PDP Is A National Disaster -Kukah

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February 8, 2009


PDP Is A National Disaster -Kukah
By Sukuji Bakoji , Bureau Chief, Kaduna


Renowned Catholic priest and social critic, Matthew Hassan Kukah, has described the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) as a national disaster and an albatross which has hindered the growth of democracy in the country.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with Sunday Independent in Kaduna at the weekend, the clergyman stated that his fervent prayers has always been for the implosion of the PDP which prides itself as the biggest party in Africa.

Kukah, former Secretary of the Catholic Secretariat of Nigeria, argued that unless the ruling party implodes, the other political parties will remain subdued and the ruling party will continue to endanger democracy in the country.

His words: “The PDP is just a distribution agency. If you want a little bit of something, you can get into it by social association. That is why there is this attrition now at the level of political parties. If we continue the way we are going in Nigeria with this behemoth called PDP that is neither moving, nor sitting, nor standing, we are in trouble, because we will neither have the ingredients nor (have) the fruits of democracy.”

The cleric said that his prayer is that the PDP should implode internally; because it needs to do that.

“It needs an internal implosion for other parties to begin to ginger up, and you can see that in the so-called debate about the Constitution.

“The people have to now decide what side of the fence they are on; and it is going to take us, perhaps, another ten years before we really talk about change, when some of these people, thank God for old age and so on, will become gradually immobile,” he declared.

Speaking further, Kukah said that there has to be a turn around in the way things are done in the county, “otherwise, if we continue the way we are going, we are likely going to endanger democracy more than make democracy attractive.”

The Catholic priest further lamented that the nation has been severely under-governed in the present democratic dispensation not because of inept leadership but those who often find themselves in positions of authorities are not as intelligent and enterprising as those whom they govern.

He cited an example with the current controversy on the constitution review by members of the National Assembly who have eventually become liabilities rather than assets in the process.

“For goodness sake, in this country, the only sad thing is that the country is severely under-governed. Those who govern us, I wish they were as bright, as smart, as innovative, as enterprising as those they govern. I must tell you, the National Assembly has disappointed me so seriously. The quality of discussion, their inability to move away from personal greed and self-aggrandizement, is for me, personally, very humiliating. But frankly, I think that if the National Assembly does not pick up, the nation will continue to suffer.”

Kukah also stated that most of the members of the National Assembly are there only to amass wealth for themselves rather than serve the nation with patriotism and honesty.

“Unfortunately, for this people, they don’t avail themselves of the opportunities that brilliant researchers in the universities and elsewhere can work for them,” he lamented.

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