FG Accuses Nnamani Of Sabotage and Plotting to Head an Interim Government

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AUDIO: The Federal government today accused the Senate President, Ken Nnamani of plotting to truncate its transition program to satisfy his selfish aim of heading an Interim Government.

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Read More:http://www.esnips.com/doc/0853d712-feff-4316-9471-4d6c11eac48f/Information-Minister-Frank-Nweke-Press-Conference-on-Senate-President-Nnamanni-April-20-2007

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One Response to “FG Accuses Nnamani Of Sabotage and Plotting to Head an Interim Government”

  1. alukome says:

    PDP rigged governorship elections – Senate President Nnamani

    ‘Expect more rigging tomorrow,’ he warns


    Senate President, Ken Nnamani yesterday warned that tomorrow’s elections could be worse than last Saturday’s state elections which he insisted were characterized by "highbrow rigging and intimidation by the ruling Peoples Democratic Party (PDP)."

    Nnamani, who is a member of the PDP, spoke while receiving a delegation from America’s National Democratic Institute (NDI) led by US former secretary of state, Madeleline Albright in his office in Abuja. He lamented that elections in the states were not free and fair, adding that figures were merely allocated to winners declared by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC).

    He said that the military and police were freely used by the "party in power" to intimidate opponents and rig the polls in its favour.

    "For as long as we practice impunity and the big party must win every place it must muzzle its way. If it can?t do it by mobile policemen it does it with soldiers. As long as that is the case, we are deceiving ourselves. Our democracy is not growing.

    "There is hybrid democracy in Nigeria, hybrid in the sense that it was not totally free and fair because you still find soldiers carrying guns, running about on election day. There are still elements of intimidation; there are still elements of high-brow rigging going on. Anybody telling you it is free and fair; yes, you can use the term free and fair, but I don?t know how free and fair it is?

    "For those of you who have come to observe elections in Nigeria, the problem we have had in Nigeria is that every successive election is worse than the previous one. In other words, the election of 1999 is better than that of 2003 and 2003, if care is not taken, would be better than that of 2007. That doesn?t show growth. It does not show that our democracy is being deepened, talk less of thriving! That would be a misnomer. It?s not thriving when we see soldiers carrying guns and chasing people about on election day," Nnamani said.

    Blaming the situation of manipulated primaries which led to the imposition of candidate on the people, Nnamani lamented that the situation had been worsened by the proliferation of parties which according to him had weakened the opposition thereby allowing the party in power to use its size and resources to intimidate opposition and rig the election in its favour.

    Said he: "I think most of the time it is because of the flawed and manipulated primaries. Emergence of candidates during primaries tells the real story of what is going to happen in the general elections because any regime that emerges out of manipulated primaries has the problem of legitimacy. You don’t carry the people along and you force them using soldiers or mobile policemen and flogging people into shape.

    "And the danger again is that because of the nature of our democratic practice in Nigeria, we have too many political parties. The result that it is only one that is strong enough. All the mushrooming of parties does not really encourage democracy in Nigeria and perhaps in other African countries."

    "If we are to do it right, we cannot exceed two strong parties so that each party can checkmate the other. But as it is today, the strongest party carries the day, wins every place, (because) it has the resources. And at times there will be no election but you just go ahead and allocate figures and we say we are democratic.

    "In Nigeria, there is a proliferation of parties and most of them just exist in a local government. The danger is that they dissipate energy and they cannot checkmate the party in power. The party in power enjoys the monopoly because it has the resources. They have the size and dictate the pace. And you cannot blame it. And with proliferation, there is no way any of the parties will be strong enough to match the ruling party!?

    The senate president urged the International Observers to go beyond the cities and monitor elections in the remote parts of the country and witness what obtains.

    He added: ?Why we have instability in Africa mainly is because of the quality and integrity of elections. If we are patient enough to allow people make their choice, freely elect people, there are chances that people will support that regime.?

    Nnamani insisted that INEC should be protected from the control of the party in power adding that the electoral body should have a tenure of about 12 years to enable it outlive the incumbent regime with the incoming regime not having control over it.

    Earlier in the visit, leader of the delegation and NDI Chairman, Albright said that the group was in the country to monitor the polls adding that the credibility of the polls was very important for the survival of democracy in the nation and the continent in general.

    Also in the delegation were former Canadian Prime Minister Joe Clark, Former Liberian President, Amos Sawyer and former President of Niger Republic and Speaker of Ecowas Parliament, Mahamane Ousmane.

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