Jefferson: Alleged Bribe Money Given by FBI to Trap Atiku

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LAWSUIT: Embattled United States Congressman, Rep William Jefferson told journalists yesterday that the $90,000 found in his residence was given to him by the United State’s Federal Bureau of Invest-igations (FBI) to pass on to former Vice President Atiku Abubakar. Speaking shortly after he pleaded not guilty to charges of bribery and corruption leveled against him by a Grand Jury in Alexandria, Virginia, Jefferson said his failure to do so had put paid to the agency’s plan.

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One Response to “Jefferson: Alleged Bribe Money Given by FBI to Trap Atiku”

  1. Dominic says:

    Atiku claims Jefferson is a con man who used the VP’s name to dupe people. Jefferson in turn claims innocence, and blames the fbi instead.

    Here is my question: what score might the fbi been trying to settle with an innocent Atiku?

    Another question: if the bribe money was given by the FBI to trap Atiku, why on earth did the senator accept it then? Was Jefferson himself working with the FBI? Was he also trying to trap his business partner? If the answer is "no", what was all that cash doing in the senator’s refrigerator? Yes??
    If anything, the US government has treated Atiku with kid gloves so far. The entire investigation of this affair, on the US side, has so far been so pro-Atiku. They shielded the case from Nigeria’s election time-table; they are going to great lenghts to protect Atiku’s name in the indictment; I mean, how can they possibly indict Jefferson without indicting anybody from Atiku’s side, even as they claim to know that Jefferson and Atiku talked bribes? If Atiku is as guilty as has been indirectly suggested by the fbi, the fact that he is having troubles at home is no reason for him to go free.

    Thank God the case is in court, out of the fbi’s hands, out of jefferson’s hands, out of Atiku’s hands, out of obasanjo’s hands. With a little luck, we shall soon known what transpired. Either way, Nigeria’s already bad image is going to take another hit over this bribery affair, and the ex vice president should be seriously worried that his name is doing this much damage to his country. We can only hope there are no embarrassing audio records.

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