Yar’Adua’s Seven-Point Agenda (Plus Two Special Issues)

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Yar’Adua’s Seven Plus Two Agenda to Transform Nigeria

Seven Major Issues……………..

1. Power and Energy .

2. Food Security and Agriculture

3. Wealth Creation and Employment

4. Mass Transportation

5. Land Reform

6. Security

7. Qualitative and Functional Education

Plus Two Special Interest Issues….

A seven point agenda Plus two special interest issues

1. Niger Delta

2. Disadvantaged Groups

POWER AND ENERGY – The infrastructural reforms in this critical sector through the development of sufficient and adequate power supply will be to ensure Nigeria’s ability to develop as a modern economy and an industrial nation by the year 2015.

FOOD SECURITY – This reform is primarily agrarian based. The emphasis on the development of modern technology, research, financial injection into research, production and development of agricultural inputs will revolutionalize the agricultural sector leading to a 5 – 10 fold increase in yield and production. This will result in massive domestic and commercial outputs and technological knowledge transfer to farmers.

WEALTH CREATION – By virtue of its reliance on revenue from non-renewal oil, Nigeria has yet to develop industrially. This reform is focused on wealth creation through diversified production especially in the agricultural and solid mineral sector. This requires Nigerians to choose to work, as hard work by all is required to achieve this reform.

TRANSPORT SECTOR – The transportation sector in Nigeria with its poor roads networks is an inefficient means of mass transit of people and goods. With a goal of a modernized industrialized Nigeria, it is mandatory that Nigeria develops its transport sector. The PDP government has already started this process by the ongoing rehabilitation and modernization of the railway. While the reforms might take some time to take effect, it is a need that must be addressed.

LAND REFORMS – While hundreds of billions of dollars have been lost through unused government-owned landed asset, changes in the land laws and the emergence of land reforms will optimize Nigeria’s growth through the release of lands for commercialized farming and other large scale business by the private sector. The final result will ensure improvements and boosts to the production and wealth creation initiatives.

SECURITY – An unfriendly security climate precludes both external and internal investment into the nation. Thus, security will be seen as not only a constitutional requirement but also as a necessary infrastructure for the development of a modern Nigerian economy. With its particular needs, the Niger Delta security issue will be the primary focus, marshaled not with physical policing or military security, but through honest and accurate dialogue between the people and the Federal Government.

EDUCATION – The two-fold reforms in the educational sector will ensure firstly the minimum acceptable international standards of education for all. With that achieved, a strategic educational development plan will ensure excellence in both the tutoring and learning of skills in science and technology by students who will be seen as the future innovators and industrialists of Nigeria. This reform will be achieved through massive injection into the Education sector.

Released by the Presidency, August 1, 2007

Inaugural Address of Umaru Musa Yar’adua, Installed President of Nigeria
Abuja, May 29, 2007

12-01-2007 08:47:59


Presidential candidate of Nigerian ruling party unfolds 7-point action plan

APA – Lagos (Nigeria) The presidential candidate of the Nigerian ruling Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Alhaji Umaru Yar’adua said on Thursday in Abuja that he will dialogue with the people of the Niger Delta on the youth restiveness in the region.

Yar’adua, who announced a seven-point action plan for his administration if elected President, told journalists that the resolution of the Niger Delta crisis will be part of a comprehensive security plan of his regime.

“We will invest heavily on the resolution of the Niger Delta crisis as part of our security strategy, with focus on dialogue with the people," he said.

He explained that security agencies would be given adequate financial attention, to enable them cope with new challenges and argued : “There cannot be a viable economy without a good security system."

Yar’adua also promised that more than 30,000 megawatts of electricity would be realized in the first five years of the administration, and assured that the ongoing reforms in the power sector would be sustained.

“Our plan is to launch a national emergency programme on the power sector, because we believe that there cannot be any meaningful industrial development without steady power supply," he said.

On food security, the presidential candidate said he would commit “heavy investment’’ into the agriculture sector to boost production and improve technology in modern farming.

“Our desire is to invest heavily in agriculture, to increase productivity and to revolutionize the agriculture technology through injection of more funds," he added.

