Democracy can only take root with altruistic leadership

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Democracy can only take root with altruistic leadership



Democracy is a difficult transition for inexperienced nations. The winners do not know how to win and the losers do not know how to lose, making transitions extremely difficult and prone to violent recourse.


Add corruption and rigged elections, and for the countless poor and disenfranchised in the horrific slums in Kenya you have the perfect recipe for revolutionary chaos.


The real problem is not tribal, although lines have certainly been drawn by tribal affiliation. The real problem is greed and avarice among leaders who act in their own interests rather than as patriots building a future for Kenya.



My heart breaks with sadness and frustration over the opportunity lost in Kenya as well as the stigmatic impact it will have all across Africa. But the sorrow is greatest for those among the poorest of the poor, who will ultimately pay the largest price for the failings of the leadership of their nation.





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