Ehindero Parades Ige`s Alleged Killers: `They Planned with Mariam Abacha`s Driver`

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The suspected drug baron(right) with a suspected killer of Chief Bola Ige(another suspect in white T-Shirt sits) during the parade by the police in Abuja...yesterday. The police informant -in hoods-is to the left.


Ige’s killers planned with Mariam Abacha’s driver— EHINDERO

By Chris Ochayi
Posted to the Web: Saturday, May 26, 2007

*No hands in Ige’s death, say suspects

ABUJA—Alhaji Moshood Enefeni, the prime suspect paraded in the killing of the former Attorney General of the Federation and Minister of Justice, Chief Bola Ige, yesterday publicly denied ever having a hand in it, saying he is being framed up by the government agent posing as witness in the murder case.

 The other suspects paraded alongside the prime suspects by the Inspector General of Police (IGP) Mr. Sunday Ehindero at the Force Headquarters, who include, Oluwatoyin Onafekon, Suraju Fatuka and Saidi Akande, all denied they knew anything about the gruesome murder of the nation’s former number one law officer.

 Alhaji Moshood, who was apparently oblivious of the purpose of their mission to the IGP conference, the venue of the parade, stunned the audience when asked by the IGP, to give account of what he knew about Chief Ige’s murder said, “it is funny. It is like we are in the theatre of drama”.

 But the Inspector General of Police revealed that the suspects planned with the driver of the late Head of state Mrs. Mariam Abacha in the cell to eliminate Chief Ige, after all enteritis to him to soft pedal on the trial of the prime suspects who is a drug baron failed.

 According to Mr. Ehindero: “Let me start first by apologising for not being able to have this press conference on Thursday. Just as the air operators will say, it was due to operational reasons”.

 “But I am happy that we are in better step now to review some of these cases. The reasons why yesterday I couldn’t get the press briefing was mainly because I want the evidence, part of the evidence to be there. And I believe it is here. In the other one too, I wanted the evidence. Because for police, it is not that goods were stolen, the evident is that who stole the goods”.

 “If you go to court and say good was stolen, the court is not interest, it is interested who stole. And that was why we have to polish it, get some of the evidence and it is for you to judge. I want to say that it is only by divine providence that we have been able to have breakthrough in some of these cases. You remember last time when I briefed you; we started with the case of Hajia Rimi. Of course we found all those who committed the murder of the wife and they are now being tried”.

 “Today I will address you on the case of the murder of Bola Ige. Now in relation to Bola Ige’s case, so many theories have been made. I want to say that there no case that is closed that is never opened. Every case is opened. And people who have useful information should come forward.

 “Anybody who is also putting political theory, let him come forward with is political theory and give us evidence. The only thing we don’t accept here is metaphysic. You know metaphysic, babalawo, you know the law of evident doesn’t accept that. But if you have any other evidence, give us. But in as much as we have evidence that is admissible, we will present them”.

“Of course you are all aware about the murder of the Attorney General of the Federation and Minister of Justice, Chief Bola Ige, (SAN) on the 23rd of December 2001. Yes we said 2001, yes; some people have been taken to court, why are we still opening it? Of course when we have fresh evidence, we look at the case. And our own evidence is that we penetrated the prison and was able to find out what happened at that time in the prison yard.

 “And we also gave one of those people who were in the prison when they hatched the whole idea of eliminating the Attorney General, because it did not accede to the request to mellow down into the case. First of all an attempt was made, they burgled the office in an attempt to find the case file. But they did not find the case file. They made enteritis to him; they sent people to him to beg him.

 “You will hear from them. How Bola Ige went to court because of this case. Because of the quantity of the hard drugs that was recovered then. Now they planed with the driver of Mariam Abacha in the cell that the best thing to do was to eliminate him. And how after the elimination, there was jubilation there in the prison. So we will hear from the horse’s mouth”. The dialogue:

 IGP: Alhaji Moshood!

Alhaji Moshood Enefeni: Yes Sir

IGP: Are you in the prison in 2001?

Alhaji Moshood: Yes, I was in prison

IGP: for what offence?