He said he would diversify the country’s source of wealth creation, to avoid continuous dependence on the petroleum sector and said : “You cannot run an economy with revenue from just one source."

Yar’adua said he would encourage greater exploitation of the agriculture and solid mineral sectors to expand the country’s revenue base and to transform the transportation system by investing in the railways, roads and waterways.

“We need an effective, efficient and reliable transportation network for the country, to ease the movement of goods and people to meet with the increasing demands of our economy," he said.

At the launch of his campaign office earlier in the day, Yar’adua said all PDP candidates were set to start campaigns for the April general elections.

“The launch of this office shows that myself and all the PDP candidates across the country are set to go to the field, with the zeal to work hard and win at the polls," he said.

The national chairman of PDP, Chief Ahmadu Ali, who spoke at the event attended by President Olusegun Obasanjo, challenged opposition parties to launch their campaign programmes for the electorate to make a comparison.

He called on Nigerians to cooperate with the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) for the success of the general elections and said : “We want to ensure an election that is free, fair and credible before the eyes of the watching international community."

Yar’Adua Rolls Out Seven-point Agenda

Umaru Yar’Adua, the Peoples Democracy Party (PDP) Presidential candidate, got off the block on Thursday by enunciating a seven-point agenda to tackle the myriad of problems in Africa’s most populous country.

He told a press conference after his campaign headquarters (Legacy House) was commissioned in Abuja, that he would declare a national emergency on energy and power, to get Nigeria out of economic predicament, since power is the tonic for industrial growth.

He was accompanied by his running mate, Goodluck Jonathan; PDP National Chairman, Ahmadu Ali; and Board of Trustees (BOT) Chairman, Tony Anenih.Governor Adamu Mu’azu of Bauchi State has been named as his Chief of Staff, while Governor Bukola Saraki of Kwara State has joined the PDP National Campaign Council. Yar’Adua expressed hope that power supply would rise to 10,000 megawatts (mw) before the end of the year.

This proposal is feasible, he stressed, because the country needs to achieve at least 30,000 mw in 2011 and 50,000 mw by 2015. He promised to carry out massive industrialisation so that Nigeria would move from a consumer nation to a productive one. He said he would tackle corruption headlong to ensure "a civilised society where laws are obeyed."

He plans to repeal the Land Use Act of 1978 through reforms that would liberalise the acquisition and ownership of land. The Act places such ownership in the hands of the government. Worried by the inconsistencies in the Constitution – among them the procedure for the creation of councils – Yar’Adua stressed the need for amendments to correct the imbalances in the system, as Constitution need conforms with realities for effective application.

He spoke of food security as an impetus for the productive sector, and promised investment in agriculture through modernising its technology.This, he said, would anchor on the desire for wealth creation "so that we can shift from the undue emphasis on oil and gas, now our burden." Yar’Adua lamented that dependence on oil and gas revenue is like building an economy on revenue from rents. He promised to change the trend by developing agriculture and the solid minerals sector.

He harped on the need for a radical turn around in the security of lives and property, which "is a necessary infrastructure for the development of a modern economy, because local and foreign investors would be assured of their investments." He pledged to give priority to security in the Niger Delta and to anchor his programmes on the PDP manifesto bound by the tenets of the Constitution.

To develop human capacity, Yar’Adua promised to declare free and compulsory education for all children at all levels if elected, and to fund the sector sufficiently. Anenih, too, was up beat. He scoffed at the chances of opposition parties in the elections and enthused that the PDP would double its victory in 2003. He told the party faithful to go all out because there is no opposition. Legacy House was President Olusegun Obasanjo’s campaign office in 2003, which Anenih headed.

Before the polls that year, Anenih had declared that there were no vacancies in the Government Houses controlled by the PDP. It proved right, except in Kano. He maintained on Thursday that the PDP has laid the road map towards victory and told the members to gather the harvest. Ali said the choice of Yar’Adua and Jonathan represents a generational shift to implement the party’s programmes.

