already booked.I was trying to ask some question or to clarify other things the person that respond to my call said i should contact the administration.What else do you want us to do.Even be4 i got through ,it took me almost 2hrs.

  33. P65 says:


    I am an italian citizen married to a nigerian woman. I experienced the new nigerian e-passport issue hell ! 🙁

    The only way to get the new e-passport with a very fast appointment in the nigerian Rome embassy is to pay around 200 Euros of bribe to the right person. There are some nigerians outside the embassy that have connection inside and with a bribe you can have the scanning appointment within a week after payment is done.

  34. Anya says:

    Hi all,
    Does anybody know whether the validity of the old passport has been extended? It is obvious that Nigeria embassies around the world either underestimated the numbers of their citizens in-country or are not equipped to handle tasks of such magnitude. Therefore the practical thing to do would be an extension of the validity of the old passports or alternatively change the mess that is happening now by issuing the new passports at the expiration and renewals by individuals of the ‘old’ passports.
    This is what they should have done in the first instance. Other than information on how to apply and pay for the E-passport, the Nigerian immigration site has no useful information. Again this shows what their primary concern is – getting money from people. It is such a PITY.

    I saw an article tonight that says our DNA make us less intelligent than westerners and a few people are up in arms. I do no necessarily agree with the research finding but by God in EVERYTHING we demonstrate attitudes and actions that give credence to such statements. Changing the passport of a country should not degenerate into the fiasco that we are experiencing now. Never mind the policy makers at home but the ambassadors and embassy staffs should know better. How long does it take to realise that a process is flawed and should be changed. It would be laughable if I were not affected. It is such a pity.

  35. oladeji says:

    ejo omo yoruba rere bawo ni eniyan seun travel out of nigeria . mo un fe enti oma fun mi ni idanileko to kun lorire … email mi ni ,Ejo nitori eledua .

  36. Davidson Smith says:

    The system is really in a bad shape.The NIS headquarters is not left out of this ills.I had the reason to be at the office in Abuja to
    resolve the issue of my e-passport which they said cannot be re-issue outside the head office whenever it has a particular problem.I want to use this forum to inform all intending passport applicants and holders that what you see in their official website
    is never put into practice in that office.They are just normal write up to show what others civilized society are it is far from the real thing.If you make attempt to fall that due process that is laid down you end up being a victim.From my experience,
    the officers and men collaborate with helpless applicants to rip individuals and the Nigeria government because what is suppose to be paid to government account is diverted to individuals in the course of this job.They make it clear to you that if you pay to the bank it will take you longer time and you might end up not getting it.So you are just at their mercy to accept this ill-advice.We Nigerians are architect of corrupt acts because it springs up from our quest to obtain things without looking at standard and what is required to obtain a passport.When they gave me that option i told them that even if it takes a year that i am ready to wait and so it was because i was ready to draw public attention to their activities.Most of the games come on board
    because we too are too corrupt to accept offers even when they are not too good.In this office they take up to about( 50,000.00)fifty thousand naira to re-issue a damaged e-passport building their argument on that fact that most people commit various crimes with passport and come up with that reason that it got missing.If we are actually running a transparent system what is their business about lost passport when the person finger prints are already in the computer system.It is really worrisome because officers and men make quick dubious transactions with these excuses in the name of facilitating passport applications.
    The Nigeria public institutions are the reservoir of corruptions and it is in this level that the politicians copied from.It is in the custom, federal Road safety commission and what have you.But we have to stand our ground too when it comes to corrupt practices.Davidson write in From Abuja.

  37. EMMANUEL says:

    It is unfortunate that we all have to experience this injustice. I recently paid almost £400 in total to obtain a passport. We need something like an undercover investigation to prove this corruption. Many of the staff at the NHC in London are no longer hiding what they do in order to make Nigerians miserable, stressed and frustrated 

  38. Ola says:

    i like the YORUBA side of comments (Gbere Charlie)

  39. tunji bello says:

    Goodday sir, if apply for a passport now, like how many days will it take for me to get my passport. thx

    • I am sorry, but I don’t work for the Nigerian Immigration Office

      • Patryck Phillips says:

        Akintokunbo Adejumo, please do something about these people commenting in yoruba, there are millions of Nigerains all over the world, some only understand one language. Can you imagine everybody commenting in different languages on this site ? If they want to comment in yoruba they should look for a yoruba comments site, or set up their own site. Please don’t let them spoil it for you and we readers.

