The Obama Nation – by Xenocrates [November 10, 2008]

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The Obama�Nation


“Politics is the subtle art of convincing other people that they already agree with your opinion.”

– Xenocrates

After a long,�protracted and vicious�political fight, Barack Obama, a 47 year old senator from Illinois,� clinched a very decisive victory over his Republican rival, John McCain – all while still only on his first term as a senator. That’s a huge accomplishment, considering he only became senator in 2004. This is the definition of a meteoric rise. All over the world, the�second coming of Chri… err… I mean, Obama’s victory signaled the end of eight years of�a political�mess of epic proportions under the previous administration.�This is HUGE. But I don’t think half of�America realises how huge this really is. Most�people are clueless of the true combo buster Obama used to decisively win this one. In this post, I expose the true genius of Obama’s campaign. This was no election. This�is the beginning of�an epic revolution. Barack Obama is much bigger than I originally thought he was.


The Media Phenomenon

The Media has always deified black men who’ve�broken free of the stereotypes to become epic super stars. Unfortunately, most of these black men have fallen from grace in the worst way possible. Michael Jackson was a musical�god�before he developed a penchant for fondling white children. Michael Jordan was an icon of black success before he cheated on his wife. Kobe Bryant was to be Michael’s replacement�before he raped a white woman. OJ Simpson was an American Football hero before he killed a white woman (which is evidently worse than if he killed a black one). Jesse Jackson�would have been where Barack is now�if he hadn’t begun to promote reverse racism and developed a fetish for famous black men’s balls. So famous black men have a long history of great success tempered by equally great failure. This is why Obama is exceptional. Allow me to explain.

Breaking the Stereotype

broke that stereotype and achieved what most people thought was impossible.

This is why�Barack Obama�has become a media sensation unlike any other. It’s the phenomenal improbability of this reality that makes it so fascinating. The media is obsessed with Obama for�the same reason�people are in awe of a white man that can rap. They (like everyone else who is watching) are likewise in awe of a black man who is capricious enough to convince (mostly white) America to put him in the White House.�Try to understand. Given Black History�over the last 2-300 years, that’s a feat of Biblical proportions. That’s the probabilistic equivalent of an Asian that�can sing,�a�Middle Easterner�who can�tell a religious�joke, a white person that can dance or a black man who has a Ph.D. in theoretical physics. The monumental improbability of such occurrences are why such things are fodder for fiction and the silver screen.

An Unlikely Story

The media is all about the story. Great stories make great television. Stories that have a powerful human element or an unlikely twist of fate are what drive human interest. Obama’s story�couldn’t be any less�Hollywood. The very idea of a black man who inspired a nation to possess the audacity of hope for change such that his speech was coined into a�catch phrase that put him�in the White house has poetic justice written all over it. This is why such an�occurrence unfolding on the world stage has media moguls having mini-orgasms when the networks set ablaze with such a historic event.�You can’t write stuff like this. Similar media blitzes have occurred during Michael Jackson’s premiere of the moon walk, Michael Jordan’s Air Walk and OJ’s Jail walk. However,�the epic success of a relatively typical black man’s walk to the White House is so profound, that it has already booked a debut for a big screen release in 2016. Until then, consider the impact on television.

November 5 will forever remain etched in history as one of the greatest moments on live television. In fact, if you can stomach the incessant fawning of CNN female correspondents over Obama (I’m talking about you Campbell Brown et al), you’ll realise that CNN pulled out all the stops on this one. John King wowed audiences with his slight of hand on the�magic wall. Anderson Cooper showed off a�3D congressional layout that automatically updated as the night progressed. However, not to be�outdone,�Wolf Blitzer got all Star Trek on everyone and introduced�a new high tech sci-fi holographic tele-correspondence technology. Yeah Baby. Fox News couldn’t touch that.�After Tuesday night, comparing Fox News�to CNN�became�similar to�comparing a bicycle to a BMW.

CNN’s ratings shot through the roof and set a record in Cable television history as they were the first to make the projection world wide on television screens as far away as Australia. That record ratings�achievement�is sure to remain unbroken until they cover�mankind’s first contact with an alien civilisation in 2078. At this point, that’s the only news worthy event that can�top a news story about a black man becoming president of the United States of America. Heck, typing that just now felt like I was writing the script for some disaster movie. Hmm… now where would I have gotten that idea.

