Calls for Ribadu's replacement: Nigerians bare their minds

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INCE the coming on board of the President Umar Yar

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One Response to “Calls for Ribadu's replacement: Nigerians bare their minds”

  1. Dominic says:

    It is not everyday you come accross a nigerian policeman who is as energetic, dedicated, fearless and as incorruptible as Ribadu has been. I can’t think of half-a-reason why anybody who wants to battle corruption in Nigeria will even contemplate removing Ribadu. Just look who wants Ribadu gone: Babangida, ex-governors, and the same top police hierachy that can’t even police itself, never mind unravelling Ige’s killers. ‘nough said.

    That said, we need to help the EFCC do a better job. The biggest and most legitimate complaint is that the EFCC can and has been used as a tool. On the one hand, Boni Haruna says he is being hunted for opposing third term, and on the other, Turaki says he is being hunted for spending money to support third term!!!! Go figure!!

    Anyway, the only way to solve this problem is to completely unchain the EFCC from the politicians –something that Ken Nnamani tried to push in the last dispensation. Just today, the punch newspaper is reporting how Y’Adua met Turaki over the weekend. Apparently, some governors want Y’Adua to save Turaki from the EFCC. That kind of executive intervention is an abuse of power and should be made totally IMPOSSIBLE. A situation where the president, be he OBJ, or Y’Adua, is able to say when, how and who anti-corruption can prosecute, or not, is just unacceptable, and until that issue is fixed, I cannot take whatever Y’Adua says about anti-corruption seriously.

    The number one political priority for Y’Adua is to (1) Make INEC truly independent and (2)Make the EFCC truly independent.

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