  40. Gabril says:

    Nigeria police and Nigeria immigration can’t set up Nigeria security [Army]. who try it his nakedness will open. let Nigeria Immigration and Nigeria police mind their Business than try to run into a matter do no concern them, Nigeria Army and Stets security service have their own duty to play in Nigeria security. let them stop defile and pollute Nigeria Security, when litter children’s is play let them no Jump into a barrack with matter.
    Gabriel Aduma Emmanuel

  41. Phillip says:

    For Nigeria to be the best country we need to check ourselves. If any of you get a post in the government today how will you run your term. There are many Nigerian living abroad with stinking attitude dragging the country in mud forgetting that we represent NIGERIA everywhere we go. If we need change then start by creating a good impact also advice your Father, Mother, Brother, Sister, Relatives and Friends Out there to PLEASE maintain the Dignity of our motherland.
    No country has got it all!!

    • Omilaje says:

      Hello Philip,
      Nigeria is rotten beyond your imagination. Simply telling people to behave wont bring any change. People from the top to the bottom HAVE TO BE FORCED by their life, else positive change would remain an illusion. REVOLUTION REVOLUTION REVOLUTION. It is left for the younger ones now. Me I don pass the age group of people wey get energy to take carry gun.

  42. Daniel says:

    Some Nigerians are curse to fellows Nigerians, some are highly greedy, wherever they enter, they must destroy the name of Nigeria/Nigerians ,very few are honest living up to expectations. some are up there to amass wealth to themselves & their families. like e-passport, they assume that, it is family properties, other Nigerians are outside their families so they are not entitles to it. others organized countries of the world are making things easy for their fellows citizens,until we stand up & fight for our rights , the better for all of us

  43. akinade adetola says:

    excuse me all, this indeed might as well be a very dead thread cos i notioced it wa posted way back 2009 but i got something to say to this. you see people you all got the immigration situation in nigeria very wrong. why do i say that? because i live in nigeria and i damn well know that if you want your epassport as in realy want it, you got o pay 18000 naira, that is about the same price you guys pay abroard. wait before you all go cranky on me let me explain. immagine a scenerio, if you really want your passport, you got to go through the corruption corridor and pay 18k (u all know what i mean) and in which case you get it the next day, otherwise if you choose to do it online the normal way, chances are you become old and grey waiting for your interview after you have made all payments and fulfilled all requirements.

  44. Daniel says:

    so, what is the implication of this comment you made, OK you must bribe immigration officials before they can attend to you, after paying the right amount & fulfilled all righteousness ! sometimes,we Nigerians are very impatient or desperate to get something. i believe, e passport processing was to avoid bottle neck,corruptions, &all others social vices

  45. austin4444 says:

    please can someone update me on the the best proceedure to follow in getting the e-passport. i have read too much of the threads and i am so very confused about it all. it is urgent please, thanks.

  46. austin4444 says:

    i live in london and i want to know the best and fastest route to procuring the e-passport. Urgent. thanks

  47. Oladipupo says:

    Please can someone tell me ,the current price of nigeria e passport.and how long it take’s to get it.

  48. yemi says:

    Can anyone tell me how much I will have to pay after the $65 application fee and with what credit card can I pay at the Nigerian Embassy in Rome?
    Thank you.

    • tayo says:

      @ Yemi. I hope you got your new e passport at Rome embassy. I would like to hear some of your experience bcos I have already book rome as my processing center. thanks in advance

      • yemi says:

        @Tayo:Yes,I did.
        I had my appointment on the 3rd of April and the only fee I paid was just 45euros and it was ready on the 19th.
        I had to pay 30euros (some guys at the gate/security do this,though they charge too much,later I realized it was just 5euros they used to post the passports but it was better than going all the way down to Rome) and I received the passports few days after the 19th;on the 23rd (pretty fast you will say).

        Note: if your passport was posted to you from Nigeria or was lost,you will have to pay 210 euros at the embassy.
        I hope this could be of little help to you,pls,do ask any question if you have any.

