Senators Sodangi, Adeyemi Got 36 Plots



April 17, 2008


(Revised) Table of Senator Sodangi Plots in Abuja

 Prepared by













Senator Abubakar Danso Sodangi

plot LD1029 at Guzape district

2,700 square metres




plot 224 at Dutse

2, 500 square metres




plot 1327 at Mabushi

3619.34 square metres








Senator Sodangi firms

1 Plot (Corner Shop) at Apo District


F & IM Services



1 Plot (Corner Shop) at Apo District


Salri (Nig.) Limited



1 Plot (Corner Shop) at Wuse District


Jummai Sodangi



1 Plot (Corner Shop) at Wuse District


Acquired from/by Fatima Mohammed



1 Plot  (Corner Shop) at Wuse District


Acquired from/by Ikechukwu Okeke



1 Plot  (Corner Shop) at Wuse District


Acquired from/by  Jimoke Salawu







Sani Sodangi

 Plot MF71 at Bazango district

2,500 square metres








Aliyu Sodangi

Plot 284 at Kubwa

1084.38 square metres (or 2500 square metres?)








Sabo Sodangi

Residential plot  1043 at Wuse II

1,580.76 square metres




Residential plot 569 at Wuse II

1573square metres;

Revoked by El-Rufai







Shamshudeen Sodangi

Residential plot153 at Katampe Extension

1,084.38 square metres


(or 1800 square metres?)








Adamu Sodangi

Residential plot with number1771 at Dobi West

1,200 square metres








Abdullahi Sodangi

Residential plot at Asokoro(Plot 1865)

2248.42 square metres








Murtala Sodangi

Residential plot at Katampe Extension, Plot 1908

1880.96 square metres








Yakubu Yusuf Sodangi

Residential plot number 52 at Kado

5076.52square metres








Sabo Ibrahim Sodangi

Wuse II

1580 square meter








Aliyu Sodangi (twice ????)

Plot 284 at Kubwa

1084.38 square metres (or 2500 square metres?)











Sodangi, Adeyemi Got 36 Plots – el-Rufai

Iyobosa Uwugiaren

El-Rufai awarded our properties to his wives – PHCN
Why we cancelled concessioning Of Abuja airport – FG


Chairman of the Senate Committee on the Federal Capital Territory, Senator Abubakar Danso Sodangi, and another member of the committee, Senator Smart Adeyemi, and their families got a total of 36 plots of land in Abuja.

Sodangi is chairing the Senate committee probing allocation of plots of land in Abuja, with Adeyemi as a member of the probe panel.

Documents obtained by LEADERSHIP yesterday from the former minister of FCT, Malam Nasir el-Rufai, showed that the plots of land belonging to Sodangi and members of his family are spread across the FCT: Guzape,

Bazango, Kubwa, Wuse II, Katampe East, Dutse, Apo, Kado and others (see box).

The plots of land were acquired for both residential and commercial purposes.

Senator Adeyemi, a former president of the Nigeria Union of Journalists (NUJ), according to the documents, got plots in Asokoro, Gaduwa and other areas in the territory.

He was also accused of using members of his family and companies to acquire the plots (see box).

A close associate of el-Rufai said, “The attention of the former minister was recently drawn to it.”

Another close aide of el-Rufai had in a statement recently accused Sodangi and some members of the committee of fighting personal interest and promised to expose their “dirty deals.”

Our source last night also accused Sodangi of double-speak on issues concerning el-Rufai.

He pointed at a speech delivered by Sodangi on the occasion of the presentation of a book titled: “El-Rufai and Abuja Urban Renewal Policies,” on August 10, 2006, where the chairman of the Senate Committee on FCT had praised el-Rufai for the “revolutionary policies he brought to bear on the positive reform policies of the master plan of the FCT as earlier conceived,” by the planners.

Sodangi had declared, “It is a well known fact that distortion of the master plan by converting green areas, recreational centres, children’s parks, disabled garden, mosques and churches, sporting arena, among many others, has been bastardised, converting same to either residential quarters or illegal commercial buildings.”

“It is not out of place to congratulate the minister (el-Rufai) and Mr. President (Obasanjo) for making these historical achievements which called for being put into record for people to see.

“If one walks into Abuja you must admit that, if you compare it with Abuja five years ago, not to talk of it ten years backward, you must appreciate the wonderful changes that are on ground today.

“This act did not happen without pains to Malam el-Rufai and his team of supporters from the victims that is, those who suffered the demolition of those illegal structures.

“But what matters here is the national interest, not individual benefit.”

LEADERSHIP gathered last night that it was in an attempt to prevent the former FCT minister from making an expose that the probe panel prevented him from testifying on Wednesday.

El-Rufai had said the panel probing his tenure was jittery over the expose expected when he appeared before the panel.

“I am aware that there is a plot to deliberately delay my appearance. But I am fully armed and ready to spill all the beans. I am not going anywhere. I am here for this purpose,” he was quoted to have said in yesterday’s issue of LEADERSHIP.

