Don't be too greedy Jakande tells OBJ

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Second Republic governor of Lagos State, Alhaji Lateef Jakande says it is dishonourable for former president, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo to be hustling for power after office, especially with the way he �hijacked� Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Board of Trustees (BOT) chair.

Speaking with Sunday Sun at his Ilupeju, Lagos residence, Jakande who turns 78 tomorrow, also slammed the former president�s 8-year rule, saying it was a failure.

According to him, �the out-gone president wants to retain power even out of office. Otherwise, he would not have got the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) to nominate him life leader or to take over the chairmanship of the Board of Trustees (BOT) from one of his associates, Tony Anenih. One then feels that the former president still wants to dictate the tune.�…

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10 Responses to “Don't be too greedy Jakande tells OBJ”

  1. Tunde Taiwo-USA says:

    Mr. Jakande is not fit to critize OBJ because he never did anything when was a Gov of Lagos, with all hazardous classrooms built by him with no windows or roof.
    Can your own kids sit in that classrooms? NO
    And you want to citize someone who has taking us to a high level, you and others citize him becuase you’re ashame of yourselves because you did not do it.
    He left us money in 1979 and he did again.
    What did you do for Lagos State that last a year after you left? so just keep quite and enjoy your stolen wealth.

  2. Dapo Yemi says:

    This TundeTaiwo , must not be from Nigeria. Jakande did so much for the masses of Lagos more than Ojuyobo or his chorinces will ever do. I think u do not know much about Jakande.May God forgive u,what have u done to contribute your quoter to the develpment of u fathers country.When the going was tough u did an Andrew and checked out.Just continue Moping your floor there and shout u mouth.Jare

  3. Wale Ekun says:

    This Tunde Taiwo must sure be a bastard,after all the people LKJ gave the opportunity to go to school,all the inside road in all the then existing LGA that he tarred.I guess Tunde Taiwo should just continue moping the floor there in the USA till his fingers wither just like Dapo said.

    • Anonymous says:

      it show the level of understanding what good thing are in life for you to call me name for critizing our life and you agreed that LKJ is one of the best.
      Also let me tell tell you one thing, if you want to judge others regarding what they do abroad don’t equate everyone with your father or brother who mop floor aboardto feed you. I have been in Cooperate America for 15years and also have a business in Nigeria, let us tell our leaders what they are doing wrong.
      i agreed with the comment that it was a temporary structure

  4. Ewulo Babatunde Sunday says:

    Jakande’s advise to Obasanjo is in order. It should not be taken as a slight on Obasanjo’s personality, but a candid advise. Obasanjo has tried his best for Nigeria, he need to take it cool now. There are misgivings over leadership in Nigeria due to the parlouse state of the economy, no former leader can therefore escape criticism, Jakande and Obasanjo inclusive. They all have their weaknesses and strnght, just like any morttal man. We need to learn from their weaknesses and build on their strenght. But Jakande’s advise to Obasanjo should be taken in good faith. I do not think it is meant to hurt him. I stand to be proved wrong. Wale should stop using vulgar language, just because because Tunde did not share his opinion. We must be seen to be decent.

  5. Lasisi baba says:

    @ Tunde Taiwo,
    The Jakande schools were built quickly as a temporary solution to give more Lagos children an opportunity to go to school. It is because of the military dictatorship that followed that Jakande schools did not become permanent fixtures and became synonymous with rundown. A lot of big name academics got their start in Jakande schools, including a number of university professors and lecturers.

  6. Edo Osagie says:

    The evils that people like OBJ and Jakanded has done against Nigeria out numbers the good stuff they have done for the country Nigeria. What . We Nigerians sometimes are very ignorant. Do you know how rich our country is. And when people like Jakande and OBJ become issue for discussion, I am sick to my stomarch. Those who think that these people did so well for Nigeria have no clue of the extent and capability of the Nigerian economy. Nigeria should be amongst the 5th ricest country in this world. But for shabby leadership and corruption our country has been economically sabotaged by the corrupt practices of our past shabby leaders. As for me, I would prefer not to hear from these two scumbags.

  7. Mama Bee. says:

    Jakande and OBJ are in the same bsaket. a president that shags his sons wife and Jakande that stole Nigeria money and retreated to washing plates in the USA are but rotten yams that history should forget about. But I am so pissed off when these people refuse to keep their mouth shut. OBJ should go back to his farm and live Nigeria alone please. I dey beg you because your ass stick. For Jakande, you should continue to enjoy asylum abroad and stop disturbing our peace and quiet.

    I agree with Edo Osagie’s comment that people like OBJ and Jakande should not be subject for discussion because they are waste of space and time as far as Nigeria is concerned.

  8. ELEBA says:

    there is no leader in this country as long as I’m concern didn’t steal frm public fund. both jakee or OBJ the Adulterer, they have cause us more harm than good. i want the youth of this hopeless country called Nigeria to stop listen to them, for we must continue our struggle to survive but one day God shall visit every one involved and they shall be judge accordingly. to me alone i could have invited Osama to help Us Bomb Or kill All this criminals that call them self Leaders.

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