New EFCC: Right Peg…In Who's Interest?

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By Dr Olayiwola Ajileye 

question is, will she be allowed to do the job and will she really do the job?

There have been murmurings that money has changed hands, deals had been made, and calls had been exchanged. There were talks that old alliances have been renewed, moles have been planted, promises had been given…, words have gone round…, and we have a new EFCC!






New EFCC! Well, new leadership that is prepare and dares to step on toes. But what happens when the big toes are hurting badly, when the pain has become unbearably intolerable? It must not last too long; actions must be taken to soothe that feeling. Would it then become business as usual to soothe those hurting big toes?


But come to think of it, where does that leave Nigeria? Stagnant! Compromised! Retrogressive! Ridiculed! Taken for granted! Short-changed! Prejudiced and unpopular! Where does that leave Nigerians? Helpless! Rudderless! Hopeless! Disappointed! Disgusted! Disrespected and disenchanted!

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