He expressed hope that the policies of the PDP provide the guiding principle for meaningful development. Director General of PDP Campaign Organisation, Bode George, said the commissioning of the office is a bold stride of the determination to consolidate democracy. The PDP has a message of hope for all Nigerians as Obasanjo formally hands over Legacy House to Yar’Adua, he said.


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90 Responses to “Yar’Adua’s Seven-Point Agenda (Plus Two Special Issues)”

  1. Abubakar Muhammad. says:

    I honestly believe that Mr.President Yar’adua will deliver this country. However, what sadly gives me concern is the so called
    “invisible” elites haboured at the corridors of power which most government seem unable to dispense with, except perhaps Buhari/Idiagbon wonderful and memorable regime.
    2.What is cardinal is the fact taht certain persons and ideas in and of the People’s Democratibc Part PDP MUST be sacrificed and dispensed with. Am not unmidful of the fact taht PDP sponsored Mr. President Yar’adua, what is pertinent at the moment is the fact Mr. President is now the number 1 citizen of Nigeria whose focus, duty, rsponsibility and trust is theentire nation and not any PDP agenda. Please, i stand to be corrrected, but this an honest and sincere thinking of mine. May the Almighty Allah guide and grant Mr. President Musa Yar’adua and his team good health, vision and the wisdom to carry our beloved country Nigeria to where it should be, Amin.

  2. anthony effiong says:

    the best thing the government can do about power is to let each state of the fediration to have an independent power plant.this isi because, if mobil oil can generate 3500mw of power.and nNgeria as a country of over 140,000,000 people will generate 3000mw.there is a big difference.one of the major problem with nigerian power sector is the power distribution.thanks.

  3. Adaka, T. A. says:

    For qualitative & functional education to achieved, the issue of incessant strike most be checked particularly at the University level. This calls for Mr President urgent intervention in the rigering Illorin 39 as well as other troublesome issues with ASUU & other trade unions in the education sector like the Teachers’ Salary Structure

  4. Anonymous says:

    I feel that since he is from the education sector, he will really know what to do about yhe falling standard of education in Nigeria.

    • O.K. Tarkie says:

      Mr. President.

      I am writing this with great inpunity for the government lack of prompt response to the long standing ASUU strike. I want to say that the 7 point agenda shouuld please go beyond radio jingle into proactive implementation, particularly the issue of “Qualitative and functional education”

  5. Dominic says:

    Yar Adua is not Nigeria’s president. He was cherry-picked and rigged into Aso Rock by one man, Olusegun Obasanjo, and Obasanjo could not have found a more disqualified candidate for the job. The supreme court needs to sack Yar’Adua … that’s the first thing that needs to happen. After that, Nigerian can then search their consciences to figure out who is capable taking the country from where it is to where it can be.

  6. Fatoye says:

    I am very hopeful and have more confidence in my president. I believe he has (with the help of God) the potential to honestly discharge is duty. These 7 point agenda will help us alot. He should just be very careful of dream killer who kill the past president good intention.

  7. Emmanuel Anderson Ogan says:

    It beats my imagination at the rash way nigerians react to presidential development statements or agenda;without asking ourselves the questions of why and how can the exiting institutional and policy framework have not been made to be working and no effective and efficient performnance measurement is established to assess them?

  8. Kilanko, Adeolu says:

    Nigeria’s problem is not policy, It is IMPLEMENTATION and CONSISTENCY. It is high time Nigeria administators start adopting the principle of continuity. It is continuity that makes any establishment or organization stands. If every leader that comes into position comes up with their policies and put aside the the one in place before their tenure, Nigeria will NEVER grow because every 4,4 years , we’ll be having different policy, that will never be fully implemented in the tenure if onle becuase of DUE PROCESS. I think the National Assembly should find a way of including a clause in the constitution that will facilitate continuity of some national policy made towards growth. Continuity and Consistency in policy is what we need.

  9. Nemi Tamuno says:

    While we appreciate the policies of the federal government, it would be more meaningful to replicate or compel states and local governments to make open achievable programmes within specific time that can be measured, with various law making bodies ratifying them, our local councils are ruled by stooges, so no development

  10. Andy Aken'Ova says:

    It has been one year now and the most basic of all the ingredients is yet to be provided. If we get power right, even with poor leadership, I dare say, we should be home and dry. This country is in a hurry and our leaders should bear this in mind.