Alhaji Moshood: For drug offence

IGP: What quantity of drug?

Alhaji Moshood: 60 kilogram of cocaine

IGP: Were you there as awaiting trial or you were there as a convict?

Alhaji Moshood: I was there as awaiting trial and also as a convict.

IGP: How many years sentence were you given?

Alhaji Moshood: Three years
IGP: When you were there in the prison and during the prosecution, did the Attorney General appear in court in your case?

Alhaji Moshood: Yes, the Attorney General appeared once. Before he was murdered, there were three adjournments that the late Attorney General did not appear. He did not appear about two or three times before he was murdered.

IGP: Did you know the driver of Mariam Abacha?

Alhaji Moshood: Yes, we were all in the prison there. We knew each other; we interacted with each other, because we are in the same beat.

IGP: OK. Where is one of our witnesses is, is he around?

At this stage, a man, fully-turbanned to the point of no identification appeared

Alhaji Moshood: (Laughs) This is funny. It is funny. It is funny to me.

IGP: Alhaji wants to talk. Alhaji what do you say, you said it is funny. I am in control, Alhaji make your comment. You said it is funny?

Alhaji Moshood: Yes, it is funny. It is like we in theatre making drama sir, because I have no hand in the killing of Chief Bola Ige.

IGP: No, no, we are not talking now. Wait, we have not reached that stage. Now this person, he is a witness. And we want you to talk. Look at this man, do you know him?

The Witness: Yes I know him.

IGP: How do you know him?

The Witness: We met in the prison. He (Alhaji) met me there.

IGP: He met you at the prison, who are the other people who were in prison with him?

The Witness: Tonika (Oluwatoyin Onafekan).

IGP: Tell us generally what was happening in the prison when Alhaji Moshood was there.

The Witness: In the prison, it was just like a free world. When you come newly, you will tell what brought you. So Alhaji Moshood imported almost 13 containers which contain cocaine. And almost nine or 10 containers have already moved before they caught him with three containers. The cocaine was concealed in the tin of geisha. So they first arrested the white man who was the pilot. So two of them were brought to the prison. Later, because all of us are staying in the same building inside the cell, sometimes, they held meeting with Tonika, who is the overall marshal.

IGP: Tonika, they said you are the overall marshal, were you there (prison) before them?

Tonika: What he is saying is a lie. He is just lying.

IGP: Wait, wait, he didn’t say anything. He said you are the marshal.

Tonika: How can I be a marshal? I am not a convict person. Convict person is the overall marshal. I was the provost of myself in the prison.

IGP: But how long were you in the cell before him?

Tonika: I don’t know him.

IGP: No, no, how long were you in the prison?

Tonika: I was there for seven years and four months in detention without trial or conviction.

IGP: How many years were you there before Alhaji Moshood came?

Tonika: Almost six years.

IGP: Sit down, you will talk, we will give you time to talk
IGP’s press statement

It is my pleasure to update you and the general public on the progress so far achieved in respect of protracted investigation into the murder of former Minister of Justice, Chief Bola Ige. It is my belief that this briefing shall lay to rest the ghost of the appellation of “unresolved murder” and “unresolved assassination”.

1. Alhaji Moshood O. Enafeni
2. Oluwatoyin Onafekan
3. Suraju Faruka
4. Saidi Akande
5. Akeem at Large

*Chief Bola Ige SAN, former Attorney-General of the Federation, was gruesomely murdered on 23rd December 2001 at his Bodija residence in Ibadan .

*Chief Ige had just returned from Lagos and his security guards had left to feed, leaving the house porous.

*Two armed men were said to have entered the room held everybody hostage; ransacked the room and carted away cash of 200,000 and some jewelleries.

*The assailants went upstairs and shot Chief Bola Ige on the left side of his chest.

*His murder attracted widespread condemnation and call for high profile investigation.

*Political motives, vengeance of drug barons and all sorts of insinuation were canvassed for the murder. The investigation was long, tortuous, and eventually stalled.
Fresh information

*However, six years later, sometimes in January, 2007, an informant walked into the police station and volunteered fresh line information.

