Olurin Kicked Out as Sole Administrator by National Assembly – But refuses to go!

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The Sole Administrator of Ekiti State, Brigadier General Tunji Olurin (retd) has insisted that he would not quit following his sack by the National Assembly yesterday. Olurin

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3 Responses to “Olurin Kicked Out as Sole Administrator by National Assembly – But refuses to go!”

  1. Dominic says:

    Well, Obasanjo is begging for impeachment then, and he might just get it if he continues massaging his elephant-sized ego at the expense of the rule of law.

  2. J.godwin,New York. says:

    OBJ and Olurin should know that Nigeria does not belong to them. They should both quit now while there is peace or face impeachment…

  3. mike says:

    …that is the problem. National Assembly said the guy should pack and go. He said only that terrible manager can order him to go. Why do they just beleive they own Nigeria ? Very terrible people. Sick people. This same Olurin once managed Oyo State State. Once they taste power, have an insight into the largese in there, they simply refuse to go. Extremely and Parthologically corrupt. They simply have no feelings for humanity. No fear of the Creator. No respect for the millions they are supposed to serve. Is Obasanjo more important than the Assembly members? Not even an iota of decency can be associated with these ultra arrogant corrupt beings. Where is human dignity in all of this for God’s sake !!! Most of the time, I just wonder what kinda brain is in their skull, if at all there is any ! What stops Olurin from thanking Ekiti people for their ‘support’ [after having accomplished his mission of rigging in PDP, and which will DEFINITELY be replaced after the Tribunal Appeal], and take the National Assembly directive as an escape route is beyond any sensible human imagination.

    Anyway, we are watching. Perhaps the mission is yet to be fully accomplished anyway, and the man may have more ‘works’ in the offing, and relating to the pending Kayode Fayemi/AC Appeal on the stolen mandate.

    We are watching…

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