Around the World

Four years ago, newspapers all over the world�(including US domestic) chided Americans for being�inexplicably delusional. The 2004 election drew scathing commentary the world over. The world has since paid a heavy price for that bad decision. The world is very much aware that America’s decisions affect everyone else. That is why�this time around, in�a variety of�languages even, the world rolled out the proverbial red carpet for the new incumbent. Most of the world’s major publications had more or less the same headlines. It indicates international sentiment that invariably echoes the same sense of euphoric goodwill�with respect to�the United States’�newly elected�president.�I’ve featured�a small sample of these publications�here:

Albania even though the Republican party represents the religious right in the US. That is a major factor of why McCain lost, but I’ll address that later. The media played a much bigger role in this event other than just report the event and reactions around the world seem relatively consistent, as seen from Germany, France and the UK:

The Media’s Counter-Campaign

A very curious thing happened during this campaign’s coverage in the media. The�networks kept talking incessantly about all kinds of things that could happen that could sway the election in the opposite direction. The effect of repeating this information over and over again on cable news had quite the reverse effect on the outcome of the election. I for one have every reason to suspect that this was deliberate. If it was, it was a BRILLIANT strategy which exploits reverse psychology.�It is a powerful nudge to get people out of their homes and vote.�Here’s a summation of the various phenomena which were done to death on television that pretty much helped secure Obama’s victory:

The Bradley Effect

Ofcourse, if you keep repeating on the air the possibility�that white folks would poll for the black guy�but vote against him, the very opposite would happen; which�(thankfully) is why this effect made�a conspicuous no show during this election.

The Silent Majority

If you call out the silent majority who would put the Republicans on the map, it only awakes the silent majority of consistent non-voters who would prevent that eventuality. This was far more effective than�P. Diddy’s “Vote or Die” campaign, which died in 2004 with John Kerry’s defeat. It goes to show that with strategy, sometimes less really is more. P. Diddy (now Puff Daddy – why can’t he make up his damn mind?) was running a campaign that was too obnoxious and ludicrous. No sensible person would have fallen for that nonsense.


Saturday Night Live made a killing on Sarah Palin. It was obvious that she was nothing more than a hot, sexy, perhaps clueless�distraction that�served for nothing more than to�lure the Joe Rednecks to vote with their boners while attracting�the disappointed Hillary Clinton feminists who wanted blood. Tina Fey and company ensured that the Palin strategy wouldn’t work. They�crushed the GOP’s hope of winning over undecideds by painting her as a bumbling fool – which was not too far placed from reality as you’ll see in this video:

The GOP ticket�then tried to save face by making a couple of appearances on SNL to show girth of character. Everyone knew (except McCain) that it was an obvious trap to tank�the GOP�ticket.�Needless to say,�the bumbling�duo�bought the bait – hook, line and sinker and SNL used it to their demise:

I concur , doctor.

…and the rest, as they say, is history.

Favouring the competition

There’s no question that the media showed gratuitous preference for Barack Obama’s campaign. He had already captured the attention of America in a way that John McCain could never have hoped to. Now that there are other major networks other than Fox News and CNN, the portion of the ticket that would sink into viewer’s heads was on a ratio of 3:1 against the (obviously) Republican biased Fox News Network. Barack Obama became a pop culture icon with one�speech after an unexpected Iowa�Caucus victory.�The media, hollywood and the music industry embraced Obama like a child of their own. He became a Rock Star politician and that is exceptionally rare.�The landslide election victory was already a done deal before the polls were even conducted. McCain never stood a chance.

The Internet

It’s not just television that got a kick out of this campaign. The photoshoppers out there have concocted some truly�devious creations:

  • The Combo Breaker – You won’t get this one if you’re not a Street Fighter fan.

  • Colin Powell’s Secret Ballot – If you get it, then you’ll realise the sly genius of this one.

  • Obama’s Inbox – Take a look at some of his e-mail messages. Hilarious.

  • I GOT THIS – A truly funny rendition from the�(Warning: Language)

The Race Question

The mere fact that Obama is a black man automatically implies that race would have�become an issue in this election. It would be naive to think otherwise. The race issue is both external and internal. He�had to overcome the internal race issues before tackling the�bigger external ones.�The difference here though is that before Barack could become the icon that he would need to be to win this election, he’d have to overcome demons inherent in his race. For a time as a teen, he had to wrestle with all the same things that young black kids�are often�caught up�with: a single mother, poor scholastic performance and what atypical black teen’s life would be incomplete with a dabble in drugs. The good thing is that Obama was able to break free of those demons pretty early. He escaped the genetic black trap that captures so many others and broke free. That was just the beginning.

