FG Launches New School Curriculum

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FG Launches New School Curriculum

Daily Trust (Abuja)

9 November 2007
Posted to the web 9 November 2007

By Ruby Rabiu

The federal government yesterday launched a new curriculum known as the new basic education curriculum for primary and junior secondary schools.

The new curriculum is said to address amongst other things, issues of value re- orientation, poverty eradication, critical thinking, entrepreneurship and life skills.

The Nigerian Educational Research and Development Council (NERDC) is responsible for the compilation and completion of curriculum used as a guide to qualitative education in both primary and secondary schools.

The National Council on Education (NCE) has already approved the curriculum and plans are in high gear to produce the curriculum in mass for immediate use in schools.

The executive secretary of the NERDC, Professor Godswill Obioma presenting the new curriculum to other stakeholders in the education sector at the Education Resource Centre,Abuja said the new curriculum seeks to correct the abnormalities of the former one which was lacking in the areas of human capacity development.

Professor Obioma sensitising teachers on the advantages and effectiveness of the new basic education curriculum said it allows and gives opportunity for the students to be taught skills and educate them on the need to appreciate their culture.

He added that if teachers adequately implement the curriculum then students would be able to interact very well, which would sensitise the environment and promote peace and development in the country.

A feature of the new curriculum is the phasing out of primary science and integrated science for what is now known as Basic Science and Technology, which according to the Obioma prepares a child adequately for the higher studies by providing a solid foundation on which to build upon.

He said that Information Communication Technology (ICT) has been introduced into the primary school curriculum, alongside culture and creative art all to build the child for the hazards of the future.

In an interview with Daily Trust, Obioma said they intend to implement the curriculum on a piece meal basis, to allow for proper planning and self development. He said, “we would start from primary one and gradually phase out the old primary school curriculum, we also start with JSS 1 and phase out that of the junior secondary school.

“The curriculum has two component, the primary and junior secondary curriculum, that was the initial plans by the council on education last year , but now we have done an advocacy nation- wide on the curriculum, and they all agree that the curriculum be introduced from primary one and then taken up gradually.”



November 19, 2007

New curriculum ’ll address education ills

From BALA B. BITRUS, Minna

THE Nigerian Educational Research and Development Council, (NERDC) has expressed confidence that the new national education curriculum is capable of curing the ills of the country’s education system.

Speaking at a one-day sensitisation workshop on the new system of education for managers of the Universal Basic Education in Niger State, the Executive Secretary of the council, Professor Godswill Obioma noted that though the new curriculum was largely misconstrued by a large segment of the citizenry, it held the key to the county’s quest for total emancipation as an independent entity.

Professor Obioma said the new system was aimed at ensuring functional numeracy, literacy, technical as well as productive life-skills for the Nigerian child.

The NERDC executive secretary said the relevance and value of the new nine-year basic education curriculum which combines both primary and junior secondary schools education as the basic single point of starting education, was intended to redress the pitfalls of the old system, which he said had failed to squarely address the goals of providing basic and qualitative education for the Nigerian child.

Represented by a Deputy Director at the council, Mr. J.N. Chukwu, Professor Obioma assured that the new curriculum has taken care of the shortfalls of the former system by introducing additional subjects in line with the vision of National Economic Empowerment Development Strategy (NEEDS) and for value reorientation, poverty eradication, job creation and wealth generation.

He disclosed that some new subjects were introduced to replace the obsolete ones just as some core subjects were redefined to make the country’s educational system functional to enable it square up to the rapidly changing world particularly in the attainment of the targets of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).

Under the new system, the structure is divided into three levels of Lower, Middle and Upper Basic Education Curriculum. The Lower level curriculum is for primary 1-3; the Middle level curriculum is for primary 4-6 while the Upper level is for JSS 1-3.

In each of the three levels, there are about twelve compulsory core subjects with one elective subject. English Studies, Mathematics, Social Studies, Civic Education, Computer Studies, Health and Physical Education, Religious Studies as well as French are among the compulsory subjects.

Executive Secretary, Niger State Universal Basic Education Board, Dr. Ibrahim Uba Hassan said in his welcome address, that the new system offered better prospects for educational development for the country.

Dr. Hassan who was represented by Hajiya Hauwa Lemu, the Director of School Services at the state office of the UBEC, assured that Niger State Universal Basic Commission would work to ensure successful implementation of the new education curriculum.




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30 Responses to “FG Launches New School Curriculum”

  1. Margaret Olu Elliott says:

    The new curriculum addresses issues of value re- orientation, poverty eradication, critical thinking, entrepreneurship and life skills, yet no where online including the Federal Ministry of Education can the curriculum be accessed, perused, or downloaded! Yet information technology and it teaching has been stated as a core area for schools.

    Good policies certainly require demonstration by those who promulgated them.

    The New Agenda needs to be made eaaily accessible to every stakeholder – pupil, parent, educational institution, parastals, reearchers, etc!

    Do an online search for the curriculum of other countries and you would be inaundated with information.

    A core tool in bringing people on board your vision is to make them openly aware of what you want to achieve.

    Thank you

  2. How about posting a copy of the new curriculum online so we can all see it.

  3. Ojoye Abdulhafeez says:

    Thanks Ahmad, it is important we have an online copy of the document.

  4. Abioye Ganiyat Adeola says:

    Yes, FG, please do us an on-line copy so we can digest and appreciate it all. There are also many stakeholders in both public and private schools who need to access the curriculum.

  5. Charles Henry says:

    I wonder what the delay in the publishing of the new curriculum is for considering the preparedness by the various stakeholders.

