Nigeria's unions end fuel strike

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Nigeria’s trade unions have called off their general strike over a recent rise in petrol prices, after talks with government officials.

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One Response to “Nigeria's unions end fuel strike”

  1. Dominic says:

    The strike may have ended, but they have also exposed the total bankruptcy of the Y’Adua administration. Even this early in the day, Y’Adua is already displaying the same arrogance and insensitivity that we suffered under previous regimes. Although it had all the time to do so, the government didn’t talk to the NLC until some 2 or three days before the strike was to have begun. After it spoke to the NLC, it came out with IBB-type propaganda, and then promptly improved the evil record with Abacha-like threats. We also saw the same pattern when Mike Okiro was appointed. People grumbled at various levels, and there were serious allegations of tribalism against the vice president. Instead of addressing the issues, the government totally ignored everyone. Obviously, nigerians are not worth talking to.

    The contempt with which the Y’Adua government is treating Nigerians is unconscionable. So much for all the "servant-leader" jazz. I’ve totally lost confidence in this confidence. I don’t think we can expect any meaningful reform from this government, so I’m looking forward to the day when the supreme court will kick them out.

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