  11. Ifedayo says:

    Nigeria suffers from a multiple but system wide disorders that I suspect it will take a committed president 2 terms of concentrating on a few issues to get us moving. The good thing is many of these problems are interwoven and taking care of somewill substantially improve others well in advance of direct action. For example-stable electricity, good roads, portable water will have such a multiplier effect that we will see progress even before we start to tackle health and education issues.

  12. kevin afagwu says:

    Mr. President should be allowed to rule the country since he is more transperent than all other candidates for the Presidency. My advice to him is to stay away from highly corrupt monsters like Obasanjo whose sences are out of course. Yar’Adua ride on. Am in support of your administration.

  13. steve sanda says:

    Woeful failure is already characterised hence Nigeria lack the practice of continuity. This is not the first nor would it be the last economic policy for Nigera. Take the failed ones like MAMSER, DFFRI, NEEDS, Operation Feed the Noation, Green Revolution, etc. The seven point Agenda of the president is comming to join in the list of failed economic policies. Out of the 7 none is implemented and one year in office has elapsed. How would he implement within 3 years the 7 point agenda?

  14. chioma chukwuma says:

    the only way to achive this goals is with prayer

    • thomas olawumi says:

      we have our destiny in our own hands with commttment from all, i mean nigerinas must understand how it will work and sercrifices that has to be made

  15. G.P.M. Abamba says:

    for free subsciption of your newslwtters.

    • Anonymous says:

      i wwhyonder why we believe in words without action or concritization.presently there are families that stay on 001 or 100 on daily basis on reason nonpayment of benefit which is not known to the president.

  16. oshioma peter says:

    mr president should be allowed to do that which he knows best (7pionts agenda) and understand. the sycophants in our society shouldn’t forget that Rome wasn’t built in a day. thus to restructure Nigeria is not going to be in a period of one year in office but a longer period. hence i urge all to join hands with Mr president to take the country forward to greater heights..

  17. zacks says:

    i think mr president is a lot too slow on his seven point agenda. if after one year he is still planning one wonders when and how long the implementation will take. let him pick one or two aspects of our economy and deal with it for life. worthy of note however is the fact that health did not feature prominently on his agenda.

  18. Chijioke Achumba says:

    We need action this time not long talk, any body can draw up any 7007 point agenda for anything, its easier said than done. Lets have some action not empty words.

  19. Leo Agunama says:

    Mr President only need to be sincere, patrotic, and objective in all his actions and policies. I beleive he can deliver

  20. fredrick says:



  21. Ajayi, Babatosin says:

    Hello sir, i was going through the excerpts of the President’s 7 point agenda and was careful to note that Education came last on the agenda, without any iota of doubt i want to believe that that position will not undermine the enormous challenges in the education sector. Secondly, i will really appreciate it if there is an address or a particular web address confidentially designed to accept or recieve useful recommendations of the Nigerians who have victims of sub standard education and believe that it can only be better by submitting such useful information on how to address some of thes education challenges so to speak.
    It will amaze you to know that i am a fresh graduate with diverse ideas and shot to elevate the sector from its present position. Don’t get me wrong sir, i am a patriotic Nigerian who believe in the mater plan of this administration, and am not intrested in politics either. All i wanted is to submit my paper work and hope it would be vet by the proper authorities, who knows? it could be just the help awaiting a life to elevate.Thank you, at least for this avenue, hope to read from you.

  22. roselyn says:

    i need more about the 7 pooint of agende

  23. eyibio, akanimo says:

    mr president should try and make the niger delta conducive for local indusries as the foreign industries had no regard for human life.

  24. McDemy says:

    only sincerity and diligence in all our parts can make it happen

  25. Omotola Ajayi says:

    The seven point agenda is not an easy task for Mr President however, he should employ other means to speedy the accomplishment of these goals with prayer as the ultimate tool.

