British Prime Minister Tony Blair to Resign June 27, 2007

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UPDATE) Britain’s Blair says he will resign on June 27

TRIMDON, England (AFP) – Britain’s Prime Minister Tony Blair said Thursday that he will resign on June 27 after a decade in power.

"On 27th June, I will tender my resignation from the office of prime minister," he told Labor party supporters in his constituency of Sedgefield in northeast England.

"I have been prime minister of this country for just over 10 years. In this job, in the world today, I think that is long enough for me, but more especially for the country.

"Sometimes the only way you conquer the pull of power is to set it down," he said.

He trumpeted the changes Britain has undergone since 1997, when he took office.

That year "was a moment for a new beginnning, the sweeping away of all the detritus of the past. and expectations were so high, too high probably, too high probably for either of us," he said.

"Now in 2007 you can easily point to challenges and grievances that fester, but go back to 1997, think back, no, really think back about your own living standards, then in May 1997 and now."

Speaking at Trimdon Labor Club, where he launched his bid for the Labour party leadership in 1994, he said: "I come back here to Sedgefield where my political journey began and where it will end."

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