Our correspondent made unsuccessful efforts through telephone calls to get Sodangi and Adeyemi to react to the striking revelations, all to no avail.

But a member of the investigation panel, a senator who doesn’t want his name mentioned in print, expressed shock over the matter.

“If what you are saying is true, then we are in trouble,” he stated.

Meanwhile, the Federal Government yesterday said the cancellation of the concessioning of the Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport, Abuja, was as a result of the fact that the airport was grossly under-valued by the Bureau for Public Enterprises in the life of the last administration of Chief Olusegun Obasanjo.

Also, the assistant general manager of Power Holding Company in-charge of property, Engineer Chukwuma Okoye, yesterday told the Senate committee probing the sale of government houses in the FCT that Malam Nasir Ahmed el-Rufai revoked a plot of land covering 2.5 hectares belonging to PHCN located in Asokoro Extension, plot 1201, and allocated same to his wife and other people close to him.

According to Engineer Okoye, “The case of PHCN is over the revoked plot of land. We were written by FCDA in July 2003 in respect to the Asokoro Extension plot 1201, which covers 2.5 hectares. They wrote us asking us to fence the plot because of encroachment, but after doing that we were surprised that the same plots of land were redistributed and a wife of the immediate past minister, Nasir el-Rufai, was one of the beneficiaries.

“On plot 409 Central Area 132 KVA substations, they wrote to us asking us to confirm our interest in the land and we wrote to them that we still needed to stabilize power transmission but in April 2007, they gave us revocation letter. But no reason has been given for it. But the plot is still there, same was re-allocated to other people.”

Minister of state, air transportation, Mr. Felix Hyet, told the committee, “My concept and my approach to concession, and what I know is that concession is supposed to add value to facilities for public interest, but throughout the agreement I didn’t see anything that would add value to the airport and that was one of the things that made me to agree that we could not go ahead with the agreement.”

He continued, “All the concession was saying that the FCT should go ahead and no provision for capital inflow, the concession fee was supposed to be $101 million with a bulk payment of $10 million.”



Drama as Probe Panel Chair is Named in Abuja Land Grab

•Sodangi: I have only three plots
From Sufuyan Ojeifo in Abuja, 04.18.2008

It was a dramatic twist to the public hearing which had already thrown up startling revelations.

Now, the chairman of the probe panel is on the spot.

Yesterday at the public hearing on the sale of houses in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), the Acting General Manager of Abuja Geographic Information System (AGIS), Mr. Yahaya Yusuf, named the Chairman of the committee conducting the probe, Senator Abubakar Danso Sodangi, in the land grab.

The probe is being conducted by the Senate Committee on FCT, which Sodangi heads.

Yusuf, who was reading out details of the plots owned by Sodangi from a file he brought from AGIS, was stopped by the committee and asked to go back and bring land policy files on the former president, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo, former FCT minister, Malam Nasir el-Rufai, and the committee chairman, Sodangi.

But the AGIS document listed Sodangi and members of his family as owners of 14 residential plots and six commercial plots.

The plots are: Abubakar Danso Sodangi (Guzape measuring 2,700 sq metres), Abubakar Danso Sodangi (Dutse, measuring 2,500 sq metres), Abubakar Danso Sodangi (Mabushi, measuring 3,619 sq metres), Sani Sodangi (Bazango measuring 2,500 sq metres), Aliyu Sodangi (Kubwa, measuring 1,084 sq metres), Sabo Ibrahim Sodangi (Wuse 11, measuring 1,580 sq metres), Shamsudeen Sodangi (Katampe Extension, measuring 1,800 sq metres), Aliyu Sodangi (Kubwa, measuring 1,084 sq metres) and Adamu Sodangi (Dobi West, measuring 1,200 sq metres).

Others are Sabo Sodangi (Wuse 11, measuring 1,580.77 sq metres), Abdullahi Sodangi (Asokoro, measuring 2,248 sq metres), Murtala Sodangi (Katampe, measuring 1,480.96 sq metres), Yakubu Yusuph Sodangi (Kado, measuring 5,076.52 sq metres) and Sabo Sodangi (Wuse 11, measuring 1,573.55 sq metres).

The six commercial plots said to belong to Sodangi, three of which he was said to have acquired are: F & IM Services (Apo corner shop), Salri (Nig.) Limited (Apo corner shop), Jimoke Salawu (acquired) (Wuse 1 corner shop), Jummai Sodangi (Wuse 1 corner shop), Fatima Mohammed (acquired) (Wuse 1 corner shop) and ikechukwu Okeke (acquired) (Wuse 1 corner shop).

The AGIS acting general manager had only read out about five of the plots when the committee chairman interrupted. 

He said he had three plots – the first he got before he became a Senator in 1999, the second he got as Senator when all Senators were asked to apply and the third, his Apo Legislators’ Quarters residence, which he bought in the wake of the monetisation policy of the former president Obasanjo administration.

