PDP rigged most but no party can boast of clean hands

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The truth is that all the parties rigged where they could but the PDP, being the ruling party at the centre, had more powers and better opportunities for robbing people of their mandate essentially through its control of the result declaration from an openly partisan Electoral Commission. In spite of that vast power in areas that are very strong opposition turfs like Lagos or Kano state the incumbent governors used their popularity and advantages of incumbency to successfully challenge PDP machinery and retain their power. Therefore, when it comes to rigging, most of the politicians cannot thump their chest about who is cleaner.

Yes, Nigerians were robbed of their votes but did not have the sense of loss at national level in terms of whether candidate A or B had been their denied choice. The fact that the politicians were not calling for the results to be cancelled in the areas where they won also presented other challenges. How can the election be flawed only where the ruling party had won?..

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One Response to “PDP rigged most but no party can boast of clean hands”

  1. Dominic says:

    Y’Adua doesn’t need to fight Obasanjo, because cutting one man down to size is pretty simple. All Y’Adua needs do is work with the legislature to make the EFCC truly and completely independent. If the EFCC is given enough spine to be independent and to prosecute looters, Obasanjo will have his hands so full he won’t have the space to interfere with anybody other than himself.

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