Not a Son of Slaves

I said earlier that Barack’s win is bigger than even America realises. The residents of Kenya are more than proud of their descendant son. But they are proud for a very good reason. Barack Obama is not the son of slaves as virtually every�domestically born black American. He is the direct descendant of�black blood running free in Africa. His blood was not tainted by the bigotry of vicious rednecks. His temperament was not impaired by the slander of racist hooligans. His childhood was not spent on the American mainland where blacks were religiously mistreated. He didn’t learn to grade other black folk by their comparative analysis to a brown paper bag (even though other black folks were doing this to him). His mind was not poisoned by bitter black parents or vicious blood thirsty gang banging next door neighbours.

Every child is born as a blank slate. They don’t know the significance between black and white or the meaning of racial hatred. Everything is taught. Thus, Obama’s unique circumstantial upbringing spared him the psychological scarring that would have transformed him into a Jesse Jackson. Even though he has some bearing on black culture, Obama was spared the education that would have made him just another angry black man. This is why when he orates, black people like Jesse Jackson thinks he’s trying to be white, and white people like Sean Hannity think he is being naive. It’s like Barack�can’t truly identify with any particular side of the fence, since he’s�quite literally on the fence from a genetic perspective.

The Re-Education of a Black Man

White Parents, Black Son

Barack’s�white parentage (meaning the grandparents�and mother that raised him) rounded out this�pseudo-black�personality to perfection. They didn’t know it then, but they were producing�the perfect permutation of a black personality that could fit in the white house. A typical angry black man (like Jesse Jackson) who think that white people owe him a favour would’ve probably abused his power as President to wreak vengeance on white folks for slavery and everything that happened since then.�Luckily, such a black man would never have been successful in a presidential election in the first place.�No one wants a bigot in the White House, white or black.

Concordantly, this is a major reason why Barack was successful. His multicultural upbringing uniquely prepared him for the role as the prophet, who could appeal to people of all different cultures, backgrounds, races, class,�religion and everything in between. This is why he appeals to so many people across the world. That is how he became this icon of hope that so many can identify with.�So technically, a culturally precise black American has yet to become President.�Few people�realise this, but because of cultural mis-education, a�domestic black American behaves substantially differently from black people from other parts of the globe. Every Caribbean national is perfectly aware of this. Every�African is aware of this.�Barack Obama is no exception – that is why this is huge.

That is also why every black person in the world, particularly those in Africa, are�beside themselves with pure joy, that after 45 years,�it took the pure blood of Africa to get to the white house in the first place. That is major on several magnitudes of awesome that I cannot possibly describe in this post. Africa, which is the birthplace of mankind and the source of a large percentage of our natural ores, precious stones and other vital resources, was also the source of the first black man to rule the most powerful empire on earth since Rome. You have to let that settle in before you understand the sheer magnitude of this accomplishment.

House Slaves Sound Off

This election would not have been complete without the opinion of house slaves. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the vernacular, the term “house slave” refers to black folks who’ve found favour with white folks through sheer luck and as such use that as an opportunity to bring down other blacks who do well without having to kiss white people’s ass. When I did some research, I realised that the people who were talking the most about wanting the “Bradley Effect” to become a reality weren’t white. Now as strange as it may sound, even though Barack had a monumentally good chance at clinching this election, some black folks actually wanted him to loose. When I questioned the motivations of these people, I discovered�some interesting explanations behind their motivations. Of all the black people who disliked Obama that I polled:

  • Most�don’t trust Barack Obama simply because too many white people like him.
  • Some believe that Obama is too “preacher” like and just may be the anti-christ (I kid you not).
  • Others believe that Obama is a hidden white man’s puppet to gain a sympathy vote (because of his race) to easily win the election for some nefarious ulterior motive.
  • Few believe that Obama is too ’squeaky clean’ and that a clean politician (especially one that studied law) should never be trusted.
  • Fewer still�feel that the world must be run by white people since “they know best”. I discovered that the people in this category were just suffering from a mild case of Xenophobia with a dash of�Stockholm Syndrome. This is precisely why they are referred to as “house slaves”.�As such,�they can be safely ignored.

