Nigeria 'slow' on graft inquiry

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Nigeria’s attorney-general is stalling efforts to recover millions of dollars looted by former Nigerian officials, sources have told the BBC.

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2 Responses to “Nigeria 'slow' on graft inquiry”

  1. Dominic says:

    Its is good that this is beginning to receive international press. Andooaka is clearly fronting for the gang, but the buck does not stop at his desk. He is merely a political appointee; The buck stops at Yar’Adua’s desk. If the anti-corruption effort is being stalled and sabotaged, that is only happening because, Yar’ Adua has decided that this is something that needs to be done.

    Obasanjo used the EFCC to persecute those of his enemies who were also corrupt; Yar’Adua is using the EFCC to protect corrupt people who are also his friends. Both situations are totally unacceptable, and it is only happening because, the president has been given too much power in the war against corruption.

    We need an independent EFCC, and we need independent anti-crime bodies. Nigerians do not want a crime-fighting institution controlled by politicians. I am glad that the new speaker of the house shares the same opinion. Let’s hope that jobs gets completed soon.

  2. Philemon Adjekuko says:

    There is something about the AGF that does not seem right. I have a strong feeling that he will go down in a huge scandal that will shake the current administration to its foundation. It is a tragedy that Mr Yar’ Adua is hanging out with a man whose character is being questioned all over the world. Yar’ Adua may be jugded more about how he
    handles the issue of corruption than anything else. Time will tell.

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