*The informant deposed that between 2001 and 2002, while serving a prison term in Ikoyi prisons, he over heard his fellow cellmate, Alhaji Moshood Olatunji Enafeni, a convicted drug baron, solicited the help of one driver to Mariam Abach to kill Chief Bola Ige then Minister of Justice.

* Chief Ige was personally prosecuting the NDLEA celebrated case of importation of 13 containers of hard drug in 2001 involving Alhaji Enafeni.

*When all attempts to bribe Chief Ige failed, Alhaji Enafeni hatched a plan to hire assassins to eliminate Chief Ige on 23rd December 2001. That when the news of the death reached the prisons, Alhaji Enafeni celebrated wildly.

*Four suspects above were arrested and quizzed.

*Alhaji Moshood Enafeni, from Ikorodu in Lagos , had worked with Nigeria Ports Authority and left for France in 1979; worked with French Ports Authority.

*He was arrested in 2001 for importing 13 containers of hard drugs into Nigeria , the largest single haul by the NDLEA. He was charged to court and convicted.

*Chief Bola Ige personally vetted the case file and prosecuted the case himself. He refused all inducements and appeals from prominent South West traditional rulers.
Police findings

The accounts of the Chief financier of the assassination plot, Alhaji Moshood Enafeni, are being investigated in order to further establish the case. The vehicle used for the operation was burnt and the thrown into the bush around Lagos Ibadan Expressway.
The death of Chief Bola Ige could therefore be said to be, for now, be drug-related until contrary evidence is received.



IG parades Ige’s killers — It’s a charade – Ige’s daughter

By Olusola Fabiyi, Abuja and Semiu Okanlawon
Published: Saturday, 26 May 2007

The police on Friday paraded Alhaji Moshood Enafeni as the alleged drug baron behind the 2001 murder of former Minister of Justice, Cheief Bole Ige.

Three other suspects were also paraded by the Inspector General of Police, Mr Sunday Ehindero. their names were given as Onafekon, Suraju Fatuka and Saidi Akande. a fifth accused person was said to be at large.

At the press conference in Abuja, Ehindero presented a masked man, said to have overheard the drug baron discuss the plot to kill Ige in prison. The alleged baron, however, denied involvement in the murder.

In a swift response to the parade, the late Ige’s daughter, Mrs Funsho Adegbola, described the exercise as a charade. The former minister was killed on December 23, 2001 at his Bodija residence in Ibadan.

Enafeni, described the parade as a “drama.” He said though he was arrested and prosecuted by the Federal Government for importation of 13 containers of hard drugs into the country in 200 –the largest single haul by the Nigeria Drug Law Enforcement Agency then– he never believed the late minister was a hindrance to his freedom.

The suspect, who referred to himself as ‘former drug baron,” said he felt bad when the news of the death of Ige was broken to him and other suspects in the prison.

He said, “Yes, it was true that the late minister personally appeared in the case against me. But I never saw him as a person who was against my freedom. I felt bad when we heard that he was killed, despite the fact that he was in court against me. This was a man who actually fought for the masses in this country.”

Earlier, Ehindero had recounted how Ige was killed. He said several theories were propounded as reasons for the killing.

Ehindero said, “Political motives, vengeance of drug barons and all sorts of insinuations were canvassed for the murder. The investigation was long, tortuous and eventually stalled.

“However, six years later, sometimes in January 2007, an informant walked into a police station and later volunteered a fresh line of information. The informant deposed that between 2001 and 2002, while serving a prison term in Ikoyi Prison, he overheard his fellow cellmate, Alhaji Moshood Olatunji Enafeni, a convicted drug baron, solicit the help of one driver to the wife of a former head of state to kill Chief Bola Ige, then minister of Justice.

“Chief Ige was personally prosecuting the NDLEA celebrated case of importation of 13 containers of hard drug in 2001 involving Enafeni.”

The police IG further that when all efforts aimed at bribing the late minister failed, Enafeni hatched the plan to hire assassins to eliminate him (Ige). He added that when the news of the killing got to the prison, Enafeni celebrated it with the killing of a ram which his fellow inmates ate.