All in all, “house slaves” are usually domestic black Americans who’ve become cynical of their race’s potential and thus have developed a persistently low expectation of black people. There are house slaves who are non-American as well.�There are quite a few Caribbean nationals who sided with John McCain, quite literally because they didn’t want to be billed as voting for Obama just because they’re black (as if they had any other justifiable reason). Very few of them understand the issues anyway. So their position is as useful as the rednecks who�voted for John McCain just because they want to hold on to their guns and their religion.

Yes, you read right. I make no apologies for that statement. I’m not running for president.

Great Power, Greater Responsibility, Greatest Expectations

The above caption from Connecticut’s Journal Inquirer purports that Obama is the face of change. That’s an immense burden for one man to bear. Quite frankly, I do not envy Mr. Obama for the role he has just taken up as President of the United States. It’s great that a black man could become President of the most powerful nation on earth. However, that’s a great deal of power that needs to be handled with a great deal of responsibility. Thankfully, Obama is more familiar with pop culture (a la Spider-man) than George Bush and as such is not prone to cowboy type propensities to go start a war he can’t finish. That would be great power with great irresponsibility. But I’m not worried about that. What I’m worried about is the fact that Obama has monumentally immense expectations levied upon his shoulders – especially by black people. Allow me to explain:

This is the first time that a black man has set foot in the white house without being�a cook, a manservant, a driver or a member of the secret service. That almost sounds like the beginning to a good racial joke.�Sadly, it’s not. Black people feel that Obama now represents all of them. They feel that anything he does now will either make or break the entire black race. The entire first family is black. Thus they are now the new standard for every black man, woman and child to aspire to.�This is how black people feel everywhere – from the Caribbean to Africa. This black�symbolism is indicative of the end of an age and the beginning of another. This will change how black people think about each other and about themselves. Because of the achievement of this�family, there is therefore no excuse for black people to continue living the same way many currently do.

not a messiah. However, already I read on the Cafferty file on CNN that there are�people�who believe�Barack Obama will bring World Peace by 2012. Wow… Now if you can imagine just for a second why such is an improbability (and not for the obvious reasons), you will likewise have a similar sense of fear for Obama.

Even if (for argument’s sake) Obama managed to bring about world peace, he will have to demit office eventually. One can only serve a�maximum of 2 terms as President of the United States according to the US Constitution. Thereafter, God forbid, some gun toting, redneck�Republican cowboy�may eventually�succeed him and�throw it all away in the name of “homeland security”. I hope Mike Huckabee wins the next Republican nomination. That way one can throw a dice and vote and be confident they’d get a good deal either way. *sigh*

Why Obama Won

There are a number of factors which formed a very neat sequence of cause and effect that practically predestined the election in Obama’s favour. Some of these are pretty obvious. Others would only become conspicuous with a great deal of thought. However, the reader should be aware that all things are interconnected and all things are relative. With that said, here are the key factors that led to a decisive Obama win. This is hard cold proof that John McCain was inextricably the architect of his own defeat:

The Bush Factor

Let’s face it, George Bush was an unfathomably hapless, bumbling idiot. Most people agree that he is easily the worst president ever. One would have to be seriously deluded to have an even remotely positive opinion of this brainless Texas cowboy. Those hard right Republicans who still have a positive opinion of the outgoing President probably only have that opinion because he’s leaving or are just as deluded as black folks who think that OJ Simpson didn’t commit murder. Never-the-less, Bush deserves his credit.�After exposing the American Idiocracy and milking it for what it was worth, Bush practically doomed any possibility that most sensible Americans would ever vote Republican after his tenure. He practically handed the election to Obama on�a silver platter, complete with a side of fries, ketchup and soda to go.

The Palin Factor

Like George Bush before her, Palin is yet another brainless, yippe-ki-yay, gun-toting Republican pseudo-redneck. Technically she’s too hot to be a redneck, even though she talks like it. She brought the dumb blonde to the party�and�royally screwed up several interviews by�exposing�the amazingly inexcusable void in her skull. As if that wasn’t bad enough,�she�really took the “maverick” role seriously and�practically ruined John McCain’s campaign by doing her own thing.