  49. Tayo says:

    I have 6 months left on my E passport and I called Nigerian embassy in Berlin, Brussels and Paris. Guess what? They all directed me to Nigeria and Nigeria embassy in Hague Netherlands is demanding almost 300 euros with $65 NIS online payment for just  e passport. But I hope Rome embassy will solve my problem or has anyone have apply for re issue of e passport (second e passport) i mean?

  50. tolu says:

    @ Tayo! wat were you told in paris….cause av see someone get 1 there b4!

  51. tolu says:


  52. Tayo says:

    @ Tolu, Paris Embassy gave me an appointment on 25th of July and it will be very late for my student resident permit renewal date deadline which is 20th of June. But I am seeking an advice from anyone who had apply for and collected the second E passport after the first one expired or about to expire.

  53. tolu says:

    @ Tayo! okay, cause i no u can get it in paris without stress but if you need it urgently u could try Italy they will do it at a cost trust me. cheers

  54. Tayo says:

    @ Tolu
    Thanks for your advice

  55. yemi says:

    @Tayo:I would like you call the embassy in Rome; for.
    Like I told you al you have to pay is just 45euros or 210euros(maybe because you are from another country,you know how Nigerians behave but be prepared both ways)and your time.
    I have not seen anybody who renewed their e-passport but I believe if you call them they will be in the best position to help out!

  56. Tayo says:

    Thanks Uncle Yemi

  57. yemi says:

    You are very welcome Tayo!

  58. yemi says:

    If you have already paid online for your application and you are in the vicinity of these locations you can as well go to these locations for your e-passport instead of going all the way to Rome but I will advice though get in contact with the office in Rome before deciding.
    Goodluck in all your endeavour,God bless you all,God bless Nigeria!

    The Nigerian Embassy, Rome wishes to inform all Nigerians residence in Italy
    that Mobile Consular services have been scheduled as follows

    Consular Services to be provided include the following
    Nulla Osta for Marriage
    Authentification of documents
    Certificate of Nationality
    Emergency Travelling Certificate
    Change of data
    Prospective applicants are advised to contact the President of Nigerian
    Unions for the venue of the Consular service
    and also to visit the Embassy websites for requirements for each of the
    consular services”
    From Head of Chancery,Rome, Italy.

  59. Owen says:

    I was at the Nigerian Embassy in Rome last two days for e-passport renewal. It is better to be there than to hear rumors. After reading this trend especially comments by Yemi, I was encouraged. The selfless service rendered by the passport crew to me was second to none, they made me to be a proud Nigerian.
    Any country you find yourself in this world, always register with the Nigerian Embassy in that  country, a single letter makes the difference. I paid only 45Euros and that was the only cost.

  60. samuel says:

    how much is the new E passport now hope to read back from you

    • Owen says:

      @Samuel, I don’t know how much passport renewal is now but then (May/June 2012) I only paid 45Euros and that was it. I can also ask for you if you want.

  61. Wasiu says:

    I lost my e-passport to fire last year and I’ve been struggling to get a new one. I learnt that I can only hav it done in Abuja and while some friends hav convince me dat I can hav it done here in Lagos bt the date of issue and passport nbr will b different frm my previous one. Am lost in confusion. Even if I wnt to do it in Abuja I dnt knw hw much, and how its going to take before I hav it done. Coz I can only hav 2days off frm my work.. I will be glad wit your response. My email add(

  62. isaac says:

    I live in Germany. I often think about Nigeria and her problem; the suffering of her citizery in the midst of plenty. I think often of having the opportunity to serve my country at least at the third tier level of government asI am basking with ideas for the nation. I have been trying to get a re-issue of an Ecowas but my pips na war having  misplace mine . I was informed , I would have to go to Nigeria and this where the ripoff come in; asking , I was told it would cost me 135k from naija. someone said he had to make his for 900euro anoher 700euro. This same passport , I did for 15k while it was officially been issued at the rate of 10, thousand naira. When are we going to stop destroying one another. We hailed from a society where there is no trust , real love and where almost everybody is a ‘getter’.  I neesd to get a re-issue how do I get it done

    • Omilaje says:

      Hello Isaac, did you report the loss to the German police? You will need the police report. I’d suggest you do the re-issue here in Germany. Sadly, the Nigeria mission do not pick calls. However, you can go to their website to get neccessary information.
      Update: Actually, it is quite straight forward now on the site:
      . I think you would fall into the group of people not coming with their old passport. I hope this information is not too late. Finger crossed!