A member of the committee, Senator Bassey Ewa-Henshaw, intervened by asking the AGIS general manager to step down and appear again before the committee on Monday with the certified true copy of the land policy file on Sodangi from which he read from.

Ewa-Henshaw said he should also bring the files on Obasanjo and el-Rufai.

He specifically directed that the AGIS boss should bring the files and the relevant documents under a covering letter duly signed and certified by him as the “certified true copy of the document that you have handed to this committee.”

Only last Tuesday, Obasanjo and el-Rufai were named also in the land grab with the committee hinting at the possibility of extending invitation to the former president over the approvals given for the award of N6.4 billion contracts to 10 unregistered companies for the development of infrastructure in satellite towns in the FCT.

A total of 34 companies benefited from the contract bazaar, estimated at around N50 billion but the committee was concerned about the 10 companies that were not registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) and  yet got N6.4 billion contracts.

The committee had also frowned on the information made available to it that Obasanjo gave the approvals in a letter to el-Rufai without informing the Federal Executive Council (FEC) about the contract awards and without recourse to due process.

Director in charge of Satellite Towns Development Agency, Mr. Emmanuel Dikko, had told the committee that the approval was got to adopt a direct labour in the implementation of the programme of infrastructure development in the FCT.

Sodangi had said then: “If you are saying that he (Obasanjo) gave approvals for these, we are going to invite him.

“We believe he is a man who believed in due process.  No matter the exigency, there is no way due process could have been compromised. Nobody will tell me that due process could be disregarded for any other consideration. So if you call his name we will invite him.”



How Senator grabbed 20 plots of land in Abuja -Director – I got only 3 – Senator

Taiwo Adisa, Abuja – 18.04.2008

THE acting Director of the Abuja Geographic Information Services (AGIS), Mallam Yahaya Yusuf, has accused the Chairman, Senate Committee on Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Senator Abubakar Sodangi, of grabbing about 20 plots of land in Abuja.

The accusation introduced a dramatic turn into the probe of the sale of houses in FCT by the committee.

Mallam Yusuf, who directly questioned the integrity of Senator Sodangi to probe the land allocation processes in Abuja, said that the committee chairman participated in acquisition of several plots of land in choice locations.

He started reeling off the locations of the plots and their particulars when the Senate committee chairman cut him short.

The AGIS director, however, submitted documents containing details of the land allocations to Senator Sodangi by the FCT administration.

While three of the 20 plots appeared in the name of Senator Sodangi, the others appeared in the names of his relatives.

According to the document submitted by the FCT chief to the committee, Senator Sodangi was allocated a residential plot LD1029 at Guzape district with the size put at 2,700 square metres; another residential plot 224 at Dutse with the size put at 2, 500 square metres and a residential plot 1327 at Mabushi measuring 3619.34 square metres.

Other members of the Sodangi family who got land allocations, according to AGIS, included Sani Sodangi (PlotMF71) at Bazango district with 2,500 square metres; Sodangi Aliyu (Plot 284) at Kubwa. It has 1084.38 square metres; Sabo Sodangi, a residential plot at Wuse II with plot number 1043 (1,580.76 sq m); Shamshudeen Sodangi (plot153) at Katampe Extension, also a residential plot with the size put at 1,084.38 square metres.

Mallam Yusuf had just read five of the plots owned by Senator Sodangi when the senator stopped him.

The Senate committee chairman, who offered explanations, said that he could only account for three plots of land in the FCT.

He said that he had a plot before becoming a senator and that when he became a senator, all senators were allocated one plot each.

He also explained that the third plot was the Apo Quarters house sold to him as a senator.

A member of the committee, Senator Smart Adeyemi, said that AGIS should distinguish between lands allocated to individuals and those purchased by such persons.

He said that the certified true copies of the documents from AGIS should show the distinction.

Senator Bassey Ewah Henshaw, another member of the committee, also urged the AGIS director to come up with certified true copies of the documents he submitted to the committee with a covering letter certifying the documents.

Other plots allocated to the Sodangis included a residential plot at Kubwa given to Sodangi Aliyu (Plot 284) with 2,500 square metres; Adamu Sodangi, a residential plot with number1771(1,200 square metres);Sabo Sodangi, Plot 1043,Wuse II(1580.11sq m);Abdullahi Sodangi, residential plot at Asokoro(Plot 1865) with 2248.42 square metres; Murtala Sodangi, a residential plot at Katampe Extension, Plot 1908 with size put at 1880.96 square metres;Yakubu Yusuf Sodangi, a residential plot number 52 at Kado(5076.52sq m); Sabo Sodangi, residential plot 569 at Wuse II(1573sq m); firms linked with Sodangi got two commercial plots in Apo and three other plots at Wuse district of Abuja.

However, the document showed that one of the plots allocated to Sabo Sodangi at Wuse with number 569 with plot size put at 1573.55 was revoked during the time of Mallam Nasir el-Rufai as Minister of FCT.


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