Irish International University Certificate Scandal: When Can We Let Tinubu Be?

5 Comments » January 14th, 2008 posted by // Categories: African Affairs


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5 Responses to “Irish International University Certificate Scandal: When Can We Let Tinubu Be?”

  1. tayo says:

    Femi, why are you doing this? let him proof people wrong, show his certificate, show it to the press, not the one he bought but the subject one as at the time he said he was at the university, simple, you see, no one comment , hope you know what that means……

  2. Olajide says:

    Well said Femi! I dont know why we have so many detractors and mudsluggers in our country.The fact remains that most of the people who engage in this negative criticisms are not clean themselves.

  3. Omonla says:

    E get as it be o, my ‘brothers’…but it is not the fault of the recipients. It was a contract that went wrong and the contractor is to blame for the FINE mess. What has Segun Okeowo (the contractor) got to say? Why
    has nobody interviewed him? I beg give them back their money…Ole ni e o. Let it be a lesson to all. If you need a degree go and earn it the right way, which is not easy especially by British standard.


    Hell Femi, You are doing a very good job by bringing this oppotunity four whom ever care to know how our country have been rule to say something. Well i i want to say is that what ever you do in this life there is reward. If you do good you will recieve good and If you do bad it will sure come back to you.

  5. kkeenan says:

    This scam is alive and kicking and still thrives in africa especially in Kenya where Sandhus sidekick runs a college – DALC EDUCATION. Kenyan bloggers are systematically exposing this fraud at

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