Straight Talk Africa with Shaka Ssali – Resolving Election Disputes in Africa

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This week on Straight Talk Africa, Shaka Ssali and his guests Professor Mobolaji Aluko of Howard University and Okongo Omogeni {Chairman, Kenya Law Society] focused on the recent ruling validating last April’s Nigerian presidential ballot. [Taped Wednesday February 27, 2008]

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3 Responses to “Straight Talk Africa with Shaka Ssali – Resolving Election Disputes in Africa”

  1. Peter Paul Opata says:

    Hello Shaka,

    I want to comment not on the topic highlighted but rather on the topic that aired last night. Even though many African seem to miss interprete the role President Hopeful Barrack Obama will play towards Africa, i still want to agree with the thought that having Barrack Obama in the White House will undoubtly have an impact as has never been on this world. Alot of perceptions, mentality, attitutde, assumptions and ideologies about Africa which effectively affects how things (economic, political, social etc) play out in teh world will come to change. This even without being very specific gives me hope for a better world, so all of you who have the voting power and the opportunity to influence how the campaigns are going should do all that is within your power to cuase this change that will see Democrat Barrack Obama ge to the white house. I am hopefull it will happen for change is now.

    • William Jullius says:

      Obama is the US President and will remain to be the US president, and has to impliment the needs of Americans.By no means he can left aside the interest of America and serve our interests if he wants to win the suport of majority of Americans.his contribution to Africa will remain the same with other presidents happened to rule America.The better world depends on the policies adopted by US at a particular time.

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