  26. Alias freeman anyit says:

    In reality President YAR, ADUA is doing well he is very good leader he is only leader that will make this our country good, He can work without segregation.

  27. akinola says:

    get well soon umaru yaradua.from akin O.O.U.

  28. Niyi Akinyemi says:

    i believe that with all hands on board we can achieve all this because they are the basis for living.
    there are other major issues to tackle and with all of us involved then we can have a better Nigeria

  29. kayode.o.sam says:

    any way, one needs to give room for a soul to do what he/she knows best, let give mr president room to showcase his committment through fulfulling all the 7points agenda.thanks

  30. GOD OWN CHILD says:

    Well i have gone through all the comments online here and i have found out that some Nigerians are still supporting evil and some are not. It is high time we Nigerians should tell our self’s the truth about everything that are happening in this country so that we can have a change because the future is purchased with the present.If people deceiving people (PDP) and their evil master obasanjo will keep on ruling this country, my dear we are not moving ahead any where instead we keep on moving back ward.so help me tell them that am praying over them and God will answer my pray one day and they will all find their self in hell fire unless the repent now before God
    will bounce on them

  31. deeque dee says:

    whwt are the security aspects of the 7 point agenda and what are the stratergies for its actualization

  32. ISONG says:


  33. IBRAHIM KIRFI says:

    If Mr President will vigorously pursue these itemised issues with all the seriousness they demand, nothing stops Nigeria from being one of the fastest growing economies in the world. May God give him the zeal as well as good assistants in handling this herculean task, amin.

  34. leonard agula says:

    we should begin to be optimistic rather than pessimistic about our leaders. other world leaders are not better than ours but we downplay them and celebrate others. today obama is celebrated, let celebrate yar\’adua too.

  35. leonard agula says:

    we should begin to be optimistic rather than pessimistic about our leaders. other world leaders are not better than ours but we downplay them and celebrate others. today obama is celebrated, let celebrate yar\’adua too.

    • mustapha muktar says:

      why should we celebrate our leaders when they are not optimistic and caring to the common people but are in most cases interested in enriching the political office holders alone, is this not an abuse of power? for now our leaders have failed us looking at the problems we are facing. and there is no way we will praise them.

  36. Shola Omotola says:

    Why seven point agenda? For me, this amounts to biting more than one can chew, given that Yar’Adua is generally known for his slow approach to issues. Why not concentrate on one or two, especially the power sector and security? If these two are well resolved, most other things would naturally follow.


    Mr president may be a slow man but he knows what his doing,to achieve the agenda he tabled before himself and nigeria he need our PRAYERS and support of all kind,i am a YOUTH CORPER serving at THE GEM INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL OWODE-YEWA OGUN STATE and i am an MDGs facilitator embarking on a project on MDGs which will highligten the general public on HOW TO ACHIEVE THE GOALS OF MDGs and also the 7-points agenda.These and some other things will help us to reach where we are aiming.Let us join hands together to see to the PROGRESS of our DEAR country NIGERIA.MR PRESIDENT YOU ARE REALLY A GLADIATOR OF CHANGE

  38. samson says:

    I hope this president umaru musa yaradua is going to make a different in these pre-existing policies,he has being talking about seven point agenda since he assumed office and he has not even handled one of it effectively talkless of [saying seven yet he ;keep say seven point agenda.

  39. abdullahi mustapha says:

    i jc abdullahi mustapha
    believe that presiden umaru musa yaradua dreams on nigeria will com trough by the grace of GOD.
    from sokoto state UDUS sokoto stste.

  40. m. morientes says:

    is the yaraduas seven point agenda retorictic or realistic

  41. m. morientes says:

    is the yaraduas seven point agenda retorictic or realistic

  42. Engr.Kabir Usman says:

    The 7 point Agenda is the right step taking by the Mr.President in tackling the problems that are crippling the development of Nigeria,may God help him in implementing them.

  43. oladejo david says:

    keep on

  44. G!Logo says:

    To be realistic, the delay in d implementation of the seven point agenda by Mr President is just too much. This is his third year in office as d president and he has not been able to EXECUTE atleast ONE out of the SEVEN effectively.

