FROM THE ARCHIVES: Louis Farrakhan Interviewed by Mike Wallace on Nigeria

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Louis Farrakhan Interviewed by Mike Wallace on Nigeria


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9 Responses to “FROM THE ARCHIVES: Louis Farrakhan Interviewed by Mike Wallace on Nigeria”

  1. Olumuyiwa Oluwasanmi says:

    Farakkhan has earned my respect back again. I was pissed of when he came during Abacha’s tenure , but after this he has earned my respect again tenfold.

    • Emeka (UK) says:

      I agree that Farrakhan’s angry reply may seem impressive to some people but if you consider it in context, you would see that it

      • Crave says:

        it’s a share feeling it comes with it’s pros and cons… who shall judge for the man.. who will say no to an advocate of Nation Of Islam… who then shall deliver Nigeria or say or talk on our behalf.. L.F not YOU.. lets change our ways…

  2. MoAl says:

    It’s truly a great video to watch

  3. Femi says:

    Wallace certainly bite more than he can chew. Look at them smugly condemning everyone apart from themselves. The children of pirates, continent-stealers, mass murderers are giving us lectures on corruption and crime!

    This is a great rebuttal and I hope that every African will have the occasion to see it.

  4. Ifedayo says:

    Well said Louis!!!

  5. myron says:

    Africa was colonized. Deal with it, mu’fuckas.

    • Ola Baba says:

      Ki l’agbe ki l’aso….kini eleyi’n so lenu? Akata ni e ni?

      • Abati-Harris says:

        Brothas and sistas, remember how the internet works. Who knows who ‘Myron’ is, he could be a brainwashed brotha, or more likely, some jobless and bitter mzungu (oyibo) troll, hoping to sow dissent.

        Black speakers, Black debate and Black thought have many enemies, because they lead to Black progress.

        What I can definitely say, is that Myron is not a common name, and Mike Wallace was born Myron Leon Wallace. Good joke, huh?

        The fact is, that that in nearly two hundred years since independence, the US has suffered through almost every single problem currently wracking Nigeria, and in some cases it can be argued that they have done worse than us. We are still in our own ‘mismanagement, bribery, an corruption’ stage, but as LF made clear in the video, we have managed to avoid large-scale slavery, genocide and destruction of other nations so far, so while we should bow our heads in acknowledgement of our national failures, we have good reason to still try to press forward and progress.

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