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Dr Olayiwola Ajileye – Birmingham, UK


They tried it on me!! Read from below to top to follow the gist (his words unedited and unchanged). A case report of 419 endeavour and new dimension.To warn Nigerians and the global community


Look here Mr Rose! Or Mr 419!!
I am afraid I would not be able to sell my car to an unknown, faceless person. Also, my car cost £5,445; I do not need you to pay me more. I don’t also want to know what arrangement you have with your fake shipper. I know where you are coming from, 419 backgrounds. I suspect that you are a Nigerian, your style of grammar and bullet (shakabula) gave you away amongst other things. I would advise that you desist from this kind of thing because, your details has been passed to the Police for investigation. You are not a genuine buyer and it is not sensible for you to think I would fall for this scam. If you are intelligent enough, you do not need to buy a car from the UK when infact you live claim to live in Norway, what is the sense in that? Again, that gave you away, you fool! You may have succeeded in defrauding others by this kind of scam, but hell awaits you and you will soon be ensnared by your own trap. If you make money from this kind of scam and think you are doing well, you will spend the money in sickness and sorrow; you will not know any peace. But if you make money from a genuine means without causing pain and loss to others, God and providence will rewardyou.
Good (bad) luck with you business trip, hope you will be caught one day. I will inform autotraders to warn their customers to beware of people like you that give Nigerians a bad name and spoil the business for genuine buyers and sellers.
419,419, 4199999999999999999 9999999999999999 9999999999999999 999999, oleeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Rose ko, rose ni

Date: Sat, 19 May 2007 19:20:49 +0100
From: rose_mon99@yahoo.
Subject: Re: Land Rover Freelander £5, 445
To: drajileye@hotmail. com



Thanks for the kind response. I am rose husband and i am malign on her behalf to inform you on how you will be receiving payment for the car. I hope the car is still in good condition, as she is still very much interested in buying your car I am sure she will like it as she has always wanted something of that kind.


Am sorry i will not be able to come and view or test drive the car because presently as I write to you I am on a business trip but nevertheless we have arranged with a shipping agent who will be shipping the car along with some other packaged items to her in Norway, so due to this reason I will be making out an over paid cheque of ( £10, 445) to you and once the cheque clears in your bank then you will deduct ( £5, 445) for the car and £50 for your Inconveniences, after then you will forward the remaining balance to the shipping agent because the shipper as requested for an upfront payment before coming to pick up of the car so once you have sent the refunds to the shipper and they have received it same day then they will come for pick up ASAP.

I hope this is ok by you, and if I can trust you with this arrangement so as to, Ensure a successful transaction
I will await to receive your

Full Name,
Home Address,
Phone/Fax Number
Preferred Mode Of Payment: BANKER’S DRAFT / CHEQUE?
Please Specify So payment can be issue out in your name as soon as possible.

For more information please contact my rome number: +447011121511,

Thanks I await Your Urgent Response.





LAYIWOLA AJILEYE <drajileye@hotmail. com> wrote:

Hello Rose,
I am Dr Ola Ajileye, my brother sunday told me you are interested in buying my Land Rover. I am happy to sell it to you at £5, 445. The car is in immaculate driving condition, full service history, MOT. Very reliable car, sleek with its army green colour. I bought this car from Land rover dealer and it has worked perfectly since then. Reason for selling is that my brothers gave me a gift of Lexus car which I now drive at my station so my Land Rover just stays at home. I am happy to send some of the pictures to you. Sorry I don’t have the engine pix with me here on my system, but it is as new, compact and clean. Test driving can be arranged anytime. You can either call my brother or me on 0782140680 anytime you are ready.
It has radio/CD, privacy glass,new rear tyres, alloy wheel 16″, great interior.
thanks for the interest.

Dr Ajileye


HI Dear Seller, 

ROES WILLIAMS SMITH I saw your(2001 LAND ROVER FREELANDER 2.5 V6i GS Station Wagon 5dr Auto Petrol)posted for sale,Am in trested about  the car that you wont to sell,but then I will like to know the present condition of the car including any recent pictures of interior,rear and engine, please if you are interested for me to buy the car from you in a good condition you can mail me bark so we can control the business dawn for the amount of the fix price for your car but i will not be able to come an see the car or test drive in uk because i stay in norway with my family,But its likely  my husband come to uk next week for is job, If possible he comes to uk he will come an inspect the car if perfect for me to buy,Will be wathin for response.


Rose Williams Smith


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