Nigerian clash over cleric death

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Clashes have broken out in the northern Nigerian city of Sokoto after a high profile Muslim preacher was shot dead.

Members of Sunni and Shia sects have fought a pitched battle with one of the three suspected gunmen beaten to death.

The Sunni preacher was shot on Wednesday night while travelling home by motorbike taxi from taking prayers.

The sultan of Sokoto, the spiritual head of Nigeria’s Muslims, said Mallam Umaru Dan-Maishiye, died after being shot in the head. He appealed for calm…

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One Response to “Nigerian clash over cleric death”

  1. Malakuti says:

    I am a foreigner and lived in Nigeria for nearly two years . it seems to me that there is no effective law in Nigeria . that preacher was killed but how did they proved that shia Muslims have perpetrated that crime? as a result many innocent shia Muslims were killed without just trial or hearing. this was a scenario schemed by foreign agents ,while the Nigerian army is to a large extent trigger happy.

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