  45. G!Logo says:

    To be realistic, the delay in d implementation of the seven point agenda by Mr President is just too much. This is his third year in office as d president and he has not been able to EXECUTE atleast ONE out of the SEVEN effectively.

  46. uyama efiok etim says:

    the 7 point agenda if implemented properly will be a big turn around for the nation and the fuuture generation.

  47. uyama efiok etim says:

    the 7 point agenda if implemented properly will be a big turn around for the nation and the fuuture generation.

  48. Sonnate Eneleh Ajaguna says:

    I pray the seven point agenda works dis time around cos Nigerians are tired of manifestoes. President Yar’adua make a difference now or never!

  49. Sonnate Eneleh Ajaguna says:

    I pray the seven point agenda works dis time around cos Nigerians are tired of manifestoes. President Yar’adua make a difference now or never!

  50. peren says:

    over one year now i’ve never seen the manifestation of the seven point agenda,even in the most commonest thing we can get like ELECTRICITY in which we can get IT from God’s given SOLAR energy

  51. idowu says:

    mr president should make sure this 7 point agenda issue come reality


    I, JC MBANEFO OBIOMA FROM ANSU views that this will work if and only if you reading this message start taking nigeria to be “your home” not “our home”.

  53. Cheron vijaykumarr says:


  54. Francis Nass says:

    Making power a number one issus of the seven-point aganda shows that the president is interested in the economic development of Nigeria. But will he really deliver or will the praise singers and the like of them allow him? Mr president, there is still much to be done for Nigeria to take its rightful place in Africa and the world durinf your regime. The recognition of Nigeria as the “giant of Africa” is gradually eroding from the minds of many people. Let us join hand to restore this glory to our beloved country, fellow nigerians. God bless Nigeria!

  55. mazhar says:

    cal me pls

  56. Karen Hagy says:

    Dear Mr. President,
    You can to my aid in helping me with the Clearing House in get my inheritance, this has been go on send Jan.2009, and you wavier me have to pay out more money and now I pay the $15,890.00 to have currency exchange certification and they came and they ask me $50,000.00 more money and I do not have it can you please help me I at a point of no return they are still giving the run around and don’t no what to I has been lie to so much this is going on 4 month now and still they more money my daughter is Down Syndorme and am trying to make a better for her but, still want more money i just do not has. I’m tried of all the differance story so please can you help me with this I just want it to be over with can you wavier this currency exchange paper so they don’t keep ask me for more money that I don’t have please am asking you for your help I didn’t how to contract you any other way but thur this I have been to the Supreme Court so many time and paid so much money out , I have borrow,sold and gotten a loan to pay all of this . So am begging you for help to finish all of this up Rev. James is the one you send the letter to at the Clearing House say that I am not to pay out any more money and they still want more so please help me. Thank you. and GOD be with you, and keep you save.

  57. Aka says:

    I’ll achieve them when I become President

  58. Chris Ohikhena says:

    I feel sad that we have not really learnt as a people.

    Our problem is all about leadership. It would be difficult to separate leadership from vision. All good leaders are driven by visionr.

    What is vision? Vision is seeing the future, in the present, built on the past. Vision is seeing the invisible and making it visible. Vision is an informed bridge from the present to a better future.

    My problem is not about leadership in Government, but leadership in ourselves.

    May God bless Nigeria

  59. ENYINGWA, K.U says:

    Justice,transperency, equity and justice is the only way out to achieve the seven point agenda. This is the time when the politician will see themselves as slave of the masses. When ethics are followed and not money. When we can cherish good name rather than wealth.

  60. HENRY says:


  61. Abioye Oyewale says:

    Political will and a sincere mind is what the President need to achieve his stated goals.

  62. Abioye Oyewale says:

    The agenda are wonderful but implimentation of plans has been the major problem of Nigeria past leaders. we have good plans, but we dont follow it to the end.
    I will advice to president to work on power and road construction very well. when there is power, cost of living will come down because companies will stop running there business on generator, communication industry’s charges will reduce. good road also reduce the rate of depreciation of motors. When there is light, investor will see Nigeria as a good place to invest due to a reduction in the cost of investment due to the availability of light. I believe, Power and road should be attended to very fast.