Everybody except Palin knows that she was just being used as a gimmick to snatch up Hillary Clinton’s disenfranchised voters. Now that McCain’s bitter Republican cronies have turned against her in the face of epic defeat, she�whimpers back to the safety of her igloo in Alaska before the Republitards could eat her alive. Too bad she was too dumb to realise that she was just a tool. I call that sexism of the highest order. In a way, I feel bad for her. But�her inconceivable ineptitude�showed that John McCain was either incredibly dumb or incredibly duplicitous. Most intelligent Americans saw right through the charade and put these two�cowboys out to pasture. Pun intended.

The Greed Factor

America is the land of greed. It is the land of get everything right now, right away, anyhow, everyday, bad credit, good credit – doesn’t matter anyway. If I had a dollar for every one of those ads I saw on TV about making a $1 down payment on a house with no payments for one year (without any regard to their credit status), I’d be rotten rich. I always thought that something was wrong with a picture where such ads are just as ubiquitous as the ads about getting Americans out of debt. If SO many Americans are in debt,�who�are buying these homes anyway? Wouldn’t it be the same Americans who are already in credit card debt? Didn’t anybody realise that sooner or later, Americans in credit card debt can’t pay a mortgage and thus this ridiculous economic house of cards was going to implode? Even I knew that and I my degree isn’t in economics.

But the economic implosion couldn’t have happened at a better time. John McCain is self confessed at being clueless about the economy (prior to the election). So that explained why his campaign focused more on smearing his opponent instead of tackling the issues. Eventually, Americans got tired of hearing McCain talk about Barack’s inexperience and wanted to hear more about his plan to save the economy. The truth is, McCain was waiting on his advisors to come up with a plan to tell him what to say. So in the mean time, he continued the negative campaigning – telling outright lies in the process. Now if America wasn’t greedy, there wouldn’t be an economic crisis, and the highly savvy Barack Obama would have had to use the relatively weaker platform of tying McCain to Bush to win. Thank you, you gluttonous American want-it-alls. You helped�put a black man in the White House – and we love you for it.

The Race Factor

The Bradley Effect turned out to be pure�hot air�- thanks to the media’s clever use of�reverse psychology to ensure it doesn’t happen. Either way, there were a few white people who were either ambivalent, racist, or eminently pro-black who just wanted to see if they could put a black man in the white house anyway. It’s a form of morbid curiosity – a reverse Bradley Effect if you will.�Ever since Morgan Freeman and Dennis Haysbert�appeared as�black US presidents in “Deep Impact” (1998) and the TV series “24″ respectively, American pop culture has added a certain degree of �ber-coolness to the possibility of having a black president. However, none of the previous real life black candidates had Obama’s suave and capacity for soul stirring rhetoric. Speaking of which:

The Messiah Factor

Politics is the subtle art of convincing other people that they already agree with your opinion. That’s how�Jesus did it. That’s�how JFK did it.�That’s how�MLK did it, and it’s worked out pretty well so far.�Obama knows that and�That’s why he exploits this psychological phenomenon wantonly and indiscriminately. Not since John F. Kennedy and Martin Luther King Jr. could anyone orate like that. His�tone�has the power of a preacher and the drive of a savvy businessman.�It is�powerful, compelling, rousing and absolutely spectacular. I’m sure he could give Michelle an orgasm by just talking to her.�To say that Obama is a brilliant speech writer and orator is an understatement of Biblical proportions. Because of this capacity, Obama has transformed himself into a voice of the people, for the people. They see themselves in him and their future in his eyes. A movement like that on such a grand scale has not happened since John F. Kennedy was alive. This occasion however, dwarfs that event.

The Hope Factor

Consider this: In which other political campaign in history have you ever seen the following happen:

The fact that in the initial stages, Obama’s campaign has done so much uniting instead of smearing, it�became a movement of sorts. Yes, you read right. Obama’s�run for President�was not�so much�an election campaign as it was a pseudo-religious movement. It was an American Revolution that tapped into the deepest most primitive and positive residual spinal energies that define the human condition. It’s like he reached into the minds of the masses and touched their souls. You can’t campaign against something like that – especially if your campaign is a smear based. When you reach into people’s hearts and minds in that way, they become supporters of the cause. This why�Obama’s campaign coffers�swelled to�some 790 million US dollars at one point. The message of Hope is a very powerful one. That’s why John McCain never stood a chance. How’re you going to compete with that?


