Yar'Adua faces tough task ahead

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In his first two months in office, the shy, aristocratic new president of Nigeria has faced a nationwide strike, violence in the country’s oil region and accusations he’s timid – he only announced a Cabinet last week.

But these problems pale compared to the jaw-dropping corruption, decayed infrastructure and widespread poverty that 140 million Nigerians are expecting President Umaru Yar’Adua to tackle.

”These big men always have big talk,” grumbled Raymond Olanre as he hawked newspapers on a potholed road. Yar’Adua ”says he will give us water and light, but that is just what the previous (president) said.”

Like many Nigerians, Olanre fears Yar’Adua’s links to former President Olusegun Obasanjo may prevent him from challenging a corrupt status quo…

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One Response to “Yar'Adua faces tough task ahead”

  1. Dominic says:

    What a world! everyday, Y’Adua gets more converts from those who were initially sceptical. In the meanwhile, those of us who originally believed in Y’Adua get increasingly disillusioned.

    Two months to cobble a cabinet together, and it turns to be an poorly made cabinet.

    Two months, and we don’t have an electricity agenda, or an oil-refining agenda, or even a serious team working on these problems.

    Two months, and I don’t see any serious agenda about fixing roads and infrastructure.

    Two months, and the EFCC continues to crawl, while Peter Odili and James Ibori swagger on.

    Almost one hundred days, and there isn’t any serious agenda about electoral reform.

    It is impossible to be hostile to Y’Adua as a person, but Nigeria is lagging impossibly behind, and we need a lot more energy to move the nation forward. Baba go-slow should please wake up.

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