Controversy of the Curability of HIV/AIDS, Between Dr. Jacoop Abdullahi, Dr. Abalaka, and Federal Republic of Nigeria

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Permit me to bring up the issue of the myth which appears to be controlling the consciousness of some people with regard to the curarability of HIV/AIDS. Iam bothered by the pessimism, and indeed the commitment some conservatives in mordern medicine seem to have in frustrating effort towards the discovery of affordable cure for the virus.

Some years ago, Dr.Jacoop Abdullahi and Dr. Abalaka, a Nigerian doctors all at winners medical Abuja made a claim that they had discovered a cheaper medication for HIV/AIDS, and challenged the Nigerian government to bring patients for treatment. Immediately, a whole army of conservative medical practitioners in Nigeria descended on them with cynical remarks and harsh criticism. While, they have every right to be sceptical, of course, since similar claims had been made without proof in the past. But it seems to me that these conservative medical practitioners are not really interested in seeing that a cure is found. They seem to be more satisfied in making a career out of the rhetoric of alarm and pessimism that has been in use in the “‘anti-AIDS” campaign.

AIDS is a killer, no doubt. But is it beyond our reach to kill it?. There is no desease in the world whose medicine cannot be obtained from the bush, i.e. from herbs. Our enlightened medical doctors who are fighting the claimers feel threatened, probably because, if affordable cure for HIV/AIDS is found from local sources, their inclination to conventional medical magic would be put in a surbordinate position. Or maybe, in addition, some of them that are making a lot of dollars from the so-called anti-AIDS campaign would be out of business. If my guess is right, then the organisations that have been pumping in money in the AIDS enlightenment campaign should also see that doctors who have guts like the claimers are given some assistance. That is, if we are really interested in doing to HIV/AIDS what was done to small-pox.

Lastly, I would like to use this medium to call the affention of the Nigerian government to look back to these our Doctors who claim so, so that we will have a course to glorify God.

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