A micro nuclear reactor in your garden?

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Imagine a nuclear reactor small enough to be carried by truck and buried in a garden

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3 Responses to “A micro nuclear reactor in your garden?”

  1. Michael Folorunso says:

    My fear really is that lazy African intellectuals will latch on to this silly idea of a “Micro Nuclear Reactor”

  2. Adegunle sobande says:

    It is great that Michael Folorunso expressed concern about the possible health consequences of the reactor but he should not entirely discount the benefits.

    My understanding is that this reactor uses low grade nuclear materials , with
    “modules that have no moving parts to wear down, and are delivered factory sealed” also “it is impossible for the module to go supercritical,

  3. Muyiwa says:

    I am currently living in New Mexico and can tell you that this is a great idea! It seems to be the only way to solve our power generation problems short term. We should start bidding for these reactors now!

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