Lagos Mega City – The Video

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By next year, more than half the world’s population will for the first time in history be living in cities. Current’s Mariana van Zeller tours Lagos, Nigeria, the world’s fastest-growing “Megacity” – and provides a fascinating video-tour.

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2 Responses to “Lagos Mega City – The Video”

  1. odere says:

    All I can say after watching this video clip is that Mariana is very clever. She appears as this happy-go-lucky type who’s just having fun meadering herself and her cameraman thru the traffic and the densely populated areas of Lagos. She tries not to be overly critical in her commentaries. But one needs to look at what she’s not showing us to see that she does has ulterior motive, otherwise why didn’t she go to Lekki and some other places around Lagos so she could have a relatively balanced clip. It’s no gainsaying that some areas in Lagos are probably more beautiful than some places in her own country. There’s just no point in showing us what we already know. If she tries to make us feel bad about Lagos I don’t think she has succeeded because we know there’s somebody in the person of Gov. Fashola who’s working day and night to turn the city around. Lagos had been criminally neglected over the years by those who has no interest in it whatsoever until the administration of Gov. Tinubu came in. It laid the foundation for a new Lagos and that’s what Gov. Fashola is building upon. We just need to support him, and, yes, criticise if we must, as long as those criticisms are constructive and he can gain from them. I have no doubt in mind that better days are coming for Lagos and its people with this man on the saddle.

  2. dont says:

    i love my country so much

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