According to Ehindero, “Chief Ige personally vetted the case file and prosecuted the case himself. He refused all inducements and appeals from prominent South-West traditional rulers.” He, however, did not mention the names of the traditional rulers.

The police boss also said the accounts of Enafemi, whom he described as the financier of the assassination, were being investigated in order to further establish the case.

He alleged that the vehicle used for the operation was burnt and thrown into the bush around Lagos-Ibadan Expressway. He brought a masked person to testify against the accused persons, saying they would soon be prosecuted in court.

The masked witness said it was true that Enafeni celebrated the death of Ige with the killing of a ram in prison. He said he overheard Enafeni, while in prison, requesting for assistance to eliminate Ige for his refusal to release him and also take the bribe of N5m which was offered him.

The witness said, “I was staying at ‘Aso Rock’ inside the prison. I have the privilege to move around and I overheard him asking for assistance to eliminate the late Ige.” The witness would not say why it took him six years before he could volunteer the information to the police.

But all the accused persons denied the account of the police and the unnamed witness, saying they were not involved in anyway with the murder. Enafeni said it was true that he met the masked witness in prison, but he denied having a discussion on how to eliminate the former minister.

The masked witness had earlier been introduced only to Enafeni in the office of the IG. He said the ram he killed while in prison was to mark the Eid-el-Kabir celebration.

But the other accused persons insisted that they needed to see the man behind the mask, a request the police refused. The witness was also not unmasked for journalists.

Onafekon, who described himself as a tout who collected money from the garage, said he was arrested in 1995 and kept in the prison for six years before he was released and acquitted of the offence of crime which led to his arrest. He described the parade as a charade, said Nigerians were no fools and would not be deceived by the parade.

He said, “I am surprised at this event. I was in prison for six years because members of the Nigeria Police Force don’t know anything about investigation, and that was why I was released afterwards. If the witness who I don’t know is sure of what he is saying, let him remove the mask and confront me. These other two people I have not met before in my life. You have to open the face of this masquerade so that we can confront him. You cannot just go and bring somebody whom we cannot see his face and he will be talking rubbish here.”

Onafekon charged the police investigator, DCP Ali Amodu, to remember that he (Amodu) has children and that whatever he does now would rebound on them in the future. But the IG said it was Onafekon who contacted the two other suspects, Fatuka and Akande, for the killing.

The duo of Fatuka and Akande, however, denied the claim. Both of them denied having met Enafeni before. Ehindero said it was possible because the duo were contracted by Onafekon on behalf of Enafeni.

Asked while the police took the former deputy governor of Osun State, Senator Iyiola Omisore, and others to court over the matter, and if the police would offer him apology for wrong arraignment, he said there was no basis for apology. He added that he was not the one that took the senator to court in the first place.

He said, “I never took Omisore to court. Apology to him for what? It is a matter of new facts, and that is what we are working on.” He also debunked the claim that he was being forced by President Olusegun Obasanjo to parade the suspects in order to appease the Yoruba since the President’s term is ending in four days’ time.

Ehindero said, “How can you say the President imposed the suspects on us? I did the investigation and I passed it to him. Am I looking forward for another promotion or what? I am already on my way out. Is there any other position after IG? The President has never imposed anything on us. I want to say before God and man that the president never interfere with our work.”

Asked who among the suspects actually pulled the trigger, the IG refused to answer, saying the journalist who asked the question knew nothing about law. He said he would allow the court to decide that.

Also, when he was asked why it was the President who first told the nation about the case, Ehindero said he was the one who passed the information to Obasanjo, and that he was actually waiting for further information on the investigation before making the matter public. “But since it has been let out, I have to come out and speak on it.”

However, Ige’s eldest child, Adegbola, in a telephone interview with our correspondent on Friday, said the parade was a last minute effort to give the impression that the Obasanjo administration found those who killed the former minister.

Adegbola said, “At what point did those people confess that they were the killers of my father? I don’t believe that. And I don’t want anybody to play any game with my mind again. It is a charade. I don’t want anybody to get my mind worked up again for nothing. I think it is just a last-minute face-saving effort and I am not taken inby it at all.”




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