Whether you voted Republican or Democrat, it probably doesn’t matter at this point. McCain supporters will come around once they realise that the election results aren’t an imminent death sentence. They need to stop sweating the small stuff and look at the big picture. Besides, I’m pretty sure they can be proud of their country that has shown a marked sign of maturity by electing a minority to the highest office in the land. That’s not just a great achievement for black folks. It’s a�great achievement for all Americans. That’s something to be truly proud of. Whereas other countries have elected minorities and women to their highest leadership posts, America is finally coming around and that makes everyone, American and non-American alike, truly proud. That epic moment in history is worth reliving one more time:

Dear Rednecks, I know you guys are pissed as hell, but remember this: Now more than ever, America needs friends, not enemies. They can’t exactly do that if they go around bullying other nations into submission. America should seek diplomacy first, and only fight the wars that are absolutely necessary. They need to put away the cowboy doctrine and seek after methods of peace – just like they teach you in church on a Sunday. So turn the other cheek damnit. So pack away your weapons and your white hooded robes. Quit carving up crosses out of wood and put away the kerosene. Barack Obama appears to have the kind of drive that motivates ordinary men to do extraordinary things. Let’s give this guy a shot and see how it turns out. If you’re still having any doubts, take it from the man himself:

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8 Responses to “The Obama Nation – by Xenocrates [November 10, 2008]”

  1. Anonymous says:

    your mother is atheist and not albania

  2. Anonymous says:

    JFK was a member of a minority group, i.e. Irish Catholics. By “minority” you of course mean non-white.

    I agree with you about foreign policy. The only good thing about Obama winning is that McCain lost. Obama may be slightly better there, but he has already betrayed the anti-war left.

    And what exactly do blacks expect Obama to do for them except loot white people? He can’t make blacks smarter or less impulsive or less violent. They will remain generally violent and low-achieving. But perhaps other Americans can be brought down to their level.

    Obama’s victory signals the *end* of America. America was poisoned by the slave trade from day one, but the 1965 Immigration Act is the true cause of Obama’s victory and America’s end. Only 43% of white Americans voted for him, and no Democratic presidential candidate has won a majority of the white vote since LBJ.

    The only thing that has changed in America is that whites have lost control of it through the irrational racial exuberance of many deluded people in their own ranks.

    A multiracial nation is an oxymoron. Empires, however, are another matter.

    • Mr. Mo says:

      Guest, I don’t know why, but I always for bad for people like yourself that make such generalizations such as “He can’t make blacks smarter or less impulsive or less violent” … because that tells me that your only interaction or knowledge of blacks has been probably from the news or pop culture media, and you haven’t had the privilege of growing up with the many black people of quality character in real life.

      “Loot white people” is a direct assumption that all whites are rich, and all Blacks are poor, ey? You can’t possibly be informed when you’re making those type of statements.

      … But hey, everyone’s entitled to their own opinion I presume … poor you

  3. P A DEPLAND says:

    Thanks for a good honest piece. You’ve stated it as I was reading him from day one; and I happen to be one long time republican who was (and always will be) thoroughly disgusted with BUFFOON BUSH and his criminally destructive cronies. It would be only justice to see them all wind up on Sadam Hussein’s scaffold after spending a few months in Abu Ghraib, being administered the same (‘America doesn’t torture’ he was mendaciously espousing), by trashing the Geneva Conventions we older veterans have done our darnedest to observe for the good of all men under arms.

  4. Arnold L. Stewart says:

    To the author, and to P A Depland:


  5. Arnold L. Stewart says:

    To the author, and to P A Depland:


  6. Albania says:

    Albania an atheist country? and that’s the reason McCain lost? Who are you? The Nostradamus of Nigeria? Not knowing anything about Albania is another thing, but lying and blaming Albanian cos’ McCain lost? Dude! When someone tries to spend so much time in a story like this, at least should know that if only one of the facts in the story comes wrong,the whole story loses its credibility. McCain didnt loose cos’ Obama was better,McCain lost cos’ for 8 years the Republican Party didnt do anything right for this Country. Democratic Party had this win since long time ago,it was a matter of Hillary and Obama, which thanks to the media of U.S made Obama win the candidate position. How do you explain Edward running for president, while he was cheating on his wife with another woman for years? And than he leaves the race only to back Obama!!! Than Kennedy;s back Obama which in return gives them a position in his news staff. I dont wanna go on, but common dude Obama winnign an election doesnt make him Christ! I mean ..Bush did too.

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