      • Patryck Phillips says:

        Omo Ilaje, well done and thats more like it. You seem to be very intelligent and clued up. Its good to read the advise you ve given to people here in English, and am sure your gestures are very much appreciated by lots of people, you never know you might have saved someone’s life/career through you advise in English. Keep it up and God bless.

  63. tolu says:

    I think u can get a re issue in paris call the embassy to find out. cheers

  64. Natasha says:

    So I realized this article was written in 2009. How much is the ePassport now if one is living in Nigeria?

  65. Gentlemen and Compatriots, please for my sake as the Author of this article, which has a generated a lot of responses and feedback since April 2009, let’s leave out the TRIBAL rantings.
    It is demeaning to me as the Author. Because the issue itself is being ignored and instead tribalism and tribal sentiments has over shadowed my article.
    Yes I agree with you that since the article was written in English, and for the enjoyment and education of everybody, responses should be in ENGLISH.

  66. Tunde says:

    Akintokunbo Adejumo, I refused to comment because you did not do what you should have done as a matured fellow yoruba and without sentiments, caution our fellow yoruba for speaking our language in the manner he did and equally abusing others for simply telling the truth. We’ve over two hundred and fifty languages in Nigeria(unlike germany and France where they’ve got one language even if in many dialects) and if people ask you to speak in the one that everyone can understand, it’s actually for unity. I speak and write yoruba very well but I do not do it the way my fellow disgraceful tribe’s man and his supproters did. I was ashamed that you could not even say a word of caution but now you have done so, thank you.

  67. AB says:

    Good day everyone.I am AB and live in Italy.I would love to move to another EU (with benefits; education wise; study; work country), is there anyone who could kindly be of help?
    Seeing that the forum has a mix of people from different EU country.
    Thank you all and God bless!

    • Patryck Phillips says:

      AB, have you got Italian PP or something equivalent ? The only country i can suggest is Germany that has a better economy compared to the rest of Europe, which is down the rut.

    • James says:

      @ AB? You want to move “to move to another EU (with benefits; education wise; study; work country)” If I may ask, what is your resident status in Italy?

      • AB says:

        Thanks to Patryck and James. I do not have the Italian PP yet but fortunately I have the EC permanent stay permit.
        I would be looking forward to anyone who could give me suggestions mostly on education, I am past 29 but still struggling to have a first degree, help!

    • Evangelist says:

      Germany is the best countries you can live in as a foreigner to enjoy an equal benefit with the citizen

  68. monster says:

    we are always complaining about everything….have you considered the high cost of living the UK?. You think they don’t pay for the office building, power and water? parking  space for employees taxes and all that? I am terribly disappointed that so called graduates will only look at issues on the surface without making attempts to deeply analyse them. 
    Or is this a case of us wanting subsidies here in the UK as well?
    Might as well convert the cost of petrol here in the UK and compare to the cost in Naija and get the Nigerian government to subsidize it.

    Aaaaaaanyhoooo… that was my 2cents.

  69. jake says:

    I read through all your comments, but didn’t really see any case like mine. I first scanned biometrically in Austria, in the year 2010 and never got my passport.

    I then moved to the UK and notified the embassy in Austria about my relocation and was advised that I should take my proof of application to NHC in London, but the application was ignored and I was asked to make a new application online, which I did and was scanned again. Basically, I have made 2 applications and 2 65dollar payments for one e-passport. As we speak, I still haven’t got my e-passport. Now I am been asked to come back to Austria and be re-scanned. Na wha oooooo.

  70. ballotelli says:

    God pls let me rule,as far the govtnors are corrupts so also the fellowers are the same,a word says,like father like son,as far the govtnors in nigeria are corrupt,so also the people in embassy are also corrupt,nigeria police,president,and their brothers they are the same blood,nigeria a great country,rich in all things,even richer than some countries in europe we all are running to.what a shame.

