CRISIS IN THE HOUSE OF REPS:Madam Speaker, indiscretion and the battles to come

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Contending with a number of allegations, Speaker Patricia Olubunmi Etteh and her supporters fight back in what is turning out to be an interesting encounter in the House of Representatives. This report puts the issues in perspective, while believing that Speaker Etteh gave her opponents the ballistic missiles they are throwing at her. However, the report is critical of the opposition, insisting that it may bve all about the verb To Eat…….

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3 Responses to “CRISIS IN THE HOUSE OF REPS:Madam Speaker, indiscretion and the battles to come”

  1. Dominic says:

    Soludo makes a major policy announcement, apparently without consulting anybody. The president turns around and makes a major reversal, without consulting or even informing the CBN, and with no consideration whatever for the merits or lack thereof of the policy being proposed. The economy is all about politics. Is this how the economy will be run? Is Mr Andoaaka now driving economic policy? Doesn’t this stupid man have anything better to do beside philosophising on power and fighting turf wars?

    While the people continue to groan under poverty, the powers that be are busy playing tit-for-tat with their stupid little egos! What a nation!

  2. alukome says:



  3. anon, anon says:

    It is really a big shame that these government operatives cannot iron out their differences in private before going to the press. In a well run government the attorney general should have met privately with CBN and ironed out their differences and thereafter both CBN and him will give a press conference to announce any modifications or cancellation of the policy.

    Attorney general’s actions give impression of a confused and disorderly government which is a disservice to the President and the country of Nigeria.

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