Nigeria Has Come Of Age – Iwu

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IT humbles me profoundly to play the role I am playing in the life of this great country, as the Chief Electoral Officer and Chief Returning Officer in the historic 2007 presidential election, which ushers in the beginning of the years of maturity for democracy in Nigeria. First, may I join other Nigerians and your well-wishers to congratulate you on your election as the next president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

I have had cause to believe that Nigeria would come of age in this and other aspects of our national life, but as the year 2007 began, even my unyielding optimism and innate confidence became severely tested by the apocalyptic negativism of a vocal minority with whom we share the inescapable burden and privilege of being called Nigerians. It is with relief and gratitude that we are able to witness this day.

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2 Responses to “Nigeria Has Come Of Age – Iwu”

  1. pmdaboh says:

    I read this article, and I do not know how the comments regarding the elections success can be embraced. To an American, the types of behavior displayed, during what was suppose to be a safe, legal, and non-violent election, was anything but that. The electoral system should be first and foremost a SAFE experience. Money should be invested into this so the election process is secure, accurate, and filled with technological advances the ensure an accurate count. It was very disturbing reading and watching what took place during the election time in Nigeria. Does killing anyone or rioting make the turn of events NOT HAPPEN? Those that have died in exercising their right as a citizen to vote did not have to lose their life at all. With all the oil in this country, surely some of that money can be channeled to the electoral system in helping to create a SAFE and fair election process. When we see a safe, organized, and fair election being held in Nigeria, than I think CONGRATULATIONS will be in order (not until then). To an outsider, watching the types of behavior that were displayed during Nigeria’s election time was shocking, sad, and just incomprehensible.

  2. kqFe2 says:

    …the ramblings of a sick man knows no bound…tum ti tum…

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