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Adeola Aderounmu


If you are an ardent reader of The Guardian online or in print, you must have read the series that Abati dedicated to the Bolekaja (feudal) Presidency of the Obasanjo-Atiku regime. The matter could at least be left to rest but it will always be interesting and historic to look into some aspects of the events that brought shame and ridicule to the position of highest office in Nigeria-The Presidency.


For the records, Obasanjo was Nigeria’s civilian president from 1999 to 2007 while Atiku was his vice president for these 8 wasteful years. From my own opinion, both Atiku and Obasanjo share joint and equal blames for the entire events that occurred during their terms in office. As the third term agenda brewed, Atiku became opposed to the same government which he helped to come to power in 1999 and 2003.


If there was no third term agenda and if Obasanjo did not plan to perpetuate himself in power, Atiku would not have seen anything wrong with his Master’s actions and inactions until the latter half of their joint mis-governance. Thanks to the third term agenda, we saw most of the rots (not all of it), corruption and mismanagement of the 2 men who swore to defend our constitution. The third term was the wind that blew which enabled us to see the anus of the chicken.


Regarding the agenda of Obasanjo and the PDP which Atiku belongs to (until lately), Atiku was indeed a disloyal vice-president. Atiku as the vice-president of Nigeria could not have been blind when the PDP rigged elections in 1999 and 2003. He played along diligently and he was waiting for his turn to be president in 2007. Some school of thoughts regarded Atiku as the mastermind behind the success of the PDP at the polls in 1999 and 2003. If that is true, he must be a master rigger of elections! That does not justify the show of shame in April 2007 anyway. Instead it goes to show further that we have fools in power.


In additions, Atiku did not tell us what Obasanjo and his friends have been doing with the treasury. How could we have known that they both connived with other people, family and friends to loot our common treasury? How could we have known how much money they both spent in bribing the National Assembly? If there was no third term agenda, would Atiku have remained forever silent? By the way, I think the EFCC should be scrapped since these 2 men have not been successfully prosecuted. Someone suggested that Obasanjo should be tired for corruption so that it would be easy to try all the ex-governors that are now hiding or on the run. The days of the stupid immunity are over.


I am not in support of the misdemeanor of Obasanjo and I am also against a vice president who could not resign from a corrupt government in the hope of reaping from the same garden of betrayal. The people Nigeria, more than 140 million were betrayed by Obasanjo and Atiku. While they looted and make merry, the people languish in poverty, pain and frustrations.



In 1999, the people embraced democracy and received hopes for better days ahead. All the hopes became hopelessness after more than 2, 900 days. They were promised that there will be no sacred cows but Atiku and Obasanjo left office with more sacred cows than any previous administration in Nigeria. The EFCC that should have been non-partisan became a tool in the hands of one man and chased one of its own-Atiku. What did mamma tell us about those who live in glass houses?


These men are gone now and the evil and disloyalty that they portrayed will live with them for the rest of their lives. In the end what we are reading and hearing is Obasanjo’s legacy-most of it evil and anti-progress. Highly unpalatable! There were a lot of imaginary progresses that were never felt by the common masses.


Atiku does not want to be associated with Obasanjo after parading himself as vice president to Obasanjo for 8 years. It is very laughable. How then shall we write Atiku’s legacy or how does Atiku wants to be remembered? It will never be enough to say that he fought third term to a standstill. It will instead also be inclusive that he betrayed Obasanjo’s plan to be president for life typical of African dictators. 


The issue beyond betrayal is the disloyalty of our leaders to the wish/ will of the people. For the common people, over 70% still begging or living from hand to mouth, these are all distractions and irrelevancies. Nigerians will continue to hope for better days. History has revealed that what successful societies are reaping today was a collective will of the good of all. This is my main gospel and this is the bane of our progress. I am as guilty as the next person; we are not standing up for our rights. When we do, we will make progress and secure the glory of this great country for our children’s children. We are already wasted, no doubts.





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