'All Lagosians' By Adesina Ogunlana

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If you are educated, not to talk, learned, and you are not a General Olusegun “Babanyabo” Obasanjo, ex third-term presidential aspirant, ex life-time presidential hopeful, the chances are that, you won’t mind reading newspapers, at least Nigerian dailies.


Death, where is thy sting? Now if Death had no sting, where did the family fetch their heavy hearts from?


Just this Saturday morning (May 24 2008), I stumbled on a fascinating advertisement on page A28 of the Punch newspaper of the day. The advert was placed by no less a worthy than one Professor Bamidele Badejo, described as Honourable Commisssioner for Transportation. Of Lagos State, I presumed.


PUBLIC ROADS, SET BACKS (Social Religions and Commercial Function Prohibition) Removal of obstruction law.


This new law has some rather interesting aspects, which include criminalising the holding of religious activities or maintaining mechanic workshops on public roads. But I am not bothering my nose on any such aspects. And, you can’t blame me. I am not a pastor or the son of a pastor but a mere in-law to one or two pastors- of the Pentecostal hue-so the chances of my holding a religious crusade on a public road is rather slim. I am also, not a mechanic, a fairly obvious fact, so again I cannot be affected by the law.


What I find most fascinating in the advert is just a line in the preamble to the law. The line reads-

“All Lagosians are enjoined to adhere strictly to the provision of this law as violators would be apprehend and prosecuted”.

And in this line, what I found most touching and alarming at the same time is the first two words “All Lagosians”.


Lagosians, so that they will not run foul of it.




from time immemorial.’


But could this definition apply to the observance of the new law?




So once again ladies and gentlemen, who is a Lagosian?

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  1. Anonymous says:

    What utter drivel. This article lacks focus, just jumping from topic to topic finally settling on one that lacks any sort of substance

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