  6. Ajao Segun says:

    This is not done in other part of the world, if truly FG is concern about the future generation i believe there should be a medium where both public and private stakeholders should have free access to this new curriculum if truly it is existing.

  7. Sanni Adeola Samuel says:

    d only factor am afraid of here is how to maintain the policy and that it wont change in the nearest future, SUSTAINABILITY.

  8. ifeanyi onyeanusi says:

    education is a very delicate sector. Most of d person who comments here are possibly stakeholders in education. And we all need a copy of d new curriculum. I tink we deserve an electronic copy. Thank you

  9. Muhammad lawal suleiman says:

    I wonder why the delay in making the decument available three years after the lunching This is a public document which requires public scrutiny I m at present doing some write-up on the curriculun but unfortunately i can t lay my hand on it

    • Abioye Ganiyat says:

      Wonder if anyone is reading these comments! Some of these requests are over two years old, yet no response from the FG. The implementation of the curriculum is supposed to move to the senior secondary level this session and yet we don’t have the details. Is the govt serious about implementing this document or is it to go the same way the previous attempts did?

  10. Muhammad lawal suleiman says:

    I wonder whether there has been any serious preparation made for the implementation of the prog at the senior sec level many sch managers are at present in confusion on next line of action I don t know when we shall ever learn to get our axe together in this country

  11. Albert Tobechukwu Nwamaradi says:

    While I commend the Hon. Minister for this giant step in linking education with enterprise, employment and job creation in the new curriculum. I am however, very sure that as at the time of this my comments a preponderant majority of Nigerian Secondary Schools/managers/implementers are neither prepared nor fully aware of the philosophy of the 34 trade/entrepreneurship subjects. Clear and distinct conception of the curriculum by NERDC does not translate into reality without a shared consciousness of the philosophy and adequate preparation and monitored implementation. Pse kindly help. Monitor to ensure that the best teachers are deployed, that the subjects are actually provided and taught, that the equipments are there. This is necessary since majority of these students may not be opportuned to get into the universities for skill development. Education is the most sacred of human engagement, transforming/developing a biological being into a social being

  12. anyanwu chikodi says:

    this new curriculum is well designed but the problem is accesibility especially the senior secondary version

  13. anyanwu chikodi says:

    more efforts should be made to carry all stake holders along.some schools are not yet aware

  14. its really unfortunate that we can not access the curriculum online which would have been the easiest way to ascertain its workability and make neccessary comments on observation.

  15. Eze Ifesinachi Bishop says:

    Many great and patriotic Nigerians devote time and resources inventing useful ideas that are very highly applauded but very hardly implemented. This new education curriculum is one out of the litany of such propositions that are beautiful on the paper but receives no practical attention. We want poverty alleviation and entrepreneurship which this curriculum provides is a sure way to it, but because of corruption and lack of truth nothing works.

  16. Feyi Alabi says:

    Is it possible to get a copy of the curriculum?
    Thank you

  17. ukaegbu gerald says:

    The new curriculum is good,infact is a child of great importance.suffice to say the curriculum will still fail alongside with others if Administration cupabilities is not checked.

  18. ukaegbu gerald says:

    Stakeholder at all level of education should be carried along in the actual development and implimentation of the new curriculum for it to be a succes.The classroom teacher are angry for not carring them along in curriculum plannig,therefore they treat the curriculum nonechalantly.

  19. Ade says:

    Please sir/madam. Another academic session is approach by 2012/2013 can we get this new curriculum. The teachers need their copy to implement the content appropriately. Let’s not delay the future of our young ones make thing as fast as possible.

  20. ThankGod says:

    Pls if anyone has gotten the curriculum-primary and secondary ,I will appreciate if you can send to me :amaechinathankgod@yahoo.com
    God bless you all.

  21. Noel says:

    Kindly send a detailed soft copy of the federal curriculum guide on basic and senior secondary school for all subjects and trade-subjects, to my mail box. I shall be indeed grateful. We need to be properly informed for expected outcomes to be achieved.

  22. Happiness says:

    Was there truly a new curriculum? 

  23. john weor says:

    please upload the 20013 revised national policy(NPE), and the current national subject curriculum at the basic and senior secondary school levels

  24. goodwill says:

    accessibility to the e- curriculum will solve the ill-fitted education in Nigeria

  25. Patrick Abudu says:

    It is so discouraging to note that despite several calls for a copy of the purported New Curriculum for Basic Education to be hosted online, we still can not have access to it. What kind of government do we run in this country ?

  26. favour A. P says:

    i think its wise to have an only view in fact in pdf downloadable format of this new curriculum. we want to be able to access what our kids are learning in schools and match it with what we see them learn.

  27. Agbidi, S.S says:

    The new trades curriculum is good especially when you are thinking towards employable skills. However, Nigeria faces the challenges of implementation of this curriculum because of lack of political will to fully implement the programme, lack of qualified teachers to handle this specialized trade subjects, lack of facilities in school for practicals, low perception of teachers of the new trade curriculum, lack of capacity building of teachers to get them ready to implement this subjects and so on.
    Before educational policies are made certain things need to be put in place to ensure its functionality. Though students have started writing WAEC or NECO exams on this trade subjects, they do so just to acquire the theoretical knowledge to pass these exams rather than acquiring of entrepreneurship skills needed for work.

  28. ORDAINED says:

    It’s a pity that the school curriculum is as elusive to come by as an American visa. I sincerely believe curriculum should be easily accessible especially in softcopy on website.. But Nigeria case is always different  on important document such as this. 

  29. Michael says:

    Pls inbox me a copy of the new curriculum. Thank you 

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