Nigerian Missions Abroad To Get Diaspora Desks

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Nigerian Missions Abroad To Get Diaspora Desks – Dabiri

Prince Charles Dickson, Abuja

December 26th, 2008

Hon. Abike Dabiri,  Chairman, House of Representatives Committee on Diaspora, has said that the Committee was working on citizens diplomacy by creating Diaspora desks in all Nigerian missons abroad.

In a statement issued in Abuja by the Committee, Dabiri made the remark at a conference organised in London by the Nigeria Universities Commission (NUC).

The conference was tagged:” Linkages with Experts and Academicians in Diaspora” (LEAD).

The lawmaker said there was need to build confidence back home as well as among Nigerians in Diaspora to make them contribute their quota to the development of the nation.

“We need to build confidence back home as well as amongst Nigerians in Diaspora with a bid to make them contribute their bit to the development of Nigeria.

“We also need to work on citizens diplomacy by creating Diaspora desks in all embassies and High Commissions abroad”, she said.

Apparently worried about the image of Nigeria abroad, the lawmaker said the National Assembly would do everything possible through legislation to make Nigerians living abroad enjoy their stay overseas as well as project good image for Nigeria.

“Nigerians abroad have to be properly treated, no matter their status, be they drug dealers in Indonesia, prostitutes in Italy or professionals, this will give them a sense of belonging that will in turn encourage them to contribute to Nigeria’s development,” Dabiri said.

Dabiri also disclosed that the total remittance of Nigerians in Diaspora was not less than N18 Billion annually.

She said no fewer than three million Nigerians were living in the United Kingdom alone, adding that the number could transform Nigeria if they gave a bit of their expertise to the Nigerian Project.

Dabiri said the London conference was not just a “talk shop” but a call to action by all stakeholders to see how everybody could contribute to the development of the nation.

She said the conference was the first of its kind, adding that others would be held in Europe and the U.S to harness the potentials of Nigerians in Diaspora.


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2 Responses to “Nigerian Missions Abroad To Get Diaspora Desks”

  1. Dayo says:

    I think those we have put in charge of leading us are simply clueless or am I wrong to assume that one of the key roles of our foreign missions abroad is to look out for Nigerian citizens residing in the countries they are located. Why would we need another bureacratic layer to achieve this? Citizen diplomacy will not be achieved by words, allocating additional civil servants or money. It will come on board when all Nigerians irrespective of ethnicity, creed, state of origin, etc begin to feel like they are truly citizens of a country that belongs to them, one that cares for them and has their best interests at heart, one where the rule of law is more than a mantra, one where there is equity, probity and justice, etc. Until then, Nigeria will remain the failed state that it is at the moment with citizens who readily identify with their ethnicity and/or religion!

  2. Oma Ilaje says:

    Please, atleast this people are deliberating on how to improve relations with Nigerians overseas. They got to start somewhere. And I’d advise you Dayo “lati lo ya won ni amoran kobo ti o ni lati le jeki projekti ni abajade rere”. Go there if one of the promised conferences is near you. Or write to them. I must admitt that the service mentality of the Nigerian missions is not yet something we can be overtly proud of, nonetheless, they are improving, and that’s what we clamouring for. So therefore, we should try to be appreciative sometimes even if it is a little progress. You dont motivate by condemning all the time.

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