Vitafoam – Comfort and vitality redefined

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Vitafoam: Comfort and vitality redefined


TO my four year old son, whenever he says he wants to eat “Indomie, he means he wants to eat noodles. He cannot differentiate the brands from either the taste or the packaging. In his four year old mind, every noodle is Indomie. It took time for me to explain to my househelp that ‘Omo’ is the name of a particular brand of detergent. That Omo is not another name for detergents. For her any soap that is neither in tablet form or liquid form is Omo, thus to her, all detergents are variations of Omo. Interestingly but quite unfortunately, highly educated Nigerians even the media refer to every SUV vehicle as a Jeep, in spite of the fact that Jeep is a trade mark of a particular company. Such is the power of brands that have deepened their presence in the market with a domineering abandon as in the case of Indomie or maintained visibility from one generation to another as in the case of Omo.

When I was growing up, the name Vitafoam conjured the image of a foam as distinct from the local mattress. For me and many of my ilk any form of mattress that is soft, comfortable and covered with fine textile fabric is Vitafoam. Then, I did not know any other brand of foam except Vitafoam until I came to Lagos from the East to discover that there are others. But none still beats Vitafoam’s products in spite of the leverage technology have brought. Vitafoam has remained the reference point for quality foams and today one could say quality products because the name Vitafoam is more than foam.

Between the late 80’s through to the 90’s, when the Nigerian manufacturing sector tasted the raw side of poor economic policies visionless and haphazard official implementations (not that there is a marked improvement now?) which led to economic downturn. Many industries were converted to churches because they could not bear the heat. However, some companies survived by continuously reinventing themselves. That is why today, almost all the conglomerates are into table water or snacks production. Being defined as a manufacturer of a single product was the fastest route to extinction. Most of the well known establishments that started off as manufacturers of single products are conglomerates of some sorts today and market leaders in their area of specialisation. Such is the innovation that cyclical economic downturn in any economy can spring up in management styles. Vitafoam reorganised and reinvented itself through a comprehensive rebranding of not only its products in line with customer expectations but also the way the company sees itself, its products and the way it want to be seen by both consumers and the market in general. Today the focus of Vitafoam is to address the need of the consumer through its new pay off line; Get comfort get vitality. That is why Vitafoam is a true example of one company that has kept faith with the Nigerian consumer, going the extra-mile, to provide comfort in thick and in thin through the economic evolution in recent times by evolving with the times. Vitafoam has remained true to its mission to continuously improve the quality of its products and services through operating practice that conform to international standards, thereby maintaining its leadership position in the foam and allied products sub sector of the manufacturing industry.

If there is one company that could be said to have exercised the greatest faith in this country. Vitafoam is that company. Incorporated in 1962, two years after Nigeria’s independence, Vitafoam have lived up to its billing by growing with the country. From its base of manufacturing flexible, reconstituted and rigid foam products to the production of mats, foam sitting chairs, foam based baby products, and rigid polyurethane foam for various industrial purposes. The company has received various awards for its quality products and is today a reference point in terms of quality products that will meet and exceed customer’s expectation.

From its initial manufacturing base, Vitafom today had consolidated its core business through the introduction of highly innovative value added products and services. Vitafoam has exploited polyurethane technology in the more profitable technical/industrial and construction business. Vitafoam is today a full range solutions provider for polyurethane products.

Vitafoam was the first foam manufacturing company in Nigeria to subject its quality systems to the Quality Management System of the Standard Organisation of Nigeria (SON) the NIS 180 9002 Certification was obtained in 2001 and upgraded to NIS 180 9001: 2000 in 2004. Its commitment to quality has earned it several quality awards including the much coveted NIS Gold Certificate Award for most of its products.

Vitafoam’s array of high quality superior products has raised the bar in the Nigerian manufacturing sector. The company is presently rated CGR2 by JIC Governance plus Rating. It has also won the prestigious Nigerian Stock Exchange Annual Merit Award in the Domestic and Industrial sector Manufacturing in Nigeria for ten consecutive times.