  71. AMB says:

    Hi All,

    Just want to ask, my sister is in the UK and is trying to renew her e-passport. she is having trouble using her card to make the payment for the interview. I tried using my card, but bcoz i will not be renewing my passport, they are asking me to register by uploading my bank statement and ID card, which i am skeptical of doing. has anyone gone thru this? or any suggestions on how to make payment?

  72. Charles says:

    The Nigerian e-passport is no longer expensive as it used to be. I have forgotten the new price but I know its not too expensive. As per bribes and the rest of them until our leaders sit up, the immigration and embassy officials will still be as greedy and corrupt as them. getting epassports for most nigerians (whether in Nigeria or abroad) will continue 2 be hell for a while :(.there is no order or professionalism with them. See for the processes. Also see if you searchign for help apart from payment. 

  73. Nancy says:

    I Live in London in UK, need to renew my passport dont know how much it costs now the sign up cost and the payment costs to get a Nigerian passport in London I have one of those really old ones with a nine digit serial numbers on it, most passports have a ten digit number.
    Please really need assistance

  74. tunde says:

    pls i ran into some fraudsters and i gave them my nigerian international passport,bt i later got to revoke the plan of them doing it for me,after i realised thier plans,bt up still nw they have refused to give me my passpot,telling me to go bring some certain amt of money.pls hw can i get a new passpot

  75. osazuwa says:

    i just want to know why other country in the world passport..take new passport in ten year, but nigerian is just for 5year?.what is the reanson behinde it’

  76. Romson says:

    Hello guys, 
    I have read through all the comments here. My e-passport will expire pretty soon. I need to renew it urgently. Since I live in Norway I contacted the Nigerian Embassy for Nordic countries in Stockholm Sweden. The consular gave me links for the application process through the NIS website. I filled out the form successfully, but I couldn’t pay the application fee. Whenever I enter my card details, the system returns with the following message ‘Your card is not authorized. Please try with another card.’ I have tried this several times yet no avail. I contacted the Embassy once again via ( which I believe is the authentic embassy contact email since it is also written here ‘’. The suppose consular officer replied my email telling me that I have to call one Julius on phone (provided the phone number) to know if he can assist me with the payment that the issue of payment is beyond the embassy since it has to be paid to NIS through SWG global ( which they said is people responsible for the online application of the e-passport. The amount stated online is $65 but when I filled out the form the amount I was to pay reflected $106, (Anyway, the amount is not the major concern here). I called the Julius with the provided Swedish phone number from the supposed consular officer. The Julius asked me to send him my email address and my application ID so that he can help me to make the payment. Just few minutes after I sent him the requested details, he sent a Swedish bank details where I should transfer 1100kr (approx $155). Now, I am skeptical how genuine this can be even though I got this advice from the consular officer. Guys what do you think? If it is genuine, could it be that the said Julius maybe one of the guys that normally hang at the gate of every NIS office that the Embassy officials use to extort money as a back pass?

    Secondly, the consular officer had informed me that I can get the renewed passport the same day that I submitted the application at the Embassy. How possible is this? Has anyone applied for renewal through the Nigerian Embassy in Stockholm?

    I need your thoughts please!

    Romson writing from Norway.

  77. Austeen says:

    Hi Romson. The problem with Nigeria is the bad eggs like the one you wrote about in ( Sweden Embassy). If you fell to expose this criminal, that would mean you are encouraging the sickness that wrecked Nigeria as a nation and including poor innocent Nigerian children and women, and all who are suffering as a result of these thievery criminal culture called Corruption. Please sent your report to Sahara Reporter, the only fearless activist exposing corruption in Nigeria. Do it now, help save your rich country from corruption.

  78. Paul Davidson says:

    Just in case anyone needs to fill out a Nigerian Passport Application form, I found a blank form here This site PDFfiller also has some tutorials how to fill it out and a few related forms that you might find useful.

  79. Vanessa Jakubowski says:

    Please help, are the Nigerian passports valid for 5 or 10 years? as the Nigerian immigration website says ‘ life span of 10 years with an initial validity of 5’. does this mean you can travel or use the passport after the 5 years expirations??? 

  80. Inara says:

    I am in Australia Applying for 2 passports for my Nigerian Children we already spend 500 on Australian Passports now realizing my kids will need Nigerian ones as well more big dollars.
    Does anyone know the exact amount the website doesn’t really verify only the application fee of 50 dollars.

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