Nigeria 'must ban' ex-minister

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A key ally of former Nigerian President Olusegun Obasanjo should never hold public office again, the Senate says.

An investigation found 32bn naira ($217m,

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3 Responses to “Nigeria 'must ban' ex-minister”

  1. onifade says:

    all our former leader are thief including obasanjo him self and they should all be probe

  2. Dominic says:

    Ya! And is the senate hereby fighting corruption, or undertaking a vendetta mission? I know a lot of senators have an ax to grind with El Rufai. Some neutral persons had better take a good look at this and make sure El Rufai is not being demonised for daring to do his job. Lagos is a super-ghetto and looks, for the most part, like an abandoned war zone. Aba looks like an abandoned refuse dump, and the fact people still reside in that city has to be the 8th wonder of the world. In all these places, urban planning is now almost totally absent. And short of bombing the whole place down to rubble and rebuilding from scratch, I don’t know that this is a problem that can be fixed (How do you add a sewer drainage system to Lagos at this point?).

    My point is: Any new Nigerian city, including Abuja, should not be allowed to degenerate into another Lagos. For all his flaws, this is what El Rufai tried to do. You may disagree with him, but if someone doesn’t undertake that thankless job, our cities will continue to be nightmares.

  3. El-Rufai, Nuhu Ribadu, Ngozi Iweala, Soludo etc are some of the bravest Nigerians alive. I know some cowardly Nigerians have been criticising them and condeming people like Ribadu as being selective: Ribadu was not selective he was true to his conscience if OBJ disallowed some of the criminals to be prosecuted, this is not Ribadus fault. Can any of you especially my Yoruba brothers stand up and be counted like Ribadu or El-Rufai the answer is a big NO. It is sad to see that Prof Bolaji Aluko’s website is also being used to promote the tarnishing of the reputations of people like El-Rufai. It has not even re-published or published any thing on the humiliation of Ribadu. It only shows where their bread is buttered.

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