Presidential Debate Report Card – Obama Won by a Wide Margin

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NASHVILLE, Tennessee (CNN)

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4 Responses to “Presidential Debate Report Card – Obama Won by a Wide Margin”

  1. MoAl says:

    I missed much of it, except for the recap where McCain refers to Obama as “this one”

    McCain didn’t do much to endear himself to undecided voters last night from what I heard

  2. sege says:

    ….you mean “that one”….

  3. Michael Olu says:

    ….you mean “that one”….

    I watched the town hall stuff from A – Z, and I saw a despirate seventy – something, very desperate year old man in McCain. Every breathe these guy takes in / breath out has tinges of references to war, veteran, Vietnam, and thus this guy lives and revels in the very very old past !!!

    I am praying he does not win the election…moreso that the Republicans always have a joker…we all remember how Buch shoved aside Al Gore then !!!

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