Someone once said that newly married couples are always advised to start life of comfort with Vitafoam products due to its resilience and multiple choices so that it would last them a long time. Vitafoam has over the years maintained a standard and has never had to dip the standard no matter the prevailing economic situation in the country.

Vitafoam has remained the Nigerian family’s first choice as it had something for every member of the family. This is another first from the company as it was also the first foam manufacturer in Nigeria to segment its products across various demands and age groups. Using contour cutting equipment, of designs and constructs custom-made mattresses and pillows. It caters for the needs of nursing mothers through its range of baby changing mats, Baby cot mattresses and pillows. As part of the reorganisation in the company. Vitafoam today is relevant to the Nigeria oil industry through the production of rigid polyurethane foam also which is used in refrigeration, conditioners, poultry enclosure and office partitioning.

Vita Products
Vitafoams expertise has been harnessed to the full in coming up with cutting edge products that are all class, leaders in their different segments. While its primary constituency is in foam manufacturing, Vitafoam had gone a step further in re-inventing the way people see comfort. Some of the innovative products from its stable are:
Vitarest: This is a beautifully covered product in quality textile material that comes in 3 in 1 format. It can be arranged to suit different purposes all geared towards ensuring maximum comfort.

Vita Exercise mat: Healthy living is central to Vitafoams mission thus the production of this relatively resilient and medium density foam which is ideal for exercise it can be folded up easily due to the high quality vinyl used it producing it.
Vita Campus Mat: For the young at heart, Vitafoam has something for them. The Vita-campus is designed to be portable yet convenient and compact. It could also serve as a utility mat for camp meetings.

Vita leisure: Taking the comfort business to the next level, Vita leisure mat comes in different varieties and cool colours. It is made of high density foam covered with quality textile that is resistant to tear. It is made with removable foam pieces so the textile covering can be washed if need be.

Vitabond: Vitafoam’s branded contact adhesive is one of the best in the market. Vitabond is carefully formulated for a variety of applications. It is a solvent based adhesive with short term application.

Vitapur: Vitafoams entrance into the manufacturing of products for the oil and gas industry marked a clear leap forward for the company. Vitapur is a product for the insulation of sub sea oil and gas equipment can give rise to high flow rates, reduced processing cost, eliminate the need for methanol injection, and reduce the frequency of pipeline pigging and hence ultimately make the difference between a project being viable or not. According to the company, due to the critical importance of insulation in cryogenic situations especially in liquefied natural gas (LNG) facilities, Vitapur was exposed to the highest quality standard.

Vitacoolduct: This is another quality product from Vitafoam. This rigid polyurethane foam insulation boards and panels other unmatched performance for insulation for buildings and duct insulation for (HVC) heating, ventilating and air conditioning.

Vitaspan: This is a hygienic and fibre-free PUR/PIR insulated panel solutions for internal and external walls, roofs and ceilings. The panel systems are suitable within temperature controlled and hygienically safe environment.

Vitafoam is not all about manufacturing an inventing high quality products, it is also a very caring corporate socially responsible organisation. As part of an initiative to affect its environment positively, it recently donated 25 sets of computers to two secondary schools in Lagos. The beneficiaries are Ikeja Senior High School and Oregun Junior Secondary School. From caring all through the years, Vitafoam Nigeria Plc is now offering comfort and vitality to her numerous customers and in many ways reaffirming her determination to continually increase her value base and improve customer service. Emboldened by favourable feedbacks, Vitafoam is now talking big about a totally renewed customer-centric business approach that aggressively seeks to deliver comfort and vitality of the highest standard to its consumers. The company recently took a step further in its innovation driven market solution by launching its Comfort Centres across the country. These centres seek to provide bedding solutions for consumers. This was born out of the fact that the raison d’etre of the company is making people’s lives comfortable. As the Managing Director of Vitafoam Nigeria Plc Dr. Dele Makanjuola said, “The repositioning of our organisation has thrown open new vita with nee challenges and that will test our will, commitment and resilience to remain leaders in the industry giving the current dynamic in the market”.


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