  63. Ademuyiwa Agbonyin says:

    I think the seven point Agenda is really suited for the present national Economic Situation.

  64. Agnew says:

    The president no doubt meant well by these proposals. However judging by the lack of achievement of any of the 7 points agenda after almost two years, it appeared the promises made were mere rhetorics. This has always been the problem with Nigeria – Non Performing Politicians.

  65. bello abubakar says:

    my wish to presidnt umar musa yar adua. is may GOD Almighty protect him amin.

    • samtus says:

      hello mr bello well am a nigerian that also buy ur idea of the president ben protected by God am just a school boy thanks and God bless

  66. LAKAI LOHFA says:

    best on the agenda, i predict that Nigeria is going toward a developed Nation. I wish you well

  67. adamu jebba says:

    i believe the president meant well for this country. we need to support him through prayers and not condenmations.

  68. Owonikoko Olusola says:

    where purpose is not known, abuse is inevitable, i believe strongly that as a nation we have to dis cover our purpose and direct our energy to achieving it, then we`ll be respected for it, not just by the whole wolrd but also by posterity.
    the beginning of this is understanding that we are not made to consume but to produce. when we realise this then we`ll understand why our concentration should be developing our young mind, putting the best into them and establishing in them the right value system.

  69. Garba Rabiu says:

    Yes, the president means well for the country, but he cannot deliver. he is ill and Turai is not cut out for this.

  70. Akomolafe Temitope says:

    Am very sure that nothing is impossible considering the positive physical changes that are taking place in Lagos state of the country. My own advice to the Mr. President is that he should tackle a problem at a time and not try to solve all the problems at a time in order to avoid not achieving anything at the end of his term.

  71. Mohammed Y Ibrahim says:

    Mr. president is doing well compare to what we witness in the past, no direction talkless of knowing what to achieve. Keep up Yar’adua, Ours is prayer for your long live.

  72. Ray says:

    (7 piont agenda) ………..pls nigerians can anybody tell me what yaradua can boast to have successfully done in the last two year? ………….Just one!!

  73. lillian ortese says:

    its obvious the 7 point agenda is overwhelming mr president. he should take it four at a time- security, food security & agriculture, power supply and education. coz i think d less he has d more energy he can put into achieveing them.

  74. aisha says:

    nothing can be said about the 7pt agenda untill it becomes a living prrrooofff.if only our prime minister is interested.

  75. Dammy says:

    Thanks for the sevenpoint agenda taht you ought to do but we can not still thank you when it as not been done but we will be gratefull if you can do it.
    And also if you can help us with this agenda we will be gratefull particularly in the side of education
    And also the issue of job in this country is very rampant that is the situation whereby a graduate can not see work to do i think this is unfair if you can assist us with this we will be more than happy.

  76. Bassey Janet says:

    if the 7points agenda is still in the pipelines, i suggest that the pipelines should be vandalised for implementations before it too late………or is it untill we have grown too old to benefit from it? i suggest it’s high time we fulfil our promises than still promising…..

  77. kinsman says:

    keep on the goood work !

  78. webmaster says:

    God save Nigeria from this underperforming government

  79. Chimezie Mba.Adams says:

    how can thousands of graduate keep roaming about the streets without jobs. thereby constituting nuisance to the society. we need a way forward. Umaru do the good job u are doing and tell Obj to leave u alone okay.


    Mr. President,
    This country of our will be better if there are good administrator to handle some sensitive position in the government offices.

    Also, the problems of this country are money but the way our leaders are spend it is not accountable.

    Mr. President, instruct the power holding company to release the power for individuals, organization, industries, government to use.

    Our transportation is very bad, see to it.

    Create employment for our youth.
    Finally, pray for the betterment of this noble country.
    “the development of our country is our jointly responsibilities” call the best people to assist you.

  81. web says:

    All we can do is hope.

  82. Uko Ukpong says:

    please do